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Snow Day.

snow day 012

It’s amazing what a difference a day makes  We went up to Keswick in Cumbria yesterday and there was  a covering of snow in the mountains. The snow followed us home and this morning I woke up to a world….that looks like this!

snow day 005

I thought I would share a few photos of our usual walk with Hugo before the white stuff melts. It’s been three years since we last had any snow!

snow day 007

Yep new wellies. Again!  I do not have any luck whatsoever with posh wellies. By posh I mean anything other than my trusty green dunlops. Hunters,Joules and Brakeburns all split within the last twelve months. And silly moo that I am, I mislaid each pairs receipt. This time though, my new red Barber’s ( a sale bargain) receipt is pinned to the notice board. I’m hoping I will have better luck with these…..

snow day 027

snow day 010

I saw a few birds feeding near the Campsite. Some kind soul always puts food out there. I was trying to take a picture of a beautiful Bullfinch who was enjoying his breakfast…but he was to quick for me.

snow day 033

snow day 029

snow day 015

January looks so much better in the snow!

Have you got out and about in the snow this year?