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Walk From Nest On The Hill.

It does feel like all I post about is walking this year. I suppose that is very true! Before this Sunday morning hike from the Nick O Pendle , we also enjoyed a tasty breakfast at the super cute Nest On The Hill , a newly opened little cafe in a cabin at The Wellsprings restaurant. Wil had a sausage butty and I devoured yummy french toast with melted chocolate and blackberry compote. Hugo was made a fuss of by the lovely young couple who run this quirky bruncherie ( hope bruncherie is a word! ), that serves warming food & drinks before the main restaurant opens for lunch. The Nest is also packed with locally sourced gifts and crafts. Lots of present ideas. I even started my Christmas shopping!

After our food and my purchasing , Hugo for one was busting for a walk. I could have curled up on the cosy sofa in front of the toasty log burner for a while longer ,but fresh air beckoned…. We took the owners recommendation of a bridleway walk through the fields, thus avoiding the crowds who park nearby to make their way up Pendle Hill.

Pendle Ski ⛷️ Slope.
Bench with a view.
View information board.

We walked up the road and down a little , then through a gate on the right, following a farm track/ bridleway over rugged Lancashire countryside. To be totally honest I’m not really sure what this area is called, maybe Wiswell Moor. Some map perusing is needed! Anyway we basically walked as far as a field of llamas, then turned around and made our way back. A muddy 4 miles or so.

An old barn.
Rugged terrain.
Windswept tree.
Sheep’s eye view.
Approaching a conifer plantation.

We carried on toward Bramley Farm.
Passing a few houses and farms, some boarded up.
Look! Llamas.
Green fields.
Blue sky.
Looking towards Nick Of Pendle.
Sunbathing sheep.

The weather was bright and breezy, a perfect Pendle day. More from Pendle Hill coming soon hopefully. 🥾

Nest On The Hill. A cozy Pendle Gem.

Pendle Hill Walk.

It’s been a gorgeous sunny day today ( Sunday) so we decided to take Hugo for his first walk up Pendle Hill.  We parked the car near the Ski slope and Wellsprings Spanish & Mexican restaurant at the ‘Nick O Pendle’ and followed the footpath onto the rugged moorland. The sun was shining but it was very blustery up there , ideal for model aeroplane enthusiasts and paragliders .

Wil and Hugo waiting for me as usual!
Wil and Hugo waiting for me as usual!
Waiting for take-off.
Waiting for take-off.
pendle hill 016
Fancy a go?
Amazing views from up there.
Amazing views from up there.
Such a handsome chap!
Such a handsome chap!
The ground was covered in these cotton bud grasses.
The ground was covered in these  fluffy cotton bud grasses.
Me and Hugo. :)
Me and Hugo. 🙂
Anyone any ideas. Perhaps Billberries?
Anyone any ideas what these berries are?

We saw quite a bit of wildlife including kestrel, sky larks, Gulls, Dipper ( in the brook), Bees, Cabbage white butterflies and a tiny green moth/butterfly  and  plant life including the berries above, cotton bud grass, bracken, rushes and moss. Unfortunately I didn’t manage many photos of the birds or insects. 😦 But I did snap this skylark ( I think? ) in flight.

pendle hill 052

Taking a dip.
Taking a dip.

The music of the skylark accompanied us for most of our walk and they could often be seen hovering in flight. It took me ages to get a picture of one ….so I was pretty pleased when i did. 🙂  By the time we got back to the car, I was in dire need of a Hot Chocolate. It was a bit chilly up that hill!

The Wellsprings.
The Wellsprings.

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine too. X