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August Photo An Hour.

Well Photo challenges are like buses at the moment. None all month…..then two come at once!  This one is the Photo Every Hour challenge , organized by Janey who blogs at Is that you darling. Saturday was the day chosen and here are my pictures.


8am ~ Drinking black coffee in my new Alice In Wonderland mug that a friend bought me from the Whittard shop in Manchester. She’s a real beauty ( friend and mug 😉 ).


9am ~ Tidying up I am easily distracted by this little cutie. Its Slinky Malinki of course. Do anyone else’s cats practically live in the bedroom? Slinky only emerges to torment the dog!


10am ~ Bought this cute puffin card in Arnside ( a cumbrian seaside town) and its so pretty It needs to be framed.


11am ~ Hugo is having a sunny indoor snooze. No good when your’e hoovering!


12 Noon ~ ON the way out. Were off to Malham show in the Yorkshire Dales. My brothers driving and were meeting more family when we get there.


1pm ~ The first animals we see at this popular agriculture show are the Highland cows. I love Highland cows. They remind me of many happy camping holidays in Scotland as a child.


2pm ~ The Falcon display team are resting. Not sure what kind of Hawk this is. Anyone know?


3pm ~ Brother in law is about to attempt to win a Minion.


4pm ~ Stood outside the craft tent and the vintage tractors tootle past.


5pm ~  Heading back home now and yes, its difficult to find anything very inspiring to take a picture of in a car….


6pm ~ Tea is a spicy taco mix with mince in a wrap. Was pretty good actually!


7pm ~ Off out to a U2 tribute band tonight with the other half.

8pm ~ But it was postponed.:(( We got there and had to decamp to the pub instead. But luckily we should get to see U22 in October. Hopefully!.