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Sunday Sevens 17 July.

So heres a quick round up of my week in the form of a Sunday Sevens post ,which was thought up by Natalie who blogs at Threads & Bobbins


1. Last Sunday’s breakfast was a Giant Warbutons Crumpet. It was very filling…and twice the size of a usual crumpet. I was recommended that eating it with an egg is a must…but I’m not an egg fan.So I made do with butter and a black coffee in my Alice mug.

2 & 3. Sunday’s make for great Wedding days.And I was honored to be invited to an ex work collegues evening reception at Mitton Hall with the lovely Amy and Amiee.And the bride and groom looked stunning of course…and very happy.:)

4. Whist the newly weds were enjoying the ceremony,Wil and I were  tent shopping.Our last camping trip proved on the first night ,that our tent is no longer waterproof.:( But we have had a lot of weekends away out of it.Time for a new tent.But which one to pick??  

5. The nasturtiums in my back yard that I planted from seeds  have gone seriously crazy, covering the entire flower bed.This is a picture of them AFTER I gave them a good trim back. Looking forward to them flowering though.

6. My pets are looking like they are up to no good here. Wonder what they are plotting!

7. I could have taken yet another photo in Bowland Beer Hall this weekend ,but I will leave you with a strawberry milkshake in Callooh! Callay! Instead. Bobbed in here whilst doing a few errands in town today,before meeting some good pals in the Beer Hall. 

Hope you have had a good week and enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🙂

Mum and Dad’s Wedding pics.

When I last visited Mum in June she let me borrow a couple of her and Dad’s wedding photos to scan. I thought it would be interesting to show them here.:) Mum and Dad got married on a scorching hot Septembers day in 1972. They had met through friends ( on a bit of a blind date actually) and Dad ( a farmer) asked Mum ( a farmer’s daughter)”‘So how many sheep have you got?”, and love bloomed!

I asked Mum about her dress and why she chose it. Mum being Mum just said it fit so that was that! The dress was made from a sort of jersey material with a ruched top. Unfortunately she doesn’t remember what make it was or how much it was….though she does recall it was the fruit of a shopping trip to Liverpool. Mum also wore a hat and told me that in the early seventies it was the fashion for brides to wear hats, rather than veils.

Dad and Mum.
Dad and Mum.

I  really love the bridesmaid’s dresses. Mum said she chose
them because they were different to all the other bridesmaid’s dresses in the shop. Well looking at them now, they are indeed very retro, with their lace trimmed wide sleeves and that very kitsch floral pattern. All the outfits were tied in together with salmon pink and white carnation posies.  The bridesmaids were Mum’s two youngest nieces Karen and Jane and Dad’s youngest niece at the time, Linda. Don’t my cousins look cute!

Mum with her bonnie bridesmaids.
Mum with her bonnie bridesmaids.

Mum and Dad went on to work on the family farm together and have three children, myself and my younger sister & brother. Sadly Dad died when I was a teenager. Mum would eventually remarry and lives happily in the Lakes.

What did your parents wear at their wedding?

Photo an hour ~ May

Saturday was a great day to take part in Janey and Louisa’s Photo an hour challenge as the sun was shining , so no pics of me sat around watching TV. 🙂   Instead there are exciting photos of the washing on the line and a trip to a garden centre. Ha the exciting life I lead. Still, i love having a nosy into everyone else’s everyday life stuff…..so maybe you will enjoy being a bit nosy too………

wpid-img_20150523_080304.jpg8am ~  A waking up pic. Mostly hiding behind the duvet though. Not very brave at this time of morning!


9am ~ Out walking Hugo. Here he is chomping on a tree. Well a huge branch anyway. He wanted to carry it round but I managed to discourage him.


10am ~ Back home and time for a brew. I love fruit tea and this Blackcurrant & Pomegranate one from ‘English Tea Shop’ goes down a treat.


11am  ~ Taking a shortcut through the park into town to go pick up a parcel. Its promising to be a sunny day!


12 Noon ~ Checking to see if the washing has dried yet. #exctinglife 🙂


1pm ~ Wil and I take a trip out to a Garden Centre near Bolton by Bowland. We are neither of us very good at gardening so we wander around like lost sheep.


2pm ~ Our purchases. Looks like we will be having another trip out as not really enough here to fill our back yard. Homebase here we come!


3pm ~ Fooling around with Hugo. Took this photo whilst falling into his bed in an undignified manner. 🙂


4pm ~ Writing out a card for a bride and groom. Off to wedding Evening do later.


5pm ~ Off to a friends Birthday party first….so here is the perfume I have squirted liberally over myself. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I love the bottle.


6pm ~ At the party drinking Strawberry Pimms. Yes I had six glasses before I even got to the wedding do. It was just sooo good. Hiccup!


8pm ~ Forgot to take a piccie at 7pm but I’m back now. At our friends wedding do at the Shireburn Arms in Hurst Green. Here is a rather lovely table decoration.

phil and vickys wedding 004

9pm ~ And here’s the gorgeous bride and groom cutting the cake. 🙂

So that was my day. It was certainly the perfect saturday for garden parties, bbqs and weddings! Did you enjoy the sunshine?

Brooch bouquets for Becky

I thought i would reblog this post as these vintage brooch and button bouquets that Mrs Fox makes are fabulous. Love this idea! Take a look. X

Mrs Fox's Finery

A while back I had my brooch bouquets on display at a local cafe, No: 84. On the back of this I was contacted by the lovely Becky who was looking for a bouquet for herself and her two bridesmaids.

I can now share the finished results with you all as the wedding was at the end of February. It was great fun creating these bouquets for her and collecting all the pieces to go in it. But I did feel the pressure to make sure I got it right!

Becky was looking for a metal / grey effect for her bouquet with a girly twist. It also needed to fit with her very cool Audrey Hepburn inspired dress and her shoes (you don’t have to tell me how much shoes can rule an outfit, my whole wedding was based on a pair!). Check out the outfit. 

She also requested both hers and her…

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A September Wedding.

Yesterday I was a bridesmaid for my good friend Arwen who’m I have known since primary school. It was an amazing day and I feel so honored to have been chosen to share in her and Ian’s celebrations. I thought I would quickly show you a couple of piccies from the wedding….before I go on my holidays. 🙂

wed car

Bridesmaids in Blue.
Bridesmaids in Blue.
The Happy Couple :)
The Happy Couple 🙂
The wedding car.
The wedding car.

Arwens wedding 020

Nice Bag Wil.Tee hee ;)
Nice Bag Wil.Tee hee 😉

The wedding was held in the pretty Ribble valley village of Slaidburn. It was the first nuptials in the church there for two years. The wedding breakfast and evening reception were both held in the newly built village Hall and the catering was done by the local Hark To Bounty pub. So it was a real Village celebration.

Friends for many years. :)
Friends for many years. 🙂
The gorgeous wedding cake was made by the brides very talented sister Robin.
The gorgeous wedding cake was made by the brides very talented sister Robin.
Cannot quite believe the beautiful bride is both a mum and a gran too !
Cannot quite believe the beautiful bride is both a mum and a gran too !
The bride with some of her beautiful family. :)
The bride with some of her beautiful family. 🙂
The back detail of our beautiful dresses.
The back detail of our beautiful dresses.

Arwen wore a stunning gown from Orchid Bridal designs in Clitheroe and Vicky and I wore beautiful azure blue dresses from Amelias in Clitheroe. We loved the colour so much. I am very tempted to get mine shortened so I can wear it in the future as a cocktail type dress. If I ever go anywhere posh enough of course !

Hope you liked the pictures. 🙂

Thanks to Emiline Drachenberg and Sarah Allen for the photographs.

Waggy Wedding Guests.^^

Recently we had the privilege of looking after our friends dogs( Billy and Bailey) on their wedding day and bringing them to the venue for photo’s with the bride and groom. I would definitely wish to include our labrador Jake in our nuptials ( if we ever do tie the knot 😉 ) and as long as you have your pets interests at heart ,I think ‘waggy wedding guests’ are a lovely idea.If you wish to include your four legged friend on your big day consider the following :

1)Remember to ask the venue if dogs are allowed on the premises.If they are not allowed inside it may be that they can be included in the wedding photographs in the grounds.

2) Will your dog be comfortable surrounded by lots of people? Will it cause him/her stress? Are they usually badly behaved? If any of these apply, maybe you could include him/her in an engagement photo,pre- wedding shoot or even on your invites/favors/ instead.
3) Its up to you if you want your dogs to be ‘dressed for the occasion’.It should of course depend on the dog and whether they would put up with a big bow or a blinged up collar for the day.
4) Make sure you have a friend/ person you trust who can look after your dog at the venue.They will need to keep him/her under control and relaxed and happy.
5) It may be a good idea to take your hound to the venue a couple of times before your wedding day to get him/her accustomed to the surroundings.
6) Ask the person who has your dog for the day to make sure they give him/her plenty of exercise before the ceremony.
7) Make sure that they bring plenty of poo bags and dog biscuits with them and that water is provided.
8) Enjoy your big day!

Billy and Bailey have a good walk round the grounds before the ceremony.
Billy and Bailey have a good walk round the grounds before the ceremony.

The Happy Couple and their beloved labradors.:)
The Happy Couple and their beloved labradors.:)

We jazzed up Billy and Bailey’s collars with pull bows( they were £1 each from our local card shop) which we tied to their collars before putting them on.The bride and groom were delighted with how cute they looked.:) Happily the day went very smoothly and B and B were very good doggies.Billy especially was very chilled,sprawling out on the flagged floor! No paw prints were found on Sarah’s dress.Though they would have been a lovely memento i’m sure ,if they had….x

The wedding venue was the charming Tithe Barn in the grounds of the historic Browsholme Hall in Lancashire.

*This post represents day 15 in the #BEDM challenge organized by the lovely Rosaliliumblog.Today’s topic is Lifes A Lesson ,though I guess this post is simply a lesson in how to include your four legged friend in your wedding festivities.Its nice to include all your loved ones right…. ^^ ~/