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This is a lovely blog to follow if anyone would like to add it to their reader feed. Kitty is a vintage loving, bicycle riding ( usually in a dress!) owner of a Cornish holiday park with a difference. Think showmans waggons and cute cabins. She’s new back on WordPress so give her a follow lovely people. :)

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Pink Flamingo

Hello there it’s been a while I know but I have decided to come home to this blog. I tried moving away and starting a new one but I missed you all and it felt a bit lonely over there.

I also found it quite stressful if the truth be told, I found myself worrying about the content far more than ever before. For some reason I started feeling stressed about the statistics and wether my posts were good enough. So I decided enough was enough, this blog was never meant to make me worried. In the past I have always enjoyed it and so I am back for the foreseeable future.

I don’t know why I did it I started to think my blog needed to do more and be more professional it doesn’t really does it it’s nice and friendly over here in the world of wordpress.com, I like…

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Mitton Hall Afternoon Tea.

It was my sisters birthday at the weekend , which made Sunday the perfect day to go out for Afternoon Tea. Our mutual friend Becky booked us a table at Mitton Hall , a beautiful 15th century country house hotel near Whalley in Lancashire. We are  so lucky to have such lovely places right on our doorstep. :)

mitton hall 018 mitton hall 020

Our table was reserved in the restaurant area and as Spring had decided to take a holiday for the day, we were happy to be seated  near to a roaring  fire and the Birthday girl and Becky sank into a cozy sofa.

mitton hall 003

mitton hall 005

mitton hall 015

The Afternoon Tea at Mitton Hall comes served on a grey slate three tiered cake stand, laden with goodies.  There were a variety of assorted finger sandwiches, four types of cake and cherry scones served with a delicious cherry preserve and clotted cream. We chose to drink tea and of course you are allowed to ask for refills. Don’t be shy.

mitton hall 011

mitton hall 012

mitton hall 014

We couldn’t really find fault with our food, except the Lancashire cheese and pickle sandwich filling was more pickle than cheese. Overall though it was very tasty and great value for money at £15.50 per person. You can also order Champagne Afternoon tea which is £21 per person. However we decided to indulge in refreshing mocktails for a change. Becky enjoyed her ‘elderflower mojito’ and Yvonne and I chose to drink ‘pussyfoots’ made from pineapple,citrus and grenadine.

mitton hall 016mitton hall 008

Mitton Hall provided an elegant and relaxed setting and friendly unobtrusive service. We found it to be the perfect place for a birthday celebration. :)

The Bedtime TAG.

I’ve seen this tag on a couple of blogs recently so I thought I would give it a go. :) I would say my favourite room in our little house is absolutely the bedroom.I love the colour scheme. Blues and whites are so relaxing.The cat thinks so too.:) Anyway here are the questions!

What are your favourite pajamas?

I bought some gorgeous Cath Kidston pj bottoms ( couldn’t afford the top lol ;0 ) in the sales recently. I love them. They match my cushion. See chair. :)

Current bedtime reading.

Spare Brides by Adele Parks. Four friends look for romance and/ or purpose in life after the ravages of the First World War.

What is on your bedside table?

A couple of books, a lamp, my mobile phone on charge and a Bodyshop sleepy face mask sample that I keep forgetting to use.

Favourite sleepy scent.

I love Lush Bath Bombs. I try and resist using them all at once and keep a few near the bed. I fall asleep enjoying the aroma of ‘Twilight’ and ‘Space Girl’.

What time is your usual bedtime and wake up time?

Wake up times go something like this. 4am ~ Slinky the cat wants her breakfast.She jumps all over us or if shut out scratches at the bedroom door,head butts it and mows constantly. 4-30am ~ Our black lab Hugo wants to go out for a pee then has breakfast. Animals all fed so try and get back to sleep. 5-30am ~ Hugo decides he wants some company so whines until one of us ( usually Wil) goes downstairs to see him. 6am ~ Give in and get up. Its a good job we love em hey. Bedtimes are getting earlier and earlier!

Top three bedtime products.

I wish I could tell you I make an effort with my before bed moisturising routine. I’m dreadful though and sometimes I even forget to slap any on my face. I do need to try out that Bodyshop face mask. Will sample it tonight!

Your most common sleeping position.

I am usually freezing to begin with…..but then it gets too warm. I try and find the coldest spot and turn my pillows over and over.

Any strange bedtime routines?

Not really. Though Wil and Slinky have a nightly thing where she has to bite his hand and attack his feet.

Are you big spoon or little spoon?

I can be both. :)

easter 2015 008

I tag anyone who would like to do this post too. Look forward to reading them. :)

Rhubarb. :)

At the moment I am quite addicted to……….rhubarb. The tangy pink stalks can be turned into all sorts of captivating creations, including a mouthwatering recipe I found in The Simple Things magazine. Of course I completely cheated and instead of making the luscious looking rhubarb and ginger pavlova, I just made the topping and scooped it into a shop bought meringue nest with a generous dollop of whipped double cream. For the original recipe look Here. :)

march 2015 181

The topping involves rhubarb,honey,juice and zest of an orange, vanilla pods and star anise baked on a tray in the oven for 30 minutes. As you can imagine the aroma was gorgeous.

march 2015 183

I loved the tangy tart taste of the rhubarb offset by the added sweetness of honey and vanilla. The aniseed flavour of the star anise seems to go perfectly with it.

I recently came across a book that celebrates Northern food…and I admit that I didn’t even know that rhubarb was ( and still is) grown widely in West Yorkshire. According to the book the heavy clay soils and rainfall contribute to the area being the ideal place to grow the fruit. It thrives in the county , where the land is unsuitable for growing most other crops. The area is known as the Rhubarb Triangle.

march 2015 180

The book is called ‘From Eccles Cake to Hawkshead Wig’. If your interested Hawkshead Wig is a type of bread baked in the Cumbrian village. I can just see myself tucking the book under my arm as I galavant around the countryside trying out all the Northern England delicacies. :)

Anyhew, back to rhubarb!

Oooops the wrong rhubarb. ;))

My favourite beverage of the non alcoholic variety is Mr Fitzpatrick’s Rhubarb & Rosehip cordial. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this stuff.Its divine! Mr Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Bar in Rawtenstall, Lancashire is one of a very few Victorian temperance bars left in the whole country, its quirky vintage cordials such as Blood Tonic, Blackcurrant & Liquorice and Rhubarb & Rosehip hark back to a time when the movement sprang up to promote abstinence from the ‘demon drink’. Actually the rhubarb variety is very good with prosecco. ;)


What are your favourite rhubarb recipes?

March Moments.

So March has passed at the speed of a pair of Mad March Hares frolicking in a field. A nice spring image for you there! Here is my quick round up post of what I’ve been up to in the merry month of March.

Reading ~  Each month I am trying to read at least one book. And I have managed two. Hurrah! The first was the Ira Levin thriller ‘A Kiss Before Dying’ which is the story of an all American golden boy, who will stop at nothing not even murder, to get what he wants. Written in the 1950’s this cautionary tale preluded Levin’s more well known works such as ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and ‘The Stepford Wives’. The second book I read is a brand newbie. ‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins might appeal to those of you who enjoyed ‘Gone Girl’. Have you ever looked out of the window on a train and wondered about the lives of the people in the houses you pass? Have you ever spotted something a bit strange near the tracks? This is a creepy thriller with complex characters and a gripping storyline. Great for commutes on the train hey. ;)

On the Box ~ ~ Well need I say more! The luscious Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark makes my Sunday nights. Poldark 9pm BBC1.


A Tale Of Two Cities. ~ I had two days out with the girls in two Northern cities. :) For my friend’s 40th , Manchester was our destination. A Gentleman’s Afternoon tea at Opus One , Cocktails in a subterranean  drinking den ( The Gas Lamp ) nr Spinningfields and shopping in Pepperberry were included in our day.


Also myself and my friend Arwen met up with our mate Gill in Leeds on Saturday. There is more to explore but we were impressed with the brand spanking new Trinity Shopping Centre and Gill booked us into Browns for lunch. Always happy to go somewhere that serves my fave Mr Fitzpatricks Rhubarb Cordial. :) I didn’t buy much but I did come away with a golden egg bath bomb from Lush.

Teacup Trolley ~


This month I bought a tea trolley to display my teacup candles in my friends shop Chillimoon. She spruced it up with some duck egg blue paint and I added some Cath Kidston style bunting. I quite like it. :)

Blog Love ~
Been enjoying discovering a few new blogs recently. Have a gander at these. :)

Life and Wanderlust recreates a popular Icelandic Seafood dish.

I would love to try Llama trekking in the Lakes like That Ideas Girl.

Dear Ms Leigh kicks the butt of any misconceptions you may have about Detroit. Such a fascinating….and beautiful city.

Daft Dog ~


Hugo is looking sorry for himself here as he decided to eat a pheasant! The tale feathers got stuck in his stomach resulting in an operation to retrieve a Sitting Bull’s headress worth from his belly.Luckilly he is doing fine now.But I keep spying him eyeing up birds. :( Have any of your pets eaten anything they shouldn’t?

What have you been up to this month?

Nautical but Nice.

As I love the colour blue, stripes and of course the sea….I thought I would do a short post on a few pretty items I have my ‘ eye eye captain ;)’ on, now that spring has arrived.

Firstly on a recent trip to Manchester with friends I discovered the Bravissimo shop. Well of course I knew all about how Bravissimo makes perfectly fitting bras….but I never realised they design some beautifully stylish clothes too. Some of the  dresses in the Pepperberry collection there caught my eye. These two are perfect for wearing to lunch at a harbour side restaurant.

Pepperberry Holly stripe dress £59.
Pepperberry Holly stripe dress £59.
Pepperberry  Charlotte dress £65.
Pepperberry Charlotte dress £65.

Pepperberry design clothing for the more ample bust. I only hope I am curvy enough( in the right places) to fit into their lovely clothes. I will be sure to try a few things on next time I visit a store.

Seasalt are a cornish company whose clothes and accessories really make me want to breathe in a whole gulp of fresh sea air. I already own a cute scarf with sailboats on it that I bought a couple of years ago. I really love their jute bags. :)

Seasalt Jute Shopper £5.
Seasalt Jute Shopper £5.

Joules always give good value in stripes. I have this long sleeved blue and white striped top in my wardrobe. Its great for strolls on the beach. :)

Joules Harbour Striped top £24.95.
Joules Harbour Striped top £24.95.

And I’ve only just discovered the American company Modcloth who do a wonderful range of nautical inspired clothing and home accessories. Wow wouldn’t I just love to snuggle under that Maritime and Tide duvet with a book about mermaids.

Modcloth 'Show me the way flats' $29.
Modcloth ‘Show me the way flats’ $29.
Maritime and Tide duvet $89.99.
Maritime and Tide duvet $89.99.
Mermaids Myth and Lore book $16.99.
Mermaids Myth and Lore book $16.99.

Any plans for seaside holidays this year? Do you like the nautical look?

Photo an hour ~ March.

I think it may be twelve months since I first joined in with the #photoanhour challenge on Instagram. Its still going strong and Janey and Louisa do a good job of organizing everyone so if you fancy having a go in April you can follow both girls on Twitter. Anyway the Saturday just gone was the day Louisa chose for March. Here in the North West it turned out to be a sunny spring day. Perfect for popping through the park to the shops and taking the dooog to a beer garden. :0).


8AM ~ Browsing through a magazine in bed. Slinky seems to be giving me dirty looks here. Think she wants the bed to herself.


9AM ~ Wil had already been to the shops, walked Hugo, and done a load of washing before I got up. He had even bought croissants. He really is a star. :)


10AM ~ The daffodils are blooming in the park. I’m off to do some errands in town.


11AM ~ Admiring the Easter display in the supermarket. How lovely do they look!


12PM ~ Heres Hugo being a big softy. He is a real cuddle monster. :)


1PM ~ Back in the park and taking pictures for my Park Life post. Spring is really here as blossom is starting to bloom.


2PM ~ Met up with friends and kids to watch a circus clown performance in st Marys Church Hall. Friends with kids are always handy for accompanying you to on outings like this. :)


3PM ~ Still clowning around…


4PM ~ Found Wil and Hugo enjoying a pint in the sunshine. It was Beer Garden weather.


5PM ~ A piccie of the cockeyed pink flamingo necklace I have been wearing today.


6PM ~ Tea by the telly.Thats Paloma Faith on the box by the way.


7PM ~ My last photo of the day.Myself and two friends.We were out to celebrate Fi’s 40th Bday. Fi, Jo and I have known each other since we lived on the same street in our twenties.How time flies!

So there you have it.Maybe you would like to join in in April? X

These are a few of my favourite things.


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