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Yet to experience….Some Wintery Firsts.

I realised only the other day that I have never, ever ……tasted Egg Nog , the sweet egg, cream and bourbon based drink so symbolic of festive cheer. That got me thinking, what other wintery traditions and treats have I yet to experience?? Here are a few things I have still never tried in all my ( cough ! 41 shhhh..) Christmases.

Make a snow angel in the snow.

Try Wassail ~ a mulled cider drink.  I have now made my own Mulled Cider in a slow cooker, with bottled cider, a clove filled orange and cinnamon sticks, but have yet to try the traditional Wassail.

Keep my hands warm and cosy in a toasty muff.


Go to Midnight Mass.

Get my Hygge on and buy a Danish Pancake Pan and make Danish Pancakes known as Ebelskivers. 


Have a Skiing Lesson in the Snow.

Cook Christmas Dinner !  Sorry, I am no domestic goddess. 😉

Watch Frozen.  Aaaah I have watched Frozen since writing this post originally. 

Go Ice skating outdoors.


Spend Christmas in another Country.

Take part in a Boxing Day Swim. Brrrrrrrrr!! No thanks!!

Tenby Boxing Day Swim.

Visit Lapland. My sister has been with her kids and a friend is taking her daughter this year. Sooo jealous!

Is there anything in my list that you have yet to try? What would be on your winters ‘ Yet to experience’ list? I would love to know.:))

52 Lists ~ List the things that bring you comfort.

Walks in the country.
Walks in the country.
~ Gentle warm sunshine on my skin.
~  Snuggles on the sofa with my other half.
~  A mug of hot chocolate or a refreshing fruit tea in a pretty vintage teacup.
~ Nudges and purrs from my beautiful black cat Slinky.She is not a cuddle cat yet. Oneday!
~ Country walks. Seeing nature up close and personal is a great comfort.
~  The company of good friends.
~  A freshly made up bed.
~  Trips to the coast….and knowing i’m only an hour from the sea.
~   A slab of Wil’s delicious home made lemon & lime cake.
~ Cozy night tv eg Downton,Bake off and Our Zoo. 🙂

What would be on your comforts list? x

52 Lists ~ Morning Routine.


My Morning Routine differs, depending on my shifts at work. I do a mixture of earlies, lates and mids so sometimes I don’t know where i’m at at all. I guess I could give you an idea of a typical early morning. Here goes!

5-15am. Slinky the cat decides its her breakfast time and starts jumping all over us and generally being annoying. Her worst trick though is attacking my phone, which is also my alarm. She often bats it, sending it flying across the room.

5-30am. My alarm goes off. I hate getting up straight away though and I have it on snooze ( much to the annoyance of my other half!), but we are so annoyed with Slinky by now that one of us will fly downstairs to feed her. You may wonder why we don’t shut the bedroom door? Its because she still likes to get us up early by mowing and scratching the carpet!!! Still, we love her as she is such a cutie. 🙂

5-50am. Get up properly ( after a couple of snoozes), shower and get ready for work.

6-20am. Have some strong black coffee and breakfast, usually cereal. On earlies I sometimes end up eating two breakfasts. Toast at work later on. Very bad I know! Watch some breakfast telly and I may even check some social media. Well don’t we all!

6-45am. Walk to work. The ten minute walk wakes me up properly, and I’m almost bright and bushy tailed by the time I get there.

I think our morning routines will change again soon anyway , as we are hoping to welcome a new edition to our home in a couple of months. A dog….or perhaps a puppy. Excited and nervous! X

52 Lists : What I can see right now.

august autumn 052

Ok I’m cheating. I actually wrote this post yesterday evening after my walk. I sat out in the back yard , trying to capture the last of the days very welcome sun rays. Here is what I could see…..

~ Two hanging baskets still in bloom. 🙂

~ My 25p pack of Lidl seeds , turned into lovely blue and yellow flowers.

~ More blue. Blue painted patio furniture that the other half has jazzed up over the summer.

~ A slug! One slug is pretty good going in my back yard. The place is slug central.:(

august autumn 049

~ a mug of black coffee and a flapjack.

~ a copy of The Simple Things magazine.

~ One black cat called Slinky Malinky. 🙂

august autumn 053

Thanks for dropping by….

52 Lists : My Life Essentials.

mothers day candles 008

1) Good friends ~I’m always up for a natter with my besties. 🙂

2) Chocolate ~I’m a slave to my sweet tooth.

3) Countryside ~ I like to get out and about in it when I can.

4)  Four legged friend ~ even better with a happy doggy by my side….and cuddles with the cat when I get home.  ^^

5)  My other half ~ He’s not a bad old stick. 🙂

6) Tunes ~ Nothing better than sticking some music on and having a soundtrack to your life.

7) Teacups ~ I can’t go very long without hunting out vintage treasures for my little craft fair stall.

8) My Camera ~ I always have my camera in my bag…just in case. You should see my vast collection of photo albums!

9) My mobile phone ~ Sad I know! Bet everyone feels the same though…..

10) Sunny days ~ Sunshine , even on a cold frosty day. 🙂

What are your Life Essentials?

52 Lists ~ Things To Do This Summer. :-D

Goodness I’m a wee bit late starting the 52 Lists challenge. Its week 23 already ( nearly half way through) but as I so enjoy reading Louisa’s and Janet’s 52 Lists posts on their blogs Duck In A Dress and Words That Can Only Be Your Own , I thought I won’t be shy, I’l join in too. 🙂 After all my family Surname is actually Lister so it seems its meant to be ……….

resize lists

The prompts for the challenge have been thought up by country loving blogger, Ema ~ over at Made In Hunters ( another lovely blog) but as i’m currently waiting for her to email me the rest of the prompt list, I will start off with the current topic. 🙂

Summer To Do List.

Read some novels by Colette. After all Paris is booked in July. 🙂

Paint the back of the house…..or get the Other Half to. 😉

Sip homemade limoncello in the back yard.

Rent a beach hut for the day. I would love to hire one of these for the day.

Take a ride on a Vintage carousel. Never to old eh!

Go to a vintage seaside fair and watch a Punch and Judy show.

Take a walk to a country pub with a beer garden. Its going to stay sunny right. B-)

Watch an open air film showing.

Go camping more than once this summer.

Have the courage to let my kitty cat Slinky wander outside without my strict supervision.That could be a toughie!


So anyway thats my first list done ( Hurrah!), I wonder how much of it I will achieve…. What will you be getting up to this Summer?

Thursday Favourites Xx

Its Thursday Favourites time again. I write a list  every Thursday of five things I have enjoyed or appreciated in the past seven days. So here goes~~ recently I have loved……

Burtons Fish & Chips.
Remember these??

Fish n Chips were a popular brand back in the 80s ~ I certainly remember enjoying the salt & vinegar snacks wrapped in newspaper printed foil bags ~ with fishy headlines. They still taste the same too! And share bags are on the shelves at Tesco so I had to buy a couple of course. Lets just say they didn’t last the wknd. 🙂

Travel Listography.

Do you love lists? Do you love writing lists? I actually do ~ could be to do with my birth name which is Lister. Must be in the genes! Anyway at the wknd we were in a wonderful book shop in Salt Mill, Saltaire and I noticed the Listography journals. Right up my street !


I treated myself to this Travel Listography book and I am looking fwd to listing all my travel adventures past and future. Each page is set out with different topics such as Cities you’ve visited and hope to visit , restaurants around the world, animals you’ve seen and would like to see. etc. etc. I’ve already started filling it in. 🙂

leeds 025
Newton Faulkner.
We went to a gig on Sat night in leeds. Newton Faulkner is one of my favourite singers. Wil bought his first album just before we went on holiday to Sorrento back in 2007 and just listening to his records sends me back to lazing around in the sunshine by the marina . He’s made three more albums since then and we have them all. As a live performer he is really fantastic and it felt so good to see him. 🙂 As you can see from this pic I took, he’s not short of guitars !

Sunshine Tea Cup
I had to include a picture of my new teacup trio ( another Saltaire purchase) , I love the colour and the pretty flower pattern. The make says Pareek~ Johnsons brothers, England and I think it may be from the 1930's. I'm thinking of maybe turning this into a cactus planter. What do you think?

Missing Our Pup

Still feeling incredibly sad about the loss of our old labrador Jake. It happened a few weeks ago now and it still hits me hard sometimes. I am so glad we have plenty of photo’s and memories of this lovely guy. To end this post here is one of my favourite pictures , taken on Shell Island.

Bow wow :)
Bow wow 🙂

See you soon. X