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Hawthorns July Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Its the end of the month already, so time to join in with Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt. If you fancy a bit of a photo challenge next month, check out her lovely blog . Here’s the Link up page. 

1. Crane.  Ok this is not a crane. Epic fail! This is a stork that has made a nest on a rooftop in Marakeche. Up high escaping the madness of the colourful souks and busy squares. It is a few years now since our stay in the vibrant Moroccan city.


yorkshire 005

2. Ring.  Lots of Giant Bellflowers in bloom at the moment, all over the countryside. Imagine if these pretty flowers could ring around the meadows.

3. Set. Found this prompt quite difficult!  Will a Pea Hen and her set of chicks do? We saw these guys when we were getting rid of some rubbish at our local tip in Clitheroe. There is quite a population of peacocks down there. 🙂

yorkshire 017

4. Light.  Took this photo one evening on a walk with Hugo. The sun light created shadows in the hay field ,as Hugo zipped round like a mad thing.

yorkshire 144

5. Bow.  A shiny  bow ties at the back of a fifties style dress in Annie & Bettys vintage shop/ cafe in Grassington.

yorkshire 125

6. Spring. Saw this spring on a gate when walking a tiny bit of The Dales Way in Yorkshire last weekend.

yorkshire 074

7.Open. And heres Hugo sat by an old open door.  Obviously Wil is behind the door with a biscuit, or Hugo wouldn’t be so well behaved…

yorkshire 059

8. Grand. The old door was in the grounds of the grand Parcevall Hall near Appletreewick , whose lovely gardens are open to the public. Post coming soon! 

yorkshire 044

9. Park. The Yorkshire Dales National Park covers   841 square miles. This lady is admiring a typical Dales view. 🙂


10. My own choice. My beautiful girl ‘ Slinky Malinki’ named after the storybook cat. She is a little madam …and very vocal. 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed my interpretations of the prompts. See you soon! 





Slinky Malinki

A few weeks ago I found myself Googling the name Slinky Malinki. Why? ,you may ask! Well we had just brought home with us a bright red pet carrier, containing a little black cat. I had not planned on getting another cat quite so soon. Our vocal adventuress Mrs Tibbs passed away in the summer. She was 15, though still bombing round the house like a wild thing and jumping up and down walls and stealing several neighbors moggie’s food. It was a shock when she fell ill and the house felt so much quieter without her. 😦

A friend alerted me to the plight of ‘Slinky’ whose owner had had to move into rented accommodation, where no cats were allowed. I saw a picture of an adorable looking black kitty with a shock of white under her chin and was immediately smitten.When we went to see her, we were told about Slinky’s sad start to life. She had been one of a box of several very young kittens abandoned outside a school one cold winter 3 years ago. None of the kittens survived except for her. Her owner had hand reared her so she was obviously a little fighter. It turned out her full name was ‘Slinky Malinki.’
Feeling curious I googled the name……….and discovered she is named after Slinky Malinki ,a mischevious black cat in a children’s story book. 🙂

slinky malinky

This Slinky is quite a character. A poem about him goes like this…

Slinky Malinki was blacker than black
A stalking and lurking adventurous cat
He had bright yellow eyes and a warbling wail
And a kink at the end of his very long tail

He was cheeky and cheerful
Friendly and fun
He’d chase after leaves
And he’d roll in the sun

But at night he was wicked and fiendish and sly
Through the moonlight and shadows he’d prowl and pry
What was he up to?
At night to be brief, Slinky Malinki turned into a THIEF!

Lynley Dodd

My Slinky is still getting used to her new life here. Like her namesake she seems to come alive at night and this is when she demands attention by nudging and rubbing against us. Of course we haven’t let her go out yet. I’m seriously considering keeping her in until after Christmas so she becomes properly accustomed to her new surroundings. I have heard she is a bit of a mouser so who knows what lovely presents she may bring us!



I’m looking forward to sharing our lives with Slinky and seeing how her character develops. 🙂

slinky catflaps