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2017 in Photos. X

As it is now a yearly tradition of mine to post a quick photo round-up of the year, I thought I had better get cracking with this 2017 post. I definitely have no regrets about 2017. It has been pretty fantastic with lots of short trips away, days out and fun times with family and friends.  πŸ™‚

keswick jan 093
Derwent Water. Spot the Photo Bomber.

January.  We celebrated Wil’s Birthday with a weekend break in  his favourite Lake District town  Keswick.

Mostly this consisted of walks by beautiful Derwent Water and of course frequenting Keswick’s many watering holes. πŸ™‚

Speaking of  Watering Holes !

February.  February’s  fun included a Galentine’s  Cocktail Making Masterclass🍸

at  Escape Coffee & Cocktails in Clitheroe and Hugo got to visit Millie & Ruby’s Dog Bakery, Lancashire’s first bakery for dogs. πŸΆ




March.  Spring was in the air in March when Wil and I went  Searching for Panopticons in East Lancashire.We found two, but as yet, still have two more to visit ! I ticked Manchester’s Cat Cafe off my Bucket List ( Meow)  and even did  a  Toilets Of Manchester Walking Tour.

Loving London.

April.  It was my little  sister’s 40th Birthday this month and we celebrated with a mini break in the Big City ( London) with our younger brother and other halves. Our trip included The Natural History Museum, Afternoon Tea at Claridges and watching The Lion King.  You can read all about it here.

Finding Nemo on The Malham Safari.

In May  Wil and I went on our first camping trip of the year . We didn’t venture very far, choosing this lovely campsite in Scorton, Lancashire.  Hugo accompanied us on a tour of  Ingleborough Show Cave  in Yorkshire 

and more Yorkshire fun was had on the  Malham Safari Trail.

Wild Rose Petal Jelly.

June.   This month I participated in The Wildlife Trust’s #30dayswild challenge , where I attempted ( though that’s no hardship!)  to appreciate the beauty in nature every day in June, whether that meant noticing the different wildlife I would see on my daily walks with Hugo, or using natural ingredients in recipes such as Rose Petal Jelly.  The challenge also coincided with my first ever visit to Norfolk, which I shall always remember for it’s many many beach huts, beautiful wildflowers and those yummy Dutch Pancakes in Wells-Next-The-Sea. πŸ™‚


Waiting to Board The Ullswater Steamer.

July.  Already well into Summer now. We spent a couple of nights camping in the Dales and walked  this tiny stretch of  The Dales Way and we took Hugo on his first ever trip on  The Ullswater Steamer .  I think this is my fave ever photo of my two boys. πŸ™‚

The Cake Ole’.

August.  Anyone for Afternoon Tea?  I can certainly recommend a fun, quirky and delicious one at The Cake ‘Ole   in Skipton.  And August is a great time to go camping with the kids, as we found out when we accompanied friends to Meadow Falls near Ingleton.

Walking near Meadow Falls.
A day at The Seaside.

September.  We had a bit of an Indian Summer this month, which made up for a damp squibby August. Luckily we got to make the most of the sunshine on a day out with my niece and nephew in Morecambe  and we spent a week in the The Lake District  , bagging my first wainwright fell and enjoying the incredible views over Wastwater.

Lancs Cycleway.

October.  Days out in October included  A family friendly bike ride on the  Lancashire Cycleway from Lancaster to Morecambe and back. It was my first time on a bicycle for many a year, so I was pretty happy that I made it!

Relaxing at The Turkish Baths.

November. My Birthday month was made so special when Wil booked us two nights in the Yorkshire Spa town of Harrogate.

I have always wanted to visit the Turkish Baths there so I checked us in for a morning, which was really enjoyable.  We also visited nearby Knaresborough with its ancient castle and railway viaduct.

harrogate 059
Knaresborough in November.



 December.  And its nearing the end of 2017 now after a fairly quiet but lovely December. Highlights included Hugo opening his Christmas presents ( he is very good at unwrapping, just need to train him to wrap up πŸ˜‰ ), The traditional Christmas Morning Walk, Willow Angel Weaving and a Festive Afternoon Tea at Alexanders in Skipton. 

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who drops in on my little blog every now and again. It really has made my year. 😁

All the best for 2018. I hope its a great one for everyone. Xx





















2013 In Pics. :)

I am taking inspiration from a lovely blog I have recently started following for this post. Bev from Confuzzledom ( sorry my link not working at mo 😦 ) wrote a great blog entry about all the highlights of her 2013. While I can’t pretend my year has been as well traveled or exciting as Bevs, I thought It would be nice to post a pic ( or two) of something I enjoyed each month. So here is what happened to me in 2013. πŸ™‚

Here is a pic from January. Wil and I had a fab day out in Keswick. It is one of our fave places to visit as there are lots of outdoorsy shops for Wil and really gorgeous scenery.


In February I started doing my craft fairs again. I make teacup candles and I decided to experiment with making tea cup pincushions. Good old YouTube. πŸ™‚

Teacup Pin Cushions. :)
Teacup Pin Cushions. πŸ™‚

In March my friend Lisa and I did a craft fair at a steam punk inspired Mad Hatters Tea Dance. A bit of a mouthful! Anyway we really enjoyed it and loved the steam punks costumes.

Mad Hatters.
Mad Hatters.
Steam Punks.
Steam Punks.

In April I can’t remember much in particular happening but here is a picture of Jake our labrador taking himself for a walk. πŸ™‚


In May I felt very proud of myself for completing the Blog Every Day In May challenge set up by Elizabeth at Rosalilium I found it pretty hard work posting something every single day but amazingly I managed to do it. Hurrah ! I also took my first ever picture of a heron which was busy fishing in the river ribble.

My Heron shot.

In June we went to Hadrian’s Wall for the first time ever which wasn’t exactly the Great Wall of China but was impressive all the same. My friend Jo celebrated her birthday with a picnic bench afternoon tea which was fabulous. As you know I love cake ( a little to much ! ).

Hadrians Wall.
Hadrians Wall.
A Picnic Bench Afternoon Tea. Yummy !
A Picnic Bench Afternoon Tea. Yummy !

In July we went camping in the Yorkshire Dales with our dooog. πŸ™‚

An extra guest for dinner.
An extra guest for dinner.
Messing about in the river. Can you spot Jake!
Messing about in the river. Can you spot Jake!

In August I had a day out at the seaside with my good friend Becky and her family and I also enjoyed the local food festival in my home town.

Beach Huts :) St Anne's
Beach Huts πŸ™‚ St Anne’s
My God daughter enjoying the festival. :)
My God daughter enjoying the festival. πŸ™‚

September was a great month! My old school friend Arwen got married and I was a bridesmaid which was such an honor. A couple of days after Wil and I jetted off on holiday to Agadir in Morocco.

Arwen and I.
Arwen and I.
Spices in Morocco.
Spices in Morocco.

Had an amazing day out with my niece and nephew at The Forbidden Corner in October. If you ever fancy somewhere a wee bit different to take the kids this place might just be it. πŸ™‚

Not your typical tree. The Forbidden Corner.
Not your typical tree. The Forbidden Corner.

In November I celebrated my big 4 0. Yep i’m now forty which i’m still getting used to. Luckily my friends and family and Wil really made it amazing. Turning 40 was actually a great experience. I’m sure being 40 will be too……….

My sister and I before the guests arrived at my very merry unbirthday party.
My sister and I before the guests arrived at my very merry unbirthday party.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

2013 has been a pretty good year with family and friends celebrating Big Birthdays, Engagements and Weddings. We have had heartbreak in the form of our OAPs ( OLd Age Pets), we had to say goodbye to my dear little cat Tibbs and Jake our black lab has ailing health. 😦 We did manage to give a home to a mischeivious kitty called Slinky though, who is at this moment pouncing on my feet under the duvet wanting to be fed. I had better get up before they become breakfast!

Slinky Malinki enjoying reading about her namesake. :)
Slinky Malinki enjoying reading about her namesake. πŸ™‚

How was 2013 for you?

Five Facts About Me.

Hi there this is my first post in the RosaliliumBlog Every Day In May challenge !
I’m pretty scared as writing doesn’t come that naturally to me.It would be so much easier if i was a walking talking Thesaurus. I really must invest in one of those! Happily Elizabeth who set the challenge has suggested a subject to write about each day.Today’s topic is simply ‘Write five lines about yourself’ Hurrah,I think I can do that!

Me and my lovely sister at a wedding last year.
Me and my lovely sister at a wedding last year.

I am obsessed with buying teacups much to my boyfriends dismay,he is especially unhappy after stubbing his toe on a bag of teacups I had lying around recently.Ooooops!

I really really really want to visit Iceland and am determined to treat myself to a trip to the land of ‘Ice and Fire’ next year.

I am one of life’s Permanent pedestrians ( I just can’t tell the brakes from the accelerator! )

I have about 30 Photo albums,I’m always the annoying friend who insists on capturing everything on camera!

I am a rubbish cook~watching my boyfriend cook, with a glass of wine in my hand is much more my style. πŸ˜‰

So there you have it.I’ve made it through the first post.See you tmoz……x