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In The Dunsop Valley. 🦆

I have posted about the lovely Dunsop Valley before but I couldn’t resist showing some images from a 5 mile walk on Sunday morning. Only 20 minutes drive from home, the scenic Trough Of Bowland is every bit as picturesque as the Dales of Yorkshire, yet this is a Lancashire gem through and through. The area can also claim to be the Centre Of The United Kingdom, though quite a few other settlements in Northumberland, Yorkshire and even Wales claim to be also. The weather was both blustery and calm, it didn’t really know what to do with itself….

Right here 🤗
Into the woods.
Hebridean sheep in Lancashire.
Here’s my close up. 😊
A vibrant green moss on the woodland floor. Almost star spangled.
Not a muddy walk for us today.
River Dunsop.
Mrs Mallard.
Witches Butter or Orange Brain Fungi..
Sheltering sheep.
Scenery. 😊
Curly Tup.
Cock Pheasant.
Brew stop.
Water Intake.
There are a few United Utilities information boards in the valley.
We walked as far as this footbridge, but hope to go further next time.
Mini Monkey Puzzle.
Alder Catkins.
Dog days.
Nearly back in the village of Dunsop Bridge.

A well deserved breakfast butty topped off the end of our walk from Puddleducks in Dunsop Bridge. 🦆

On The Riverside.

Today was one of those days when I really wish I had taken my camera out with me, instead of just my phone. This frosty walk along the river from home to the village of Chatburn gave lots of photographic opportunities of the feathered variety. I counted Grey Herons, Little Egrets, Canada Geese, Moorhens, Kestrel, Goosanders and Wagtails .

We don’t often walk on the left hand side of the Ribble on this route for some reason, so it was nice to see the surrounding countryside from a different perspective. Clitheroe’s industrial landscape appeared sporadically in the distance.

Mute Swan.

Mary Horner’s attractive carved bench was particularly striking. Was she a shepherdess I wonder….

Alder catkins.

A type of polypore fungi.

After a brew and sausage roll in the village of Chatburn we chose to walk back home on the road, though another great way to get back to Clitheroe is of course along the other side of the river.

Thanks for joining me on a Winter’s day stroll.

Hawthorn’s November Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Hi there Scavenger Hunters and those of you just dropping in for a nosy. 😄 It’s Kate/ Hawthorn’s last Scavenger Hunt of 2018, so I thought I’d better make an effort and join in. Though I did find some of the prompts pretty tough this time around. Still I do like a challenge, so here goes….

Post/Mailbox. I’m still loving Postcrossing, which is a fun way of sending and receiving postcards from all around the world. These three are off to Italy, USA and Japan. I have already popped them in the post box.

Decay. Bracket Fungi , according to Wikipedia are an ‘ important agent of wood decay, playing a significant role in nutrient cycling and carbon dioxide production of forest ecosystems’. Go bracket fungi! This one was snapped a couple of weeks ago in Ravenglass.

Second hand. I love this book called Sketches of Bird Life by C. F. Tunnicliffe. It originally belonged to Wils Dad and having been handed down, now lives with us. His drawings are beautiful , and you may recognise his style. Tunnicliffe illustrated the wildlife Ladybird Books. 🙂

Strand. Here are my two god-daughters on the shores strand-line in Ravenglass. Hugo is also there, splashing in the water. We loved our time away in this coastal Cumbrian village. You can read about our weekend Here.

Fold. Sorry, its those ‘Festival Sheep’ again. I ended up using the word ‘fold’ in the context of ‘a flock of sheep’ and these are a colourful meadow full near Ravenglass. The farmer marks the ewes that have been impregnated by a ram. I think the different colours mean different fathers and also the number of lambs expected per mother.

My Own Choice. Definitely making my own mouth water here. Wil took me out for tea on my Birthday to Bowland Beer Hall. This was dessert. Yummy! Who else loves Churros with chocolate sauce??

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

A Magical Christmas Memory.


Does anyone out there remember ever seeing Santa? The real bona fida Santa Claus I mean!

There’s this memory that has stayed with me through the years and every Christmas time I puzzle over it and think…..
did that really happen?

As a child I grew up on a farm. Weather seemed to be alot harsher and colder back then so during the winter Dad would go round the fields dropping off sheep lick blocks and barrels of treacle to suplement our livestocks diet. Yes barrels of treacle! When a new barrel was opened my sister and I were allowed a dollop each of the sweet black sticky stuff.:)

Anyway one such occasion we were out with Dad in the fields. There was hard frost on the ground and the sky was white and heavy with the promise of snow. We had nearly finished our rounds as Dad said something like “Look up now and You’ll see Father Christmas” …… and sure enough there was Santa and his sleigh pulled by reindeer rushing through the winter sky above us.

I remember telling Mum.I remember telling my school friends. I was convinced I had seen Father Christmas and Dad had too. 🙂

Even looking back now its hard to feel sceptical. Perhaps I dream’t it. Perhaps there was something in that treacle! Dad is no longer with us and my younger sister can’t remember but When I happened to mention it to Mum recently she said “Well you were with your Dad so I imagine it did happen”. So I will smile and keep it as a precious magical Christmas memory. 🙂


Three Counties in One Day……..and a winner revealed :)

Helloo there its been another perfect summers day here in sunny Lancashire. Or should that be Yorkshire and Cumbria too ? I’ve managed to visit all three counties in one day today ! This morning we drove over to Clapham in the Dales. The pretty village with its meandering brook was holding its annual Street Fair and Duck Race. There were classic cars and a Jazz band too. And I bought some pretty crimson rose covered teacups and saucers to make into candles for 30p each. Happy Girl Me ! Not used to finding such bargains these days. I also bagged a Mr Men Snakes and Ladders game for my nephew and niece for £1 and three darling vintage brooches for 20p each. Such treasures 🙂

The Street Fair.
The Street Fair.

Classic Citroen 2 cv
Classic Citroen 2 cv

Ruskins View ,Kirkby Lonsdale
Ruskins View ,Kirkby Lonsdale

About ten miles up the road from Clapham village is the historic Cumbrian market town of Kirkby Lonsdale. We parked at Devils bridge which spans the river Lune and walked along the river bank into town via the steep Radical Steps ( 86 steps….not that I counted!) Kirkby Lonsdale has plenty of lovely little gift shops,boutiques and cafes. We had yummy Ice creams from Emma’s Teashop in the market square. I can highly recommend the Lemon Curd flavor 🙂

The Radical Steps.
The Radical Steps.

Lovely Old house.
Lovely Old house.

Orchid in Gisburn Forest.
Orchid in Gisburn Forest.

On the way home we thought we would bob and see some friends who live in the middle of a Forest. They run a farm that rescues and rehomes rare breeds, called The Great British Farm Project. I don’t know why I was soo amazed to find they really do live in the middle of a forest as I follow Tracy’s lovely blog OLIVE AND HARRY which is full of amazing tales and gorgeous pictures of their farm and mad menagerie. But after trudging through a mile of forestry mountain bike trails, clutching a jar of marmalade from the street fair, we spied their little farm and were greeted by a handful of whippets and Tracy. 🙂
We were then introduced to some of the happy rescue animals. I wish I had taken more pictures!

Soay and Boreray sheep.
Soay and Boreray sheep.

Mouse and Sparrow. They are such great mates. :)
Mouse and Sparrow. They are such great mates. 🙂

Mouse and Sparrow accompanied us through the fields.
Mouse and Sparrow accompanied us through the fields.

A new arrival. Born today and quite a surprise ~ a Soay sheep and her hours old lamb.
A new arrival. Born today and quite a surprise ~ a Soay sheep and her hours old lamb.

It was great to see how well all the animals are doing and what a good job Tracy and Stephen do at looking after them all. 🙂 If you wish to know more about the farm look Here.

Thank you to all the people who entered my Teacup Candle Give Away which was in honor of my Blogs 1st Birthday. The winner has been drawn randomly from a teacup.

clap 022

Emma from the blog High Heels and Glitter ~ you have won the teacup candle !
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