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Downham Walk. 🐑

One of Clitheroe’s neighboring villages is Chatburn and from there it’s a pleasant walk into Downham, a picture postcard village used as filming locations in various TV programmes and also in the classic film ‘ Whistle Down The Wind’. Sunday was bitterly cold, so we chose this walk as there are two brew stops, if so desired..

Christ Church, Chatburn. We started the walk from here.
There is a recentish opened enclosed roadside path to Downham. It makes the walk there so much safer.
It passes Greendale , open for takeways again as of the weekend.
Cute sheep. 🙂

Instead of carrying on to Downham we took a detour to Downham Mill, which is down a track on the right,off the road to Rimington. In the past like nearby Twiston Mill , it was a medieval water powered cornmill. Both mills are no longer mills, but do have ponds and millstones.

Downham Mill.
Old Millstone.

It is possible to walk past Downham Mill and over the fields to Twiston. Instead we took a footpath on the right before the mill, which lead us over some hilly fields to the village of Downham.

Hugo having a mad do.
Star on waymarker.
Jelly Ear Fungi.
Pendle Hill with snow covering blends into the white sky.
Downham brook.
The ice-cream shop on Hare Green.
Open for brews, cake, sandwiches….and ice-cream. Brrrrrrrrr!
Sheep doing lunch.
The toilets in the car park were actually open. Yay!
Downham dwellings.

Up at St Leonard’s Church in the village there are nice views of Pendle Hill, still blending into the sky.

Sun dial in the churchyard.
Cemetery snowdrops.
Pendle from the porch.
The Assheton Arms from the churchyard.
Hide and seek sheep.

We walked back to Chatburn , passing this unusual breed of sheep again. Anyone know what they are?

Thanks for dropping by..