Photo an hour ~ October.


9am ~ Had a bit of a lie in which was nice.Opened the curtains and this is my view! Love my pretty blue hydrangea.Hope i manage not to kill it!


10am ~ We are out with the dog.He was a bit naughty this morning and reverted to selective deafness.


11am ~ Sorting out some vintage crockery to take to Sunday’s craft fair.I have gotten a bit bored of making teacup thought i would have a bit of a Teacup Sale.


Noon ~ The obligatory picture of my cat Slinky. No she never moves from our bed!


1pm ~ Lunch out with Wil. Went to a cafe called Mansell’s in my home town of Clitheroe, which I haven’t been to in years. The food there is really good. I loved my sweet potato with pesto, tomato and mozarella cheese. 🙂


2pm ~ And well I just had to have pudding! Ravishing raspberry frangipane. Divine.X


3pm ~ Visited my god daughter and her baby. 🙂


4pm ~ Crunching Autumn leaves.


5pm ~ Back home and watching the end of 1950’s romantic comedy ‘Bell, Book and Candle’, which i started the day before. Here is our heroines feline familiar ‘Pyewacket’. Love that name!


6pm ~ Here’s Hugo all cozy in his bed. 🙂


7pm  ~ I’m writing a blog post about ‘Bell, Book and Candle’. Great film. I recommend it! Notice my other half washing up in the background. 😉


8pm ~ My last picture. Sharing this lonesome bottle of cider and watching ‘ True Detectives.’

Photo an Hour is organized by Janey and Louisa every month. :))


12 thoughts on “Photo an hour ~ October.”

  1. Lovely day 🙂 Pyewacket comes from witchfinder general Matthew Hopkins’ witch trials in the 1600s when he accused a woman of being a witch, it was supposed to be one of her familiars that took the form of a cat.

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