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What to do with your Vintage Tea Cups : )

Ooooooh I love teacups and I have about a zillion hidden around the house. Sssshhhhhhh don’t tell the other half.My teacup fetish is getting out of control! Most of us probably have a couple of them lurking in the cupboards unloved and unused. Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of them. : )

I love this teacup bird feeder. The spoon makes a perfect perch too. : ). For a tutorial check out Cap creations website.

Teacup candles are so easy to make and give off a lovely translucent glow. I make them and sell them at craft fairs and on my facebook page Mrs Tibbs Teacups & Candles. Instructions on how to turn a teacup into a pretty candle can be found in my July posts.

A simple yet effective cake stand can easily be created using pretty china plates & teacups and a tube of super glue.
Easy as that!

Why not turn your teacups into cute cactus gardens. Simply cover the bottoms with little stones for drainage and then plant in soil.Voila!

Mmmmmmmm Chocolate pudding in a teacup. Nom Nom. How decadent.The recipe can be found on thewhimsicalwife.com

Teacups & saucers make gorgeous trinket holders.If your handy with a drill ( Or in my case,know someone who is), you can buy the fittings very inexpensively on ebay.

Hope this post has inspired you to create some treasures with your teacups.:0)

Make A Teacup Candle.x

As i wrote earlier i have a bit of an obsession with vintage teacups which i love to hunt around for in charity shops and car boots.I started making them as gifts for family and friends( whether they wanted them or not!) and eventually started selling them at craft fairs and a friends tea shop.I must say if i can make them anyone can.:)


You will need..
A large pan and a smaller sauce pan
an old fork to stir
Soy wax flakes
Pre-waxed wick with a metal base
Blu tack
Two Long matches or old difuser reeds
Scented oil to fragrance if desired
A pretty teacup


1) Gently melt the wax flakes ( 2 teacups full worth for one teacup candle) in a small sauce pan inside a larger pan of hot water.
2) whil’st melting the wax attach the prewaxed wick to the bottom of your teacup with a small piece of blu-tack.
3)Put a match or difuser reed each side of the wick to hold it in place.
4)Add a few drops of scented oil into the melted wax to fragrance.Ive chosen red cherry.
5) Pour the melted wax into the teacup.Leave to cool and set for a couple of hours.


Voila! A beautiful teacup candle!
Have fun making yours and remember you can easily reuse or refill after burning it.X