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Ginger Margarita.

Sitting outside in the sun at a friends yesterday we decided the occasion needed a little something refreshing to sip. πŸ™‚

We found a classic Margarita recipe
( makes 8 ).


Two cups of Tequila.
One cup Contreau.
One small bottle of lime juice.
Ice Cubes.
Three limes chopped into chunks.
Juice of one lemon.

We added a medium sized bottle of Ginger beer. This made the Margarita mixture a little easier to drink……and we enjoyed the Ginger Twist.:-D


Mix together all the liquids in a big jug ~ tequila,contreau,lime juice,gingerbeer.

Add lime chunks and lots of Ice cubes.


Frost the rims of the glasses with salt by simply dipping the top of each glass in lemon juice then salt.pat off the excess salt.


Enjoy outside in the sunshine. x