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Car Boot Finds.

Sunday morning I headed up to the local car boot sale at Clitheroe Auction Market. I was of course on the hunt for teacups to make into candles for my next craft fair. I wasn’t in luck though. Teacup drought at the car boot. Oh Well !

So here is what i did find :


Teaspoons ❤ ~ These shiny teaspoons were £2 for three. I'm especially loving the foxy one from Melton Mowbrey. Not sure whether to sell them with teacup trios or keep them for myself. 😉




I was immediatly drawn to this pretty set of 20 Victorian inspired  postcards which are reproductions by the RSPB. There are Christmas ones, Birthday ones and New Years ones all featuring vintage bird prints. Holly and Housemartins. Bluetits and fir cones. I paid £2. What should I do with them my crafty blogging friends??


I also got this sweet half moon vintage brooch for £1 .It has a few stones missing but still looks very effective.

And my final find was a Next casual black floral dress for £4. Looks alright for a sunday afternoon in the pub. And just my cup of tea. 🙂


Have you ever found any bargains at car boot sales?

What I received in the Thrifty Christmas Gift Swap. :)

Janet from the blog Words That Can Be Your Own recently organised a Thrifty Christmas Gift swap. I really enjoyed participating and the parcel I received from Leanne was just gorgeous. I managed to save it to open on Christmas day….with some reluctance I must say. Leanne must have done her homework as the prezzies she sent were all very me.

christmas 1 009

There were a couple of lovely decorations for my tree which are now adorning said tree of course.

A pretty wooden heart with the words Sunshine Always Follows the Rain inscribed on it.
A really useful little wooden make up mirror which will come in very useful on my summer camping trips. 🙂

A retro Drumstick lolly scented car air freshener which actually does smell like a real drumstick lolly.

A couple of cute coasters which say Cake Cake We Want More Cake on them. Yes my weakness is certainly cake!

A darling little Alice In Wonderland badge which I wore on Christmas Day. 🙂

Continuing with the Alice theme, an amazing Alice animation negative framed print. This is so thoughtful as for my birthday this year I had a Alice themed/vintage tea party. 🙂

Leanne also sent me a very cute handmade card which I love.

All in all I was thoroughly spoiled and I must say Leanne’s parcel was my favorite one to open on Christmas day. Thank you Leanne and thanks Janet. x 🙂

ps you can read about what I sent my recipicant Kate HERE