September Round up.

Books ~  I have been a bit rubbish in September about keeping to my challenge of reading one book a month. The nearest I have come to a completed read is dipping into Pamela Keogh’s self help guide What Would Audrey Do? Published in 2008, this is a modern day Self help book inspired by non other than the elegant and talented film Icon ‘Audrey Hepburn’ of course. If you want to live your life according to Audrey just peer into this pretty pink guide full of darling illustrations and think ‘Now what would Audrey do?’. According to the book Audrey loved the colour white, took an hour to dress for a date, let her dogs sit on the sofa ( Yay we have similarities ! ) , tried to swim without getting her hair wet,regularly travelled with 52 suitcases  and knew how to rock an LBD. I shall keep on reading. :)

On the Box and Box sets ~  I can tell  the evenings are drawing in by the amount of telly that i’m now watching! Thursday nights are becoming a fave as I drool over a-hem George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. The guy is building a floating Beach Hut! Also I love the Beebs comedy hour on BBC2 on Thursdays 9-10pm.  Cradle to Grave ( the ups and downs of a family in the 70s) and Boy Meets Girl ( the even more ups and downs of an age gap/transgender romance) are both gently and lol funny. Love them both. And of course Sunday nights wouldn’t be the same without a healthy dose of Downton. I will be sad when it finishes forever. Sob.

boy meets girl
Boy Meets Girl.

I even found another box set to get hooked on.Black Sails is a rip roaring Pirates adventure ( with lots of guts, gore and raunch) and is set in the Golden Age of pirating.The show is a prequel to Treasure Island and features a certain John Silver as well as characters based on real life pirates such as Blackbeard and female Pirate Anne Bonney.Can’t wait for Season Three!


Wellies ~ bolton abbey 003A day out at Bolton Abbey with friends and kids in leaky wellies ( Booo-hoo) made me realise I needed some new Rain boots pronto.I was Inspired to make a Wellie Wish List that helped me decide which ones to buy. So blogging does help with shopping decisions! If your interested I purchased the Sail boat boots from Brakeburn.

The Tour Came to Town ~ Back at the beginning of September ( seems such a long time ago now) the Tour Of britain cycle race sped through my local town…..twice! Just as exciting as spying Sir Wiggins and co was glimpsing white bicycles on Pendle and having the Castle Keep adorned with even more bicycles. :)

vintage by the sea 108

vintage by the sea 115

All the fun of the Festival ~  And in September I enjoyed the sun , the sea and a Punch and Judy show at Vintage By The Sea in Morecambe and a bit of Yarn bombing at Yarndale wool Festival in the Dales. Here’s a few pictures below.

vintage by the sea 035

vintage by the sea 085

vintage by the sea 065

yarndale 018

yarndale 006

yarndale 011

yarndale 028

Thanks for dropping by. :)

September Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Hi and welcome to this month’s Photo Scavenger Hunt, which you can find out more about over at Made With Love. I struggled with the prompts a bit this time so you may have to use your imagination with a few of my interpretations. Anyway most of my pictures were taken at a Festival for all things wooly called Yarndale in Skipton, where my friends Lisa and Mark had a stall. Hope you enjoy…….yarndale 024
Woven ~ Eeeek even though I went to a Yarn Festival I didn’t manage to find anyone weaving ( there were so many stalls that it was a little overwelming) so I hope these knitted ( not woven) VW camper van bags I admired will do instead.

summer still 017
Repeating ~ Earlier in the month the ‘Tour of Britain’ cycle race passed through my town.In fact Stage Two of it started here. I saw this poster decorating a doorway and thought it perfect for this prompt.

yarndale 015
Greedy ~ A horrid picture of me chomping down on a chip butty in Skipton.I look pretty greedy here !

yarndale 004
Flowers ~ Pretty crocheted vibrant coloured flowers at Yarndale.These were made by people from all over the world and sent to the festival to raise awareness and money for Alzeimers.

yarndale 021
Curly ~ These very patient Alpaca were a hit at Yarndale. Maybe their coats were a little curly before they were shorn.That’s my story anyway!

vintage by the sea 020
Adventures ~ Hugo has many adventures on his walks.Here he is mastering the stepping stones over the Ribble earlier in September.:-D

vintage by the sea 005
Line ~ On the same walk came accross this line of boats on the river bank.

vintage by the sea 080
Mesmerising ~ Mesmerising ceiling Art in the grand entrance of the Midland Hotel in Morecambe.Came to a vintage fair here a few weeks ago.

yarndale 008
Triangle  ~ Back to Yarndale and one of the many crocheted bunting flags.This photo is very Autumnal.

yarndale 001
Dreamy  ~ This prompt was a challenge.In the end i snapped this sleepy cloth lady at Yarndale with her knitting.

vintage by the sea 027
Day ~ A day out at the seaside.My favourite kind of day out.This was taken in Morecambe.

yarndale 026
Whatever you Want ~ Lovely handmade tile tags and buttons on my friend Mark and Lisa’s stall at Yarndale. Visit their website at Tile Productions  for more information. :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Park Life ~ September.

park life sep 024

I’ve been neglecting taking pictures in the park over summer ( slap handies) but now i’m back! September has been an amazing month weather wise. I guess we may be having a bit of an Indian Summer. This last weekend has been especially warm and sunny. My photos in the Castle grounds include ripening harvest fruits, flowers, butterflies and even Ladybirds.

park life sep 042

staycation 004

Harlequin Ladybird.
Harlequin Ladybird.
And another. Maybe a Harlequin too.
And another. Maybe a Harlequin too.
Red Admiral.
Red Admiral.
park life sep 027

park life sep 023

park life sep 022

Tortoiseshell Butterfly.
Tortoiseshell Butterfly.
Grey Squirrel.
Grey Squirrel.
Rosy apples.
Rosy apples.
THe Castle.
THe Castle.
And a beautiful Balloon!
And a beautiful Balloon!

Park Life will be back in October.

Foodie Penpal Parcels.

For a few months now I have been  reading Bev’s Foodie Penpal Posts and eyeing up with envy ,the lovely food parcels she receives from all over Europe! Bev who blogs over at Confuzzledom 
joins in with Rock Salt’s Foodie Penpals parcel swap.The idea is every month you are assigned two different penpals ( You can opt out at any time,)one to send a parcel of edible goodies to..and the other to do the same for you.:) Sounds fun right! Who doesn’t love receiving surprise packages in the post. This month I signed up myself. :)

It turns out the parcel I was to send would be winging its way to Turkey. Melike doesn’t have a blog and says she can’t do any social  media at the moment, so I do hope she received it. Melike is a Vegan which made shopping for her a bit of a challenge!

Vegan treats for Melike.
Vegan treats for Melike.

Luckily after a little online research and scouting round my local supermarkets, I found the above treats for her. She said she has a sweet tooth so hopefully there is enough here to satisfy any sugar cravings she might have. If anyone is interested I found the Tiffin and Salted Caramel Nibbles in Sainsburys and all the rest ( apart from the tea) in Booths. Although I found out that there are quite a few unintentionally vegan friendly foods out there such as Jammy dodgers and Green and Black’s Dark chocolate I was unsure whether to buy them. The smallprint on the packaging often warned that traces of egg,dairy etc might have ended up in the products. What do vegans do in this situation? Do they still buy them or stick to ‘proper’ Vegan foods? I have mostly bought snacks which say that they are vegan on them for Melike.Just to be sure.I might just have to try some Moo Free Orange Chocolate for myself.:)


As well as selecting foodie stuff to send off, I recieved a wonderful parcel in the post too.Mine came from an English blogger called Laura who writes and vlogs about all things tasty at Foodie :)
When you are allocated your penpals you are encouraged to email them your foodie likes and dislikes etc. I let Laura know that I have just purchased a slow cooker.So she obligeingly sent me lots of stew inspired ingredients! My other half made a slow cooked Chicken Casserole for his teas last week and I’m looking forward to making us both the beef and ale stew….with yorkshire puds of course.;)


Laura also sent me some delicious chocolate coated coconut macaroons.I immediately helped myself to a couple , sat outside in the September sun with a cup of salted caramel green tea. Thank you Laura!

If you are interested in European Foodie Penpals ( you don’t have to have a blog) take a look  here. And if you are in the States check out the Lean Green Bean  American Foodie Penpal Parcel swap.

Looking forward to October’s one now. :)

Welly Wish List.

Apart from my old faithful Dunlops, I don’t have much luck with Wellies. Their lifespan is never very long. Maybe I live in them to much! Well I do originate from mud ~ being a farmer’s daughter . :)
So it’s time to invest in a new pair and having looked around the web, I’ve come up with my own Wellie Wish List. Which of these razzle dazzle rain boots do you like?


For a spot of Gardening ~ How about these mid height butterfly print wellies from White Stuff.  £32.50.


For Splashing in Puddles ~ Adore these red deck wellies from the Cornish company SeaSalt. . £36.


For Walking the Hound ~ Joules   do an ‘Olive the dog print’ pair in a variety of colours. I could be tempted. £19.95.


For Welly Walks with the kids ~  My friend Jo has recently purchased these Polka Dot Mid Wellies from Fat Face. £35.


For Fire Crackers on Bonfire Night ~  You can look both stylish and bright in these glossy red Hunter boots. £90.


For Country pubs and Beer Gardens ~ Plum coloured Bede Boots from Barbour of course. £64.95.


For those late Summer Festivals ~ There are still some around apparently! How about these Boden beauties.£25.


For strolls on the beach ~ I love these Brakeburn  Boat and Wave wellies. £19.99.

Hmmmm decisions decisions. Which wellies would make your wish list?

Late Summer Walks.

Big fat Rose Hips.
Big fat Rose Hips.

Were edging towards the middle of September and I’m still trying to convince myself that it’s Summer. I’m so loathe to let go! Happily we have had a couple of rather nice weekends weather wise so out came my camera on our walks with Hugo. It’s the season of fruit and flowers. :)

Fluffy seed Heads.
Fluffy seed Heads.
I love the papery white trumpets of the Bindweed.
I love the papery white trumpets of the Bindweed.
Beautiful Indian ( or Himalayan) Balsam.
Beautiful Indian ( or Himalayan) Balsam. It seems to have taken over our British countryside.
Someone's waiting for me in the undergrowth.
Someone’s waiting for me in the undergrowth.
Waddow Hall on the banks of the Ribble.
Waddow Hall on the banks of the Ribble.
A bedraggled looking Heron.
A bedraggled looking Heron.
Rowan berries.
Rowan berries.
Dog Rose and Rose hips.
Dog Rose and Rose hips.
More bright berries.
More bright berries.

It’s quite chilly today though…so I might have to give in.  I just feel Summer has been far to short this year.

So goodbye Summer and Hello Autumn!

Our Pet Friendly Holidays.

I2015 my holidays have all had one thing in common. A certain adorable labrador called Hugo!  This little( now got big) guy has shared all our trips away in the UK. This is not to say we won’t be holidaying abroad in the future. It’s just nice to know that there are plenty of pet friendly holiday options available closer to home. :) Here are a few places Hugo has enjoyed with us….so far. :)

Hugo makes himself at home in Driftwood Cottage.
Hugo makes himself at home in Driftwood Cottage.

Cottage by the Sea ~ Back in January we spent the week in a holiday cottage on the Cumbrian coast. There are many pet friendly properties to rent through companies such as Sykes Cottages and Cottages 4 you  . Driftwood  was an excellent choice for us as its right on the beach ( perfect for long walks on the sand with the pooch) and close to the Lake District too. I know this cottage would be heavenly in the summer ( the beach is dog friendly all year round) but we love a Winter break. With its cozy wood burner, fresh nautical decor , enclosed yard, sea views and close proximity to an excellent dog friendly pub with roaring fires ~ its ideal for a holiday with the hound.

The beach at Baycliff.
The beach at Baycliff.
Driftwood2 028
Great Views across the bay.

Under Canvas. Cottages are fab in the Summer too but the least expensive option ( if you don’t mind the rain! ) is of course camping. We started going camping a few years ago, with Hugo’s predecessor, our gorgeous black lab ( we’re labrador fans!) Jake. Jakey loved nothing better than exploring new places and especially enjoyed sitting outside the front of the tent and watching the world go by. Happily Hugo has took well to adventures under canvas too. Plenty of sites allow you to bring along your four legged friends. You can see some dog friendly campsites  here. :)

Hugo camping. :)
Camp Lookout.
Hugo is happy if the campsite is near water. :)
Hugo is happy if the campsite is near water. :)

A cozy Shepherds Hut.. If you fancy something a little more warm and dry, why not book one of these delightful Shepherd’s huts, that look over Coniston Water. Located on a National Trust campsite, Herdy Hut, Gerdy Hut and Blea Hut are equipped with everything you will need for a comfortable stay.Pop a pan of stew on the gas hob, light the twinkly tea light lanterns and crank up the wood burning stove.You’ll soon feel toasty on a damp day. Visit herdy Huts for details.

coniston shepherd huts 044
Must keep an eye on the BBQ.
coniston shepherd huts 014
Cozy Interior.
coniston shepherd huts 139
Yes very cozy!

Camper Van Adventures. Some Campervan hire companies let you bring along your four legged friend too. Star campers Uk  are based in the Ribble Valley ( Lancs) and we rented their VW T5 ‘ Starline’ for a night away last month. Being on the road is much more of an Adventure! Starline has a state of the art movelite driveaway awning available to rent too which is ideal if you’re in a group or taking a pet. Star Campers have the more traditional VW campervans on their books too and all are equipped to the highest standards.

kirkby lonsdale 002

kirkby lonsdale 005

Doggy Days Out.  Going out for the day with your dog too can be almost like a holiday. Hugo celebrated his 1st Birthday at the seaside recently. We went to sunny St Annes on the Lancashire coast and hired a beach hut as our base. St Annes Beach Huts are located on the front close to the Island Cinema Complex. A day’s rental costs from £60 from 10am until midnight. Most have electricity and the fridge,microwave and radio make very welcome additions.

staycation 097
The Birthday Boy :)
staycation 063
Inside the hut is kitted out in a pretty nautical style.
St Annes has a great Dog friendly beach.
The beach in front of the huts and all the way up to Lytham and beyond is dog friendly. :)

Where Next?  We can’t keep away from the seaside and have booked a dog friendly cottage in Whitby towards the end of the year. And a friend has recommended Mother Shipton’s Cave at Knaresborough and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Wakefield as pet friendly attractions to visit. :)

Where have you taken your four legged friends on holiday?

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