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Photo An Hour Sat July 23rd.

Well its been a while since I joined in with Janey’s

  and Louisa’s

#photoanhour challenge. This Saturday just gone was their chosen day.I posted a photo of what I was doing  on the hour every hour ,along with a few other folk on Instagram. Fancy seeing 12 or so random pics of my day………

8am. Breakfast today was a black coffee and a  yogurt.

9am.Out with Hugo.We are in the grounds of Clitheroe Castle. Amazingly we had the keep to ourselves for a bit. Then bumped into a personal trainer working her client really hard.Although she (the client) begged us to rescue her,think she was joking.I hope.;)

10am. Looking for a Birthday present for my soon to be 6 year old niece.Finally decided on this butterfly dress,a book of childrens classics ( she is an amazing reader!) and another butterfly inspired gift.

11am. No shopping trip is complete without tea and cake ,especially from my home towns Alice inspired Vintage Tea Room ‘Callooh! Callay’. I like to come here for a Raspberry Almond slice and a pot  of ‘Were All Mad Here’ fruit tea. All served in mismatched vintage china.:)

Noon. Checking the jungle of nasturtiums in my back yard for flowers. Found one! 🙂

1pm.  I’m out with Hugo again,this time down the fields. My other half is working until five,but a few games of ‘chasing stones’ in the brook ,stops Hugo missing him.:)

2pm. Oh heck I’m at ‘Bowland Beer Hall in Holmes Mill ‘ yet again! Met a couple of friends for a quick lunch.This place is to handy as it is incredibly local to where I live. Here’s my fish finger butty.

3pm. Spending more time in the back yard with the pets ,before I go babysittin g for a friend.

4pm. Walking up to said friends house. I’m stopping over so packed a bag.

5pm.Took my charges up the Castle. We are checking out the view from the Keep. Clitheroe Castle is said to be the second smallest castle keep in England. We still get a good view from the top though.:)

6pm. Wil joined us up the Castle, then we took the boys to the park. Much fun was had on the swings,slide and roundabout.:)

7pm.Pizza in oven and train track built!

8pm. Goosebumps dvd presently being watched. The boys have conned me into getting some sweeties out of the cupboard. 😉

10pm.Two Hours later and kids in bed.Time to relax,put my feet up and enjoy a glass of wine.This babysitting lark is sooo exhausting!

More loveliness at Callooh! Callay!:)

I just had to nip into Callooh! Callay! today for a cuppa and a piece of ravishing Rocky Road on the way home from work. Well it was pouring down with rain.What better place to shelter than a quirky tearooms/vintage shop? 🙂

Old tins.
Love this dress.
Flamingoes in the lavatory 😛
Look for the bunnys B-)
Cute annual cover.
Vintage Brooches.
Guarding the treasures.
My yummy rocky road.:-)

Callooh! Callay!  is situated on Moor lane in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Drop by for a brew some time.x

This post represents day 28 in the Blog Every Day in May challenge.

Dream Jobs.

The Topic on the Rosalilium #BEDM challenge today is ‘Your Dream Job’.

Well If I had been asked this at school I would have said either a journalist or a librarian.I loved English and my head was constantly in a book.In fact I clearly remember saying to my pals that I didn’t want to be stuck working in a supermarket all my life. Hmmm What Happened?

Actually my job does suit me really well.Its secure (as jobs go these days) and pretty stress free. I work with a decent bunch of people and I don’t need to think about it at all once my shift is over. But of course it definitely isn’t my dream job. Neither are my original dream jobs. Being a journalist would not fit my writing skills ( I have the pace of a snail, I wouldn’t meet any deadlines….) and though I love libraries I seem to have fallen out of love with reading lately….apart from reading blogs that is! So here are a few jobs I can dream about.

Work in a quirky tearooms rather like the one below. I could happily wait on in a pretty cafe, serving tea and cakes in vintage crockery all day. 🙂

Callooh !  Callay ! in my hometown.
Callooh ! Callay ! in my hometown.

Work in a Vintage shop by the sea, yeah it has to be by the sea of course! I could collect even more tea cups and pretty things and take a stroll along the promenade everyday on my lunch break.

Be employed in a cath Kidston shop. I would spend all day deciding what lovely cath kidston accessories I would buy at the end of my shift.There would not be much of a wage left!

Cath Kidston store front.
Cath Kidston store front.

Work with animals. I have helped out my sister when she had a boarding kennels and cattery. It is a very lovely job but quite hard work too with all the cleaning and walking of hounds. It certainly keeps you fit and healthy!

Naughty dog clients Sam and Max.Sweeties!

What would be your dream job? xx

Teacup Treasures.

I was one of those kids who had a million collections of everything.Postcards, smash hits stickers, stamps off the postcards,a scrapbook of Lady Di, Pot birds( always was a bird nerd :)), Enid Blyton books etc etc.
Then as I got older and got my own place I definantly had a thing for nick nacks and ornaments.I love cats so for ages every bday and christmas present was something kitty inspired.Moggie money box’s seemed to be a reaccurring theme!
When I moved in with Wil not only did my real life cats move in but all my clutter and collections too.We had to come to some sort of compremize.I easily morph into a clutterbug.The boyfriend is more minimalist. For a while  he won ( most of my stuff was hidden away in the loft) until my fairly recent obsession with vintage teacups.


It started when a lovely Alice In Wonderland inspired tearooms Callooh! Callay! opened in town.I immediatly fell in love with it.Tea is served in vintage teapots and mismatched china.I wanted some of my own.:-D


Trips to the local car boot sale and charity shops proved fruitful.I soon had enough teacups for several Mad Hatter’s tea partys!


It was then that I looked up on YouTube how to make them into candles ( All my friends and family were soon recieving them for their birthdays, whether they wanted them or not 😉 ). Nowadays I take them to craft fairs and sell them.Its a hobby I love as there is nothing nicer than being complimented on something you have made.:).Plus I have met some fab new friends doing the fairs. All from collecting Teacups.

What do you love to collect?

This post represents day 12 ( Wow I’m impressed i’m keeping up with the challenge!) of #BEDM on twitter and Rosalilium.x