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Palace Cinema ~ Longridge, Lancashire.

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved going to the cinema. Yet shamefully in years gone by I have almost abandoned this film themed treat, for the comfort of watching movies ( whilst munching on kettle chips) all snug on the sofa at home.

As a child and teenager my memories of the Pictures, meant a trip into Clitheroe to the Civic Hall Cinema ( a long time closed now) where you would sink into red velvet covered seats and queue in the aisles for sweets and ice creams, sold by usherettes. The very same usherettes ( quite stern old ladies) would shine torches at you if you were misbehaving during the film ;). I for one was always mesmerised , as soon as the red velvet curtains swished open and the familiar Pearl and Dean music filled the theatre, I was engrossed in movie heaven. Modern film multiplexes just don’t have the same appeal. I was intrigued then, when I heard that the market town of Longridge near Preston still retains its original old cinema. A trip to this iconic building was a must! I immediately booked a matinee showing of the new Mary Poppins film for myself, my sister and my nephew and niece. ๐Ÿ™‚

An unassuming exterior. Image off Pinterest.

The Palace Cinema is apparently one of the oldest surviving cinemas in the North West and is tucked away between terraces on Market Place. When I told my niece and nephew we were looking for the Palace, I think they envisioned a colossal castle, not a cute little Picture House. We parked on a nearby street and followed a few families , who looked like they were heading somewhere welcoming and warm.

Movie Reels.
Adjoining bar.
Bijou foyer with ice cream counter. Image off Pinterest.

I had booked our tickets online and simply showed my phone to one of the attendants. However you can purchase tickets at the Palace as well. After bagging our seats ( they are the original red velvet covered ones ๐Ÿ™‚ ) in the packed auditorium, my sister and nephew headed to the foyer to buy drinks and popcorn. I was pleasantly surprised that paper straws were provided with our cold drinks and that they are served in paper cups and recyclable cans. Tea and coffee in china cups are ยฃ1.

Before the feature started an apologetic attendant told us that the adds, trailers and National Anthem wouldn’t be played that day, as they had got lost in the cloud. This did make me chuckle. Its sweet that the National Anthem is part of the whole cinema going experience here. Soon we were all lost in the whimsical and splendiferous Mary Poppins Returns, which is well worth seeing by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Waiting for the film to commence.
Happy customers.

The Longridge Palace retains all the charm of a vintage cinema with quirky touches and modern ideas , such as mother and baby screenings, film and book club evenings and adjoining cafรฉ and bar.

Palace Cinema ~ Market Pl, Longridge, Preston, PR3 3RR


We really enjoyed our trip to the Palace. I definitely hope to return, as I loved the whole cosy and nostalgic experience.

Do you have an old original cinema near you? Maybe its time to pay it a visit!


The Blitz Cafe ~ Hebden Bridge.

Have you ever been to Hebden Bridge?  Its a bohemian little Yorkshire town , packed full of quirky independent shops. There’s hobbledy cobbledy streets and surrounding  craggy countryside. We drove here the other weekend and saw quite a bit of said countryside!  The satnav took us on a bit of a magical mystery tour, so we were a bit frazzled by the time we finally arrived.


It was a rainy & wet yet humid day.  Even the ducks and geese were bedraggled. ๐Ÿ™‚


We went in search of lunch and happily found  a cafe above Feathergills Emporium in st George’s Square called The Blitz Cafe. Its a 1940’s tea room brimming with wartime







The menus are written in ration book style with wartime inspired dishes such as Corned Beef Hash, Rabbit Pie and Blitz Rarebit.  Wil chose Bacon & Egg pie and I enjoyed my Homity Pie.


My Homity Pie was very tasty. Its made with spam, leeks and savoury mash. ๐Ÿ™‚


There were some delicious homemade cakes on the menu too. And old fashioned pudding treats such as Spotted Dick and Jam Rolypoly. The waitresses dressed up in 1940s attire . I wish I had asked for a picture.


Downstairs in the Emporium there were wonderful sweet smelling aromas from the Apothocary. Lotions and potions galore.



So if your ever in Hebden Bridge , why not bob into the Blitz Cafe for a cuppa or a frefreshing glass of Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial ( a waitresses recommendation  which was amazingly good) and a piece of pie or afternoon tea.


Bye for now.X