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#BEDM In My Bag.


If I was going out for a walk into town right now, this is what would be in my bag.My purse,my hair brush,my CK diary ( always a thoughtful Xmas present off my friend B), Pen,Hand cream and a cereal bar.In fact I am totally addicted to Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Choc & Peanut Cereal bars! I would also have my phone ( of course!) but I was using that to take this photo.

This post is for Day 4 of Blog Every Day In May #BEDM devised by Elizabeth at Rosalilium.

Whats in your bag?

#BEDM Tell Us Something New.

So here’s my first post for Rosalilium’s  Blog Every Day In May Challenge. Five very quick facts about moi…

1. I once got tutted at by Lenny Henry.He was behind me in a queue in a shop in Leeds and the mere sight of him made me forget my cards pin number. Luckily my other half stepped in with the cash.

2. I feel compelled to pet every black labrador that I meet, despite having one at home. 🙂

3. I have enjoyed eating 20 Afternoon Teas. And all bar one were consumed after I started this blog. It gets the blame entirely.;)

ladybird spring 028

4. My teeth chatter when I watch Game of Thrones.

5. I have a black cat called Slinky Malinki. She’s a rescue and i didn’t have the heart to change such a fantastic name. 

Thats all for now.Let me know if your doing the challenge too. X



Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ January.



Hi this month’s Photo Scavenger Hunt is slightly different than normal as Jill simply asked us to contribute twelve random photo’s from our month. I am happy to do that 🙂 so here goes. Apologies to those of you who may have seen some of these pictures in my past posts.


Naughty But Nice ~  Although I am on a bit of a health kick this month, I have had time for a couple of treats. Oh yes :). This was a particularly wonderful Afternoon Tea I enjoyed with friends at the lovely Mitton Hall near Whalley. It was I have to say, scrumdiddlyumptious!


Gorgeous Scenery on a day out in the Lake District. The lake is ‘Derwent Water’ and there is snow on the mountains ,geese on the lake and a certain black labrador is enjoying a paddle. 🙂


One Black cat sat on my bed. She thinks it’s her bed obviously!

rheged and askham 026

Family ~ Wow this feels like a long time ago now. Our Christmas get together actually happened in the New Year. Every year tradition dictates that we pose for a family photo. This involves my brother setting up the camera, everyone jostling for position and all of us falling about laughing when the camera doesn’t take the shot. Fun times. 🙂


Read ~ The only book I have read so far this year is ‘The Art of Being Normal’ by Lisa Williamson, which I heartily recommend.

keswick16 008

Here’s a close up of Hugo by the lake. He’s just come out of the water which must have been freezing!  He’s wearing his new Grrrrrrrrrrr! tag.  :0).



keswick16 034

Welcoming ~  A lovely wooden horse welcomes visitors to a shop in Kirkby Lonsdale.

formby and crosby 040

Naked ~  Yup, one of many naked statues on Crosby Beach near Liverpool. One Hundred of them in fact!  You can read my post about this unusual art installation  here. :0)

formby and crosby 030

On the same day we visited Formby Beach , where the nearby pine woods are home to lots of  cute  red squirrels.

20160131_095820.jpgUninspiring picture of the spare room. We are hoping to decorate and make it into a kind of dressing room/storage space. Trip to Ikea is needed methinks. 🙂

rheged and askham 003

Gorgeous wildlife tiles at the Rheged Centre in Penrith.


birds jan 011

And my Favourite birdie picture from January is this cute female Bullfinch!

Thanks for dropping by!

February Beckons. 🙂





Thursday Favourites ’11’

Thursday soon comes around !

Here is a list of five things I have enjoyed over the past seven days. 🙂

Baking. 🙂

Believe it or not we have been living without an oven for nearly three months! We still had a hob and the microwave but our actual oven had broke and being lazy as we are , we couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy another. After numerous take-aways , trips out and the odd curry, Wil decided he needed to make a sunday roast quite soon….and even I’ve had a hankering to do some baking.As soon as our new cooker arrived I found a lovely recipe in the April edition of the Simple Things magazine, for Lemon & blueberry cake. Here is the result!


Mellow Yellow

I’m loving the spring colour of yellow at the moment. It just promises sunshine. I feel a yellow inspired post coming on soon.:)


Sea Air.

There is nothing better than getting away to the coast , even for just a couple of hours. On sunday we drove over to Lytham for some bracing sea air to blow the cobwebs away. I love the sea side. 🙂

Marooned. :)
Marooned. 🙂


We booked Paris! I never thought we would actually book it. Feeling extremely lucky as we have two amazing city breaks planned this year. Happy days. 🙂 Anyway we thought stopping in Paris would feel all the more authentic if we stayed in a french home rather than a hotel. Air bnb rent out rooms and studio apartments all over the world and we found this one 15 mins from the centre of Paris belonging to Aurelie. 🙂 There are all price ranges. We have paid £52 per night and are staying for four. Can’t wait!


Tea Cup Trinket Stands.

I put the other half to work drilling 🙂 as these trinket stands are proving very popular at the moment. I love them and they are a pretty way of upcycling old tea sets.

Bye for now.x

March ~ Photo an Hour.

Janey from the blog Is That You Darling is attempting to complete one of these Photo an Hour posts every month and asks her fellow bloggers and instagram users to get snap~happy too. 😀 I may not manage this every month but here are my pics from Saturday’s challenge. If you wish to join in with Janey in April look out for her #photoanhour posts on Twitter or check out her lovely lifestyle blog.

My Photos every hour.


7-30am ~ Woke up much to early for a Saturday morning. Coffee’s on.

8-30am ~ Slinky got up then went back to bed. Cheeky!


9-30am ~ wrapping up a teacup candle to send to a lovely new home.

10-30am ~ A friend called and asked us if we could walk her dogs Bel and Bexley. They are both Bedlington terriers but look and act totally different. We took them to Brungerly Park. I had forgotten how exausting dog walking can be!


11-30am ~ The resident Kingfisher down Brungerly. 😀


12-30pm ~ Doogs dropped off and we were starving. Treated my Other half to lunch at my fave tea rooms in town ‘ Callooh! Callay! The lamb, apple and mint pie is heartily reccomended.


1-30pm ~ The crazy rain and hale showers outside meant staying for pudding in Callooh and snapping pics of Alice In Wonderland teapots. Any exscuse!


2-30pm ~ Back home and booking our city break in Paris. We are now officially going to Paris. Oooh La la!


3-30pm ~ Chillin out with a couple of episodes of Bones.

4-30pm ~ My first ever attempt at a bun ( of the non edible variety!)Thanks for showing me how Jo. I have led a sheltered life!


5-30pm ~ Headed to the pub for a couple of pints. 🙂


6-30pm ~ Found a book by actor Ethan  Hawk in the pub. Random.


7-30pm ~ My last pic of my day. Tea and a dvd. Watched Catching Fire which i enjoyed but Wil fell asleep. 🙂

So there you have it. Of course I am awake early once again and have managed to blog this at an unsociably early hour for a Sunday. Can’t wait to check out everyone elses. 🙂