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Thursday Favorites.

I thought I would start a new series on my little blog. Thursday Favorites. I’m going to list five things i’ve enjoyed or appreciated or drooled over in the last week, five things that have made me smile or made my day. 🙂 So here are my first ever Thursday Favorites!

Sherlock the BBC series.

Sherlock ~ As much as I love Robert Downey Jnr’s reincarnation in the films, this tv series starring Benedict Cumberbatch( love that name) and Martin Freeman is just amazing. And we’ve only just got round to watching it after recommendations from just about everyone we know. As late comers joining in at series three, we can now go back in time and rent the first two from Lovefilm. Sherlockfest here we come.Hurrah!


My dog : The Paradox ~ this cartoon was sent to us by a friend and it speeks volumes about what its like to own a dog.So infuriating and so rewarding too. Made me laugh and made me shed a tear. For the complete version go to My Dog The Paradox 🙂


Cushion love ~I’ve just right this minute been  opening a parcel containing this beautiful cushion handmade by  Sew To Soul , adorned with lovely labradors. You may know we have recently lost our dear old black lab Jake and I truely love this cushion my cousin has sent me. Thanks so much Nicola, a lovely surprise. x

Liz before going in the BB House

Liz Jones ~ ok I may get haranged for this but I am a big Ms Jones fan.  I have read her witty, often hilarious,often bitter and self depreciating column in the Mail on Sunday Mag for years. So when she went into the BB house I had to tune in.She is not coming accross incredibly well but I didn’t think she would ~being half deaf,rather batty and quite down on herself . I’m friends with a lovely lady who works for an animal charity she is involved with so I know her fee is going towards her passion for animals. Keep at it Liz!


Slinky Malinki ~ aka Slinky and sometimes Stinky ( HaHa) has been a bit of a godsend this week bless her. TO anyone who has ever lost a pet, you know how empty the house seems when you don’t have them anymore. Well we may have had to say our goodbyes to Jake but at least there is still a certain mischevious moggy getting under our feet. Someone to welcome you home when you get in from work.

So anyway thats my first  Thursday Favorites. Soz its a bit animal heavy. What have you enjoyed or appreciated this week?

Five from my Bookshelf:)

I’ve been a very bad book worm of late and quite neglected my reading ( except for the lovely blogs I follow 😉 ), so I have had to raid my book shelf for some old favourites that I have enjoyed in the past.
DRACULA: I remember reading Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale whils’t staying in a cottage in Staithes near Whitby.Bats venturing out at dusk there really added to the eerie atmosphere as I followed Jonathan Harker, Mina and Dr Van Helsing on their quest to destroy the  mysterious and evil Count Dracula.
LET THE RIGHT ONE IN: More vampire’s again in this swedish chiller.( I do love Vampires:-D)Twelve year old Oskar is a loner, bullied at school and unsettled at home.When he meets the secretive Eli a romance tentitively blossoms between them.But she has a dark past … and present.She is a 200 year old vampire forever frozen in childhood,and condemmed to a diet of fresh blood.A heartbreaking tale  of friendship~the swedish subtitled film version is excellent too.


A LION CALLED CHRISTIAN: Love this true life story about a lion cub bought from Harrods as a pet in 1969 who quickly outgrows his owners flat and London lifestyle.Happily the tale doesn’t end in Christian being placed in a zoo.With the help of the Born Free Foundation his owners  reintroduce him into the wild…..and there is a touching reunion.x


ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND & THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: ok I have actually just reread these magical stories by Lewis Carrol.I would love to have a Mad Hatters Tea Party oneday with everyone dressed as the characters.Could I be The Cheshire Cat ^^?
THE EXMOOR FILES How I Lost A Husband And Found Rural Bliss: Not everyone is a fan of the Mail on Sunday columnist Liz Jones but I have to admit I still can’t help but read it every sunday.I loved this book she wrote about her move from London to the country so she could home her rescued animals.Its an amusing read but Liz being her own worse enemy hasn’t helped herself since then.Often complaining about her neighbors in print didn’t really ingratiate her  with them.The saga continues in her sunday column.

Are you a fan of any of these books?


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