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Early Birdie.

Wandering home from work the other day I noticed this sign in my local AGE UK charity shop. ๐Ÿ™‚


I like going in there for a teacup rummage…..but most of the charity shops in my town ( including this one) have put the prices up on Vintage Crockery. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ An ‘Early Bird Discount’ though was a great reason to head to the shops on a teacup treasure hunt!
So bright and early I  pegged it into town with my beadie eyes at the ready to bag a bargain. I literally galloped round the shop grabbing at cups and saucers until I realised there were actually no other early birds there ( tee hee) so I was safe to browse until the clock struck half past. In the end I only bought two pairs of trios and a hand full of vintage brooches….but they are quite pretty and were also half price. ๐Ÿ™‚

earlybirdie 001

I have two ‘Duchess Ivy’ trios which were ยฃ2 each and two ‘Salisbury’ floral trios which were ยฃ3 each. My plan is to make them into teacup candles for my sadly neglected Teacup candle Stall . My first craft fair is booked for March so I had better get making !

earlybirdie 002earlybirdie 006earlybirdie 003

My trio of brooches were ยฃ1.50 each and my plan is to pin them to vintage playing cards and sell them on my stall too. They are so shiny!

earlybirdie 004

Whilst I took photos of my treasures Slinky the cat supervised. I think she was a bit put out that I was disturbing her cat nap though.

earlybirdie 010

Are you a fan of vintage teacups?


Tidy those Teacups!

I have a week off work ( hurrah!)ย  so Iย  thought I had better crack on with sorting out my teacups. I have been having a bit of a craft fair hiatus recently ~ partly because January and February can be a wee bit quiet for craft fair folk  anyway and partly because my teacup collection has been  spiralling
a little out of control in the spare room. I’m really lucky that sometimes my friends and family hunt me out teacups too. And people have even been known to leave carrier bags of crockery on my doorstep. Yes I must be a crazy teacup lady!


As much as I appreciate their generousity , sometimes the teacups are not ones I would have chosen myself. And If I don’t take a shine to them I find myself losing the passion to make them into candles for my stall. I know ,I know , I sound a right ungreatful so and so don’t I…… my guilty consience has not stopped me from  filling four carrier bags full for the charity shop though!

Pretty Teacups.:)

I still have plenty left to turn into pretty candles and trinket stands, don’t you worry. I thought I would try out making some coloured teacup candles for a change. Don’t you think they will make perfect Valentines or Mothers Day Gifts.:)


The pink ones are red berry scented.:)

If you would like to know how to make teacup candles check out my Mini tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚ in an older post.

ps ~ I will still be genuinely pleased if I find any teacups on my doorstep.:-D

Teacup Treats. :)

Although I havn’t done any fairs recently I have still been looking out for teacup treasures. ๐Ÿ™‚

At the wknd I quickly bobbed into a gorgeous Crafty Vintage Fair at the st Marys centre ( inbetween bridesmaid dress fittings and
bridesmaid hair do practices!) and was quickly confronted by these beauties that caught my eye. First off a lovelyย  floral trio with no markings to say who made it but pretty all the same.


Then I spied another delightful trio. This elegant pale green and white and gold pattened teacup, saucer and side plate are made by Royal Vale. I love the colours. ๐Ÿ™‚


Of course another great place to find Teacups are Charity Shops. Sometimes you can be really lucky and bag a bargain and other times they might guess there are crazy teacup ladies in town and hoist the prices up. ( I’m one of them by the way!) Unfortunately I do find it almost impossible to resist a ravishingly retro teacup such as this one. I think my mum had the set this came from in the 70’s. ๐Ÿ™‚ Its called Delphine.


Today walking home from work ( which does mean passing an abundence of charity shops) , I spotted this rather lovely pale rose teacup trio in Oxfam. I love the pretty scalloped shape of the cup. ๐Ÿ™‚


Last but not least I found a stunning set of these white and gold Royal Vale teacups & saucers. I really think these beauties will make adorable christmas candles. What do you think?


So some of these teacup treats I shall keep and some I shall turn into trinket stands and candles. I suspect I may find even more at the weekend as I believe there is yet another Vintage fair on in Clitheroe. Teacup Heaven!

If you like teacups you may want to look at my facebook page Mrs Tibbs Teacups & Candles. x

Fabulous Finds from the Craft Fair.:)

At the weekend I took my teacup candle stall to theย  Lets Get Crafty craft fair in Whalley.ย  This is the main fair I do and happily I had a great day sales and fun wise. I was able to spend some of/ well ok, most of my earnings on a fewย  lovely purchases at the fair. ๐Ÿ™‚

View of the fair.

Some of my teacup candles.

My fave stall today , Sew To Soul
Polly The Vintage Caravan.

There were as usual some gorgeous stalls. Andย  Polly The Vintage Caravan was there serving tea, coffee and scrumptious cakes in pretty vintage crockery.

Here are a few treats and gifts I was tempted by :


This colourful cat cushion from Sew To Soul makes a purrfect addition to our bedroom.


I bought some Hot Paprika Puree from The Paprika Lady to add to chilli’s and stews. Looking forward to making some tasty Goulash.

These socks and beads are from the ethical and lovely One Planet stall and are a birthday gift for a friend.

In fact Kerry who does the One Planet stall took some of my candles to sell at the One Planet shop in Accrington. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is my favourite and biggest purchase from the fair. I really treated myself !

Its a beautiful duck egg blue lovingly upholstered chair.Looks wonderful in my blue and white bedroom.Very Shabby Chic. Another treat from Sew To Soul

I’ve said before that craft fairs and independant shops are ideal places for buying unique and gorgeous gifts. I also discovered a newly opened shop in my home town at the weekend called Urban Sheep where I bought a pretty blue bunny pattened summer bag as a present for a friend. I am truly tempted to indulge in one for myself!


Thanks for admiring my pretty purchases. Check out your local craft fairs and independant shops. Who knows what treasures you may find. ๐Ÿ™‚

Teacup Treasures.

I was one of those kids who had a million collections of everything.Postcards, smash hits stickers, stamps off the postcards,a scrapbook of Lady Di, Pot birds( always was a bird nerd :)), Enid Blyton books etc etc.
Then as I got older and got my own place I definantly had a thing for nick nacks and ornaments.I love cats so for ages every bday and christmas present was something kitty inspired.Moggie money box’s seemed to be a reaccurring theme!
When I moved in with Wil not only did my real life cats move in but all my clutter and collections too.We had to come to some sort of compremize.I easily morph into a clutterbug.The boyfriend is more minimalist. For a whileย  he won ( most of my stuff was hidden away in the loft) until my fairly recent obsession with vintage teacups.


It started when a lovely Alice In Wonderland inspired tearooms Callooh! Callay! opened in town.I immediatly fell in love with it.Tea is served in vintage teapots and mismatched china.I wanted some of my own.:-D


Trips to the local car boot sale and charity shops proved fruitful.I soon had enough teacups for several Mad Hatter’s tea partys!


It was then that I looked up on YouTube how to make them into candles ( All my friends and family were soon recieving them for their birthdays, whether they wanted them or not ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Nowadays I take them to craft fairs and sell them.Its a hobby I love as there is nothing nicer than being complimented on something you have made.:).Plus I have met some fab new friends doing the fairs. All from collecting Teacups.

What do you love to collect?

This post represents day 12 ( Wow I’m impressed i’m keeping up with the challenge!) of #BEDM on twitter and Rosalilium.x

Making Tea cup Candle’s :)

Hi my #BEDM post today is supposed to be about my first job but as I am still working in my ‘first job’ and have been for about a gazillion billion years I am wandering off the topic today. I know i have blogged about how to make a tea cup candle before but I thought I would do a fresh post for any new followers who may have a penchant for vintage teacups.:-D

I think they make lovely gifts as they look adorable and if made in a bone china tea cup the candles give out a pretty translucent glow.

You can also scent your candle with a heavenly fragrance.I buy mine from Justasoap Today I shall make a couple of Rhubarb & Custard scented one’s.:-D


You will need:

A bone China Tea Cup ( Pick one up from a car boot or charity shop).
Soy Wax Flakes.
Pre waxed Wick.
Metal sustainer.
Blu tack.
Two long matches or reed difuser sticks.
An old microwavable jug.
An old fork or spoon.
Fragrance oil.

You can buy your candle making supplie’s such as wicks,wax and sustainer’s quite inexpensively on Ebay.


Method ( Makes one candle).
1) Thread your wick through the metal sustainer and attach to the bottom of the teacup with a small blob of blu tack.

2)Hold your wick in place inbetween two long match sticks or reed difusers.

3)Pour two teacups full of wax flakes into your jug and bob in the microwave on a medium heat for 2 minsย  or until melted.

4) Stir in your fragrance oil if desired.

5) Pour the melted wax into your teacup and leave a couple of hours to set.Trim the wick with scissors if needed when set.

And Voila your candle is ready!

If you don’t have a microwave simply melt your wax in a small pan inside a larger pan of water on a low heat.

You can also use paraffin wax instead of soy wax if you wish though soy wax is more enviromentally friendly.

If you don’t fancy making one yourself why not take a look at Mrs Tibbs Teacups N Candles on facebook.:-D

This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge over on Rosalilium.

The Hobbiton Market.

This weekend I have had a fun time hosting my vintage crockery stall at the Hobbiton Market in the pretty village of Hurst Green. The area has connections with the Lord of the rings author J R R Tolkein as he occasionally lectured at nearby Stonyhurst college. It is thought that the surrounding countryside and views of Pendle Hill and its associations with witchcraft and sorcery inspired him in his writing. So of course the village is the perfect venue for a Middle Earth craft market….along with bands and a beer festival. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Lord of the Rings inspired tile tags.
Lord of the Rings inspired tile tags by Tile Productions of Clitheroe.

Leaning witches made by Pendle Ceramics.
Leaning witches made by Pendle Ceramics.

I love these Beautiful hand blown perfume bottles created by the artists E & M Glass.
I love these Beautiful hand blown perfume bottles.

a chainsaw artist was on hand to create a Gandalph!
a chainsaw artist was on hand to create a Gandalph!


Foxy clog makers stall.
Foxy clog makers stall.

How about drinking your ale from one of these...
How about drinking your ale from one of these…

A few of my candles and cake stands.
A few of my candles and cake stands.

Lord of the Rings inspired baking.
Lord of the Rings inspired baking.

Human Hamster Balls!
Human Hamster Balls!

Hobbits feet soap.
Hobbits feet soap by Crafts by Charlie.

The real Gandalph even showed up!
The real Gandalph even showed up!

One of the bands on stage.
One of the bands on stage.

Even though I am not a big Lord of the Rings fan I really enjoyed the event and it is going to be a yearly thing. We even had a bit of sunshine :0)
Hope you enjoyed your weekend….

What to do with your Vintage Tea Cups : )

Ooooooh I love teacups and I have about a zillion hidden around the house. Sssshhhhhhh don’t tell the other half.My teacup fetish is getting out of control! Most of us probably have a couple of them lurking in the cupboards unloved and unused. Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of them. : )

I love this teacup bird feeder. The spoon makes a perfect perch too. : ). For a tutorial check out Cap creations website.

Teacup candles are so easy to make and give off a lovely translucent glow. I make them and sell them at craft fairs and on my facebook page Mrs Tibbs Teacups & Candles. Instructions on how to turn a teacup into a pretty candle can be found in my July posts.

A simple yet effective cake stand can easily be created using pretty china plates & teacups and a tube of super glue.
Easy as that!

Why not turn your teacups into cute cactus gardens. Simply cover the bottoms with little stones for drainage and then plant in soil.Voila!

Mmmmmmmm Chocolate pudding in a teacup. Nom Nom. How decadent.The recipe can be found on thewhimsicalwife.com

Teacups & saucers make gorgeous trinket holders.If your handy with a drill ( Or in my case,know someone who is), you can buy the fittings very inexpensively on ebay.

Hope this post has inspired you to create some treasures with your teacups.:0)