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2015 in Photos.

January ~  A week away on the Cumbrian coast. Hugo, still a pup was frightened of water then. My first sighting of snowdrops.

February  ~  The first of far to many Afternoon teas in 2015. A valentine’s inspired picnic bench afternoon tea no less!  Hugo growing so fast really loves his walks.

March ~  I have been recording my bird sightings in the local park all year. I love this picture of three breakfasting bluetits. My friend Fi celebrates her 40th with afternoon tea and drinks in Manchester.

April ~ Out celebrating  my sister’s birthday with Afternoon tea of course…at Mitton Hall. My favourite bird pics this month are this mistle thrush and kestrel.

May ~  I went to London with my friend Becky and we dined with cats at Lady dinah’s cat emporium ( cat cafe in Bethnal Green) and enjoyed a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon tea at the Sanderson in Soho. I also went to Skipton Waterways festival in Yorkshire and messed about on boats.



June  ~ I took part in the #30dayswild challenge and tried to connect with nature every day. It was a fun challenge and made me appreciate our beautiful British wildlife even more.






July ~  Two camping trips in July including one in a Shepherd’s hut in the Lake District. One of my favourite parts of the country, I love the Lakes and Hugo does too. 🙂

August ~  Hugo celebrates his first Birthday ( with us of course! ) in a Beach Hut in Lytham St Annes. Afternoon tea at the Glass house in Ribchester and cocktails at Hotel Gotham in Manchester are two ways that I marked my long service celebrations. The flower is a lovely scabious on a country walk.One of my favourite wild flowers.

September ~  I persuaded the OH to take me to Vintage By The Sea in Morecambe. It was a gorgeous day too. Elderberries were abundant this year.

October ~  Made soul cakes for Halloween. Went to a Cider Festival and knocked the famous Brougham Door Knocker in Cumbria.

November ~  My Birthday and what did I do to celebrate??  Got together with the girls for Afternoon Tea. Are you surprised!  A very scrummy one at Whalley Abbey. Recommended!  And a holiday by the sea on the Yorkshire Coast this time. 🙂

December ~  I took part in Janet’s Thrifty Christmas Gift swap and one of the lovely gifts I received was a pack of three stripey mice to make. Slinky is looking forward to me making them! Hugo reluctantly models his Santa hat. Christmas Day is not Christmas Day without the Christmas morning Dog walk. And i enjoyed participating in a Drink and Draw evening in Blackburn. 🙂

So there’s my year in photo’s. It was a pretty good one actually! I’ve been a very lazy blogger and not included any links to any of my posts…..but hey, I will do better in 2016. Happy New Year!








Photo an hour ~ May

Saturday was a great day to take part in Janey and Louisa’s Photo an hour challenge as the sun was shining , so no pics of me sat around watching TV. 🙂   Instead there are exciting photos of the washing on the line and a trip to a garden centre. Ha the exciting life I lead. Still, i love having a nosy into everyone else’s everyday life stuff…..so maybe you will enjoy being a bit nosy too………

wpid-img_20150523_080304.jpg8am ~  A waking up pic. Mostly hiding behind the duvet though. Not very brave at this time of morning!


9am ~ Out walking Hugo. Here he is chomping on a tree. Well a huge branch anyway. He wanted to carry it round but I managed to discourage him.


10am ~ Back home and time for a brew. I love fruit tea and this Blackcurrant & Pomegranate one from ‘English Tea Shop’ goes down a treat.


11am  ~ Taking a shortcut through the park into town to go pick up a parcel. Its promising to be a sunny day!


12 Noon ~ Checking to see if the washing has dried yet. #exctinglife 🙂


1pm ~ Wil and I take a trip out to a Garden Centre near Bolton by Bowland. We are neither of us very good at gardening so we wander around like lost sheep.


2pm ~ Our purchases. Looks like we will be having another trip out as not really enough here to fill our back yard. Homebase here we come!


3pm ~ Fooling around with Hugo. Took this photo whilst falling into his bed in an undignified manner. 🙂


4pm ~ Writing out a card for a bride and groom. Off to wedding Evening do later.


5pm ~ Off to a friends Birthday party first….so here is the perfume I have squirted liberally over myself. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I love the bottle.


6pm ~ At the party drinking Strawberry Pimms. Yes I had six glasses before I even got to the wedding do. It was just sooo good. Hiccup!


8pm ~ Forgot to take a piccie at 7pm but I’m back now. At our friends wedding do at the Shireburn Arms in Hurst Green. Here is a rather lovely table decoration.

phil and vickys wedding 004

9pm ~ And here’s the gorgeous bride and groom cutting the cake. 🙂

So that was my day. It was certainly the perfect saturday for garden parties, bbqs and weddings! Did you enjoy the sunshine?

Liebster Award :-D

So I am a very lucky blogger indeed as I have been awarded a Liebster Award by the lovely ‘ Girl In Brogues’ herself, Saskia. The award is really all about getting to know some of your fave bloggers.:) The idea is to answer a mini questionaire written by whoever nominated you, then nominate a few blogs you follow to answer your own set of questions. I would just like to thank the wonderful Josie and also the lovely Lisa for doing the honor of giving me this award in the past. I’m sorry I never got round to posting about it until now. Pure laziness on my part!

Anyway here are Saskia’s questions and my answers. 🙂

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid? ~ I wanted to work in a library and I wanted to write. So having this blog is like a dream come true. 🙂
2. If you were in a police movie, who would be your crime-fighting partner? ~ I’m thinking Sealy Booth from Bones. Ha I loved that actor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer too.
3. What are your favourite flowers? ~ I love most flowers. At the moment I’m loving dahlias, if they could speak they would say ‘Autumns round the corner, but summers still here’.
4. What is your favourite catchphrase? ~ Naughty but Nice!
5. Pick a TV programme – Who Do You Think You Are?, Eastenders or Broadchurch? Broadchurch. ~ I’m not a soap fan but I love a good drama. When Broadchurch was on, I was seriously addicted.
6. Describe your perfect evening gown. ~ I’m not really an evening gown type of person. Anything long swamps me as i’m so short.
7. What are you better at, fibbing or breaking bad news? ~ I’m really bad at both!
8. You have to pick an outrageous outfit to wear for Halloween – what would it be? ~ With my mad mop, I’m thinking Cousin It. 🙂
9. Pick another blogger and tell us why you love them. ~ Goodness there are so many. I shall pick Mary from Adventures with the blonde coyote as I love reading about her travels around America in her teardrop caravan with her two dogs.
10. What’s your breakfast cereal? ~ When i’m being good its special K with added blueberries but most of the time its coco pops. 🙂
11. Who’s your favourite TV chef? ~ Simon Rimmer on Sunday Brunch.

I love blueberries with my cereal. 🙂

And now I would like to award the Liebster Award to the following bloggers and leave ten questions for you guys to hopefully answer.Yes you guys…or girls and one guy!

Nina from London-Edinburgh.
Emily from Emily’s Vintage World.
Andy from City Jackdaw.
Kit from The Eagle and other bikes.
Cathy from Red Rose Style.

1. Whats the last boxset you watched?
2. Are you a cat or a dog person?
3. Lakeside or seashore?
4. What do you like to do to wind down?
5. Do you have a sweet tooth?
6. What was your favorite book as a child?
7. Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe?
8. Which Festival would you really like to go to?
9. What is your favorite season?
10. Where in the world would your holiday home be?

I love both. 🙂

I am excited to see peoples answers. 😀 .Thanks again for my award. I shall take my leave and take a bow. 😀

52 Lists ~ The dreams & goals you had as a child.

My sister,brother and I.....a long long time ago!
My sister,brother and I…..a long long time ago!

~ Wear lovely ‘fashionable’ clothes and not my older cousins cast offs. As they were Olympic cyclists , my sister and i spent much of our childhood in their old cycling jerseys. Or Mum would make us wear matching outfits.See above!

~ Live in a house by the sea with lots of cats and kittens. 🙂

~ Live in a house with a telephone that isn’t in a cold pantry.Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

~ Become a librarian. I did have my nose in a book 90% of the time.

~ Go to Iceland! When i was eleven i found an Icelandic pen pal ‘Greta’ , through the IYS and all the lovely letters and postcards she sent me really inspired me to want to visit. Nearly thirty years later I will be……..as long as that Volcano behaves.Fingers crossed!

~ Meet a handsome boy and live happilly ever after. 😀

What were your hopes and dreams as a child??

52 Lists ~ List the things you wish you had known as a teenager.


~ Friends are important.Do not lose touch with them just because you get a boyfriend.
~  Yep you do get a boyfriend. But he should not be your be all and end all. Not that you will listen to that one!
~  When you joke about getting a full time job at the new supermarket  in town , don’t joke, it will happen.
~  Try and do better at college (  actually turning up there would be a start) and at least apply for uni. Nope you won’t listen to that one either. Your so stubborn!
~    Thirty sounds old….but it really isn’t!!!
~  Oneday Ghd’s will be invented and your hair won’t look quite as thick and frizzy as it does now. 🙂

As a teenager I was pretty stubborn and I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice of this list!  But actually if I hadn’t taken the path I did ~ life may not be as good as it is now. Who knows hey!

What would you have done differently as a teenager?

52 Lists : My Hopes and dreams ( right now).

This is a difficult one as It is fair to say that if everything in my life right now stayed the same, I would be perfectly happy and greatful. However here is just a teeny list. 😉


~ Need to get the house smartened up a little. DIY is always pushed to the back of our priorities. Holidays this year.Home improvements next year!

~ Another four legged friend. We have Slinky our cat and we will definitetly be looking for a doog after our travels this year. Our beloved labrador Jakey died in January and we miss him every day. Life for us is not as forfilling without him.

~ I would personally love a camper van or even a caravan ( must be getting old! ) but there again , we always have great camping trips with our little tent. 🙂

~ I think every girl would like to get engaged ( Hint Hint !) but having been married before ( when very very young) the whole actually getting wed bit , does give me the jitters. 😛

~ To continue feeling as happy and blessed as I do now. xx