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November Photo Scavenger Hunt.

My Photo Scavenger Hunt photos have a rather Nautical theme this month. We spent a week in Whitby on the Yorkshire Coast and visited other coastal towns and villages in the area. So my pictures are all from my holiday. Enjoy!

whiby 2015 203

A Stranger. I am no longer a stranger to Scarborough’s North Shore. Look at the brightly coloured Beach Huts.

whiby 2015 106
Looking Down. A  walk along the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay  where  we came across this poor dead crab. Quite a big one too.

whiby 2015 163
Popular Culture.  Whitby is famous for its connections with everyone’s favourite toothy Count, Draculaaaah. I didn’t get chance to go in and experience a one to one with him happily!

whiby 2015 145
The Weather. We were pretty lucky with the weather but visiting the Victorian town of Saltburn-On-Sea proved a wash out. 😦

whiby 2015 069
Big. A surprisingly large Lobster in Staithes.

whiby 2015 066
Sign. I love the names of cottages by the sea. This is one of the more unusual ones.

whiby 2015 219

Bottle.  A bottle of wine to celebrate my birthday , which just happened to be when I was away.

whiby 2015 103

Out and About. On the beach at Robin Hoods Bay.

whiby 2015 252
Hat. The seaside in November gets a bit chilly.

whiby 2015 006
Hole. Whitby’s Whale Jaw Bone Arch up on the West Cliff. It cleverly frames the Abbey opposite. The original Whale Bone was given to the town in the 1800’s. This replica was donated by Alaska in 2003.

whiby 2015 057
One. Boat in a field!

whiby 2015 240
Whatever you want. A couple of Cormorants on a cabin roof in Whitby.

Thanks to  Made With Love for organizing as usual.

Nautical but Nice.

As I love the colour blue, stripes and of course the sea….I thought I would do a short post on a few pretty items I have my ‘ eye eye captain ;)’ on, now that spring has arrived.

Firstly on a recent trip to Manchester with friends I discovered the Bravissimo shop. Well of course I knew all about how Bravissimo makes perfectly fitting bras….but I never realised they design some beautifully stylish clothes too. Some of the  dresses in the Pepperberry collection there caught my eye. These two are perfect for wearing to lunch at a harbour side restaurant.

Pepperberry Holly stripe dress £59.
Pepperberry Holly stripe dress £59.
Pepperberry  Charlotte dress £65.
Pepperberry Charlotte dress £65.

Pepperberry design clothing for the more ample bust. I only hope I am curvy enough( in the right places) to fit into their lovely clothes. I will be sure to try a few things on next time I visit a store.

Seasalt are a cornish company whose clothes and accessories really make me want to breathe in a whole gulp of fresh sea air. I already own a cute scarf with sailboats on it that I bought a couple of years ago. I really love their jute bags. 🙂

Seasalt Jute Shopper £5.
Seasalt Jute Shopper £5.

Joules always give good value in stripes. I have this long sleeved blue and white striped top in my wardrobe. Its great for strolls on the beach. 🙂

Joules Harbour Striped top £24.95.
Joules Harbour Striped top £24.95.

And I’ve only just discovered the American company Modcloth who do a wonderful range of nautical inspired clothing and home accessories. Wow wouldn’t I just love to snuggle under that Maritime and Tide duvet with a book about mermaids.

Modcloth 'Show me the way flats' $29.
Modcloth ‘Show me the way flats’ $29.
Maritime and Tide duvet $89.99.
Maritime and Tide duvet $89.99.
Mermaids Myth and Lore book $16.99.
Mermaids Myth and Lore book $16.99.

Any plans for seaside holidays this year? Do you like the nautical look?

Mermaids in the Movies.


I recently watched Pirates of the Carabean – On Stranger tides and the plot involves the pirates obtaining a Mermaid’s tear. This got me thinking ~ what other films feature fish tailed femmes?

I’ve come up with a list of eleven Mermaid movies. A handful I have seen but a few like Mr Peabody and the Mermaid and Miranda , I really need to watch them! If you know of any I have missed please feel free to comment. 🙂

Mr Peabody and the mermaid( 1948)


A middle aged man catches a mermaid whil’st fishing on holiday. Unfortunately he is also married and his attempts at hiding her in the resorts pool and bath tub make his wife think something ‘fishy’is going on.Starring William Powell and Ann Blyth.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. ( 2005)

In the fourth Harry Potter film Harry has to dive into the lake as part of a triwizard tournament and is soon surrounded by these strange looking Mer people.


The Little Mermaid. ( 1989)

Hans Christian Anderson’s well loved fairytale is given the Disney treatment in this sweet musical animation.

Mermaids . (1990).Although there are no actual mermaids in this engaging coming of age comedy, Cher does get to wear a rather swishy mermaid outfit to a fancy dress party.:)


Daryl Hannah makes a splash in her most famous role in this romantic fantasy comedy ,also starring Tom Hanks who falls in love with her mermaid. She saves him from drowning as a boy….and then again as an adult.


Million Dollar Mermaid.( 1952)

There are no mermaids in Million Dollar Mermaid but i thought i would include an Esther Williams film as she was known as ‘ Americas Mermaid’ in the 40’s and 50’s for her beautiful ‘Aqua Pics’. This one is actually the true story of Aussie swimmer and silent movie star Annette Kellerman who blazed the trail for swim stars like Esther. Lots of beautiful vintage ‘one pieces’ to admire too.

Lady In the Water.( 2006)

Bryce Dallas Howard plays a sea Nymph in this fantasy thriller. Saved from a monster by Paul Giamatti’s apartment block caretaker ,she then helps him find the writer of a book that will change the world.Quirky classic.


Rusalochka. ( 1976)
A russian adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Has anyone seen this? Reviews say it is quite faithful to Hans Christian Andersons original tale of Ariele and her prince. Loving the blue hair!


Aquamarine (2006)
Teenage girls will love this tale of Aquamarine who is taken under the wing of best friends Clare and Jojo after she turns up in their pool. She needs to prove that love exists or be married off to a snobby mer man.Will she find true love? <3<3



Miranda. ( 1948)
Another young man is snared by a Mermaid whils’t out fishing! This time its a British rom com starring Glynis Johns as the mischevious Miranda who takes a fella prisoner in a sea cave until he agrees to show her London. There is also a sequel apparently called Mad About Men. 1948 must have been the year for Mermaid films as Mr Peabody was released the same year.


Ondine ( 2009).  Collin Farrell plays a down on his luck fishermen who discovers quite a catch in his net oneday. His little daughter believes the silent beautiful woman is a selkie ( a seal like creature who takes on a human form when on land) and for a while their luck changes when her father  falls in love. But the course of selkie love is a rocky one. Romantic Irish drama.



The Mermaid ( 2016)

I think this Chinese mermaid movie is my own personal flipper favourite. Jelly Lin plays a cute mermaid , sent to assassinate a selfish but handsome property developer, who is threatening to destroy her mer-peoples eco-system. Her comical attempts  at killing the enemy go completely awry and against all the odds, the odd couple fall in love. ♡



Do you know of any more movies featuring Mermaids? And whats your favourite?

A Nautical Inspired Hen Do ^^^^^^

When my childhood friend Arwen asked me to be a bridesmaid earlier this year I was delighted to accept. My how time has flown by ! Only three weeks until the wedding now ( eeeeeak!). At the weekend it was the brides Hen Do and as one of the bridesmaids it was my duty to have lots of planning meetings with my fellow bridesmaid Vicky ( usually down the pub 😉 ) in order to organize the Hen’s celebrations. Arwen wanted to keep things simple so we decided on a lovely buffet at our local wine bar ‘The Emporium’ in Clitheroe. Vicky came up with the great idea of a nautical/captain’s table theme which would tie in with the bride and grooms planned honeymoon cruise. We were able to reserve a stylish alcove in the hen party venue which we decorated with blue, white, silver and red balloons and colour co-ordinated bunting. Guests were asked to wear a nautical inspired outfit or something glam they would wear to the captain’s table. The bride looked fab in a floor length red dress. And everyone else scrubbed up nicely too. 🙂

The beautiful bride and bridesmaid.
The beautiful bride and bridesmaid.
The brides sister Robin made these fab nautical inspired cup cakes.
The brides sister Robin made these fab nautical inspired cup cakes.
Ahoy there captain !
Ahoy there captain !

arwens hen do 033

Marshmallow Mouth!
Marshmallow Mouth!
Glam guests :)
Glam guests 🙂

arwens hen do 037

As well as drinks and yummy food there was a little book for everyone to write well wishes and marriage advice in. And of course we played a couple of fun games too! One was called ‘Mr and Mrs’ which involved the bride guessing her husband to be’s answers to a list of questions we had set him. The fun part was whenever Arwen got a question wrong we bobbed a marshmallow in her mouth, which she wasn’t allowed to swallow.;). Another game was ‘Guess the celebrity Bride.’ Guests brought along pictures of famous brides and we covered the brides heads with post it notes. Our bride had to then ask three Yes/No questions and if she couldn’t name the celeb she had to do a dare. She could nominate the guests to do dares too ! We all ended up out round the pubs later. Didn’t realize I could still dance the night away until half two 🙂 All in all a very good Hen Do ! x