Photo an hour ~ May

Saturday was a great day to take part in Janey and Louisa’s Photo an hour challenge as the sun was shining , so no pics of me sat around watching TV. :)   Instead there are exciting photos of the washing on the line and a trip to a garden centre. Ha the exciting life I lead. Still, i love having a nosy into everyone else’s everyday life stuff… maybe you will enjoy being a bit nosy too………

wpid-img_20150523_080304.jpg8am ~  A waking up pic. Mostly hiding behind the duvet though. Not very brave at this time of morning!


9am ~ Out walking Hugo. Here he is chomping on a tree. Well a huge branch anyway. He wanted to carry it round but I managed to discourage him.


10am ~ Back home and time for a brew. I love fruit tea and this Blackcurrant & Pomegranate one from ‘English Tea Shop’ goes down a treat.


11am  ~ Taking a shortcut through the park into town to go pick up a parcel. Its promising to be a sunny day!


12 Noon ~ Checking to see if the washing has dried yet. #exctinglife :)


1pm ~ Wil and I take a trip out to a Garden Centre near Bolton by Bowland. We are neither of us very good at gardening so we wander around like lost sheep.


2pm ~ Our purchases. Looks like we will be having another trip out as not really enough here to fill our back yard. Homebase here we come!


3pm ~ Fooling around with Hugo. Took this photo whilst falling into his bed in an undignified manner. :)


4pm ~ Writing out a card for a bride and groom. Off to wedding Evening do later.


5pm ~ Off to a friends Birthday party first….so here is the perfume I have squirted liberally over myself. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I love the bottle.


6pm ~ At the party drinking Strawberry Pimms. Yes I had six glasses before I even got to the wedding do. It was just sooo good. Hiccup!


8pm ~ Forgot to take a piccie at 7pm but I’m back now. At our friends wedding do at the Shireburn Arms in Hurst Green. Here is a rather lovely table decoration.

phil and vickys wedding 004

9pm ~ And here’s the gorgeous bride and groom cutting the cake. :)

So that was my day. It was certainly the perfect saturday for garden parties, bbqs and weddings! Did you enjoy the sunshine?

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

If your staying in London and missing the company of your furry felines, what are a couple of crazy cat ladies meant to do?? Visit Lady Dinahs of course! Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Bethnal Green is a tea room with a twist. Delicious food and friendly staff await but the real star attractions are twelve gorgeous cats. These cute kittys mingle with, snooze , wilfully ignore ;) and if your lucky, play with the clientele. Myself and my fellow moggie loving mate B, couldn’t wait to bob in for a brew, on our recent trip to the Capital. ~^^~

london 072

london 077
london 083

I had booked us a slot ( at the moment they take bookings only ) from 12-30pm until 2pm. An hour and a half is the purrfect amount of time to indulge in a famous freshly baked Brick Lane Bagel , whilst enjoying the company of Carbonelle & co. When we arrived we were told to wash our hands and given a few simple rules to adhere by. These are for the comfort and safety of the cats and are pretty sensible. Don’t feed the cats ( unless you are given treats to give them by the staff), Don’t attempt to disturb or play with a sleeping cat and Turn off your flash when taking any photos. B and I were taken to our allocated seating on one of the two floors and told that it is fine to wander round and explore both floors as much as we liked.

london 074
london 082

We were seated by the back window , where a beautiful tabby and white girl called Petra was snoozing. Occasionally she bobbed her head up to survey her surroundings but mostly this cutie Queen just enjoyed her cat nap. We were soon joined by the sprightly and dignified Carbonelle. She loved to look down on her Queendom from great heights and seemed very content. B and I both ordered cheese and ham bagels for our lunch, which are delivered fresh each morning from the nearby Brick Lane bakery. They were sooo good. :)

london 085

london 075

london 093

london 094

london 091

The first floor was done out in a pretty shabby chic style and the centrepiece was the huge McClaw Cat Wheel which one of the cats decided to have a run on. The great thing about the cafe is that there are lots of interactive bits and pieces for the moggies and lots of inviting places for them to snooze. They come and go as they please and they all looked happy and content and well cared for.

london 097

london 084

london 090

london 079


london 096

london 073

B and I really enjoyed our experience at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. The food was scrumptious, the staff were attentive and the cats were adorable. ~^^~


Oh and if you go you must sample a warm sticky chocolate brownie. Best brownie I have ever tasted. Soz I polished it off before I could take a picture! There is also a small shop of Emporium momentos to browse before you leave.
Have you ever visited Lady Dinahs?

London Trip.

I very recently returned from a fab trip to london with my friend B. Lots to blog about but I thought I would start with a picture post of what we got up to, and I’ll go into more detail later.

As you can see from the above photo I’m posing ( terribly) with one of the many Shaun the Sheep who are gracing the capital until the 31st of May. Artists, celebs and designers have created the sculptures which will be auctioned off for various charities at the end of the year. If you miss the London lambies don’t worry , a further flock can be spotted in Bristol from the 6th July. Check out this Shaun in the city link. :)

london 012

My friend’s  brother lives in Fulham and he was kind enough to let us stop with him. We got to wake up to this great view of the Thames every morning. I spied lots of different water fowl ( I wish I had brought the better camera) as it turned out the London Wetland Centre was just over the river.

Savage Beauty at the V&A (image off Pinterest).
Savage Beauty at the V&A (image off Pinterest).

Speaking of birds, I never realised that the late ‘Alexander McQueen’ was interested in ornatholigy. I learn’t this at the stunning Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A. A spectacular theatrical homage to the talented fashion designer, this is a must see….even if your not interested in fashion. An immersion of the senses, a feast for the eyes, I cannot describe how fantastic the exhibition is. McQueens designs took inspiration from nature, from the tortured history of his native Scotland, from Victorian Jack the Ripper England, from the lost city of Atlanta & more. His collections are put on show to the most astounding effect. Highlights for me included the room entitled ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ and a ghostly floaty hologram of Kate Moss.

Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Pot.
Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Pot.

Of course no trip to London would be complete without an afternoon Tea or two. Yep B and I just had to sample two. And I’m sure I will be blogging about them in the next few weeks. There was an elegant and very English afternoon tea at the Bentley Hotel in Knightsbridge and a curiously quirky ‘Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea’ at the Sanderson Hotel near Soho. They were both fun in different ways. :)

Afternoon Tea at the Bentley.
Afternoon Tea at the Bentley.
Big Ben in the London rain.
Big Ben in the London rain.
On the London Eye in the rain.
On the London Eye in the rain.

The British weather had to rain on our parade at some point and of course it chose Thursday to absolutely puddle it down because we had booked a ride on a giant ferris wheel. The London Eye is a great way of seeing the city’s famous landmarks….even on a rainy day. My pics are pretty terrible though and my not very waterproof pumps meant I felt like I had been roaming around on wet sponges all afternoon. I looked like a cross between a not very happy bunny and a drowned rat…

Food Hall in Harrods.
Food Hall in Harrods.

One of the places you can hang out when its raining is of course the iconic department store Harrods and we spent a lot of time here. Its easy to get lost in! Since I last visited five years ago a Chocolate cafe and an Ice cream parlour have opened inside. I shall put them on my bucket list for the next time I visit! There are also lots of free museums. We made sure to visit the Natural History museum to see the famous giant diplodocus in the beautiful entrance hall. Apparently its going to be dismantled next year so now is the time to pay your respects to this particular dinosaur.

Dippy at the Natural History Museum.
Dippy at the Natural History Museum.
Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium at Bethnal Green.
Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium at Bethnal Green.

B and I being crazy cat ladies, just had to visit London’s only cat cafe Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium near Brick Lane. Its a cute little cafe which is also home to 12 gorgeous cats. I shall certainly blog about our time here in more detail soon. Let me just say we spent a purrfect couple of hours enjoying the company of Carbonelle, Wookie & co. And the food wasn’t bad either. ~^^~

There's a cat face in my brew.
There’s a cat face in my brew.

And I will end this post with a couple of pics of some surprising ( to me !) visitors to a park B and I were relaxing in one afternoon. I nearly jumped out of my skin when four bright green parakeets flew above us. For Londoners though this is simply an everyday occurrence. ;)

Hello there!
Hello there!

london 142

Catch you soon. X

Countryside Walk ~Newton to Slaidburn.

Today we took the car over Waddington Fell to the village of Newton and then walked along the river bank to Slaidburn and back to Newton. Our mission was to deliver a very late Easter egg to my god daughter Mady. Sorry Mady!! It was also an excuse to take Hugo on a country walk….and of course I brought my camera with me. :))

Tulips in Newton in Bowland.
Tulips in Newton in Bowland.
The wildlife it is possible to spy along the way.
The wildlife it is possible to spy along the way.
Marsh Marigolds also known as Kingcups. They grow by streams and look like big buttercups.
Marsh Marigolds also known as Kingcups. They grow by streams and look like big buttercups.
Hugo finds a puddle!
Hugo finds a puddle!
Beautiful blue bugle.
Beautiful blue bugle.
Saw several pheasants. If you know about Hugo's pheasant eating history you know this was scary for us!!
Saw several pheasants. If you know about Hugo’s pheasant eating history you know this was scary for us!!
a clump of primroses.
a clump of primroses.
A rather nice country mansion.
A rather nice country mansion.
Love the pink flowers of the red campion.
Love the pink flowers of the red campion.
Wild garlic. The leaves have a mild garlic flavour.
Wild garlic. The leaves have a mild garlic flavour.
A Gatehouse which had some friendly whippets in the garden.
A Gatehouse which had some friendly whippets in the garden.
The village of Slaidburn.
The village of Slaidburn.
Blackthorn blossom.
Blackthorn blossom.
We pass a farm yard. :)
We pass a farm yard. :)
Anyone for free range eggs?
Anyone for free range eggs?
An impressive egg cup collection in someone's window.
An impressive egg cup collection in someone’s window.
We had refreshments at the Hark to Bounty pub. :)
We had refreshments at the Hark to Bounty pub. :)
On the way back saw lots of these fluffy plants on the river bank.
On the way back saw lots of these fluffy plants on the river bank.
By the river Hodder.
By the river Hodder.
Cuckoo Pint also known as Wild Arum and Lords-and-Ladies.
Cuckoo Pint also known as Wild Arum and Lords-and-Ladies.
Snoozy rabbit.
Snoozy rabbit.
One of my favourite water birds, the white bibbed Dipper. :)
One of my favourite water birds, the white bibbed Dipper. :)
Snoozy white ducks.
Snoozy white ducks.
And back in Newton.
And back in Newton.

Sorry for a rather picture heavy post!  I shall be having a few days off as I’m going to the Big Smoke to do lots of touristy things. See you soon. :)

Picnic Ware Pinspiration. :)

So Picnic Weather is just round the corner again !  I’m assured that after the weekend  the sun will be shining, the ground will be dry and many a picnic rug will be hosting a scrumptious spread. :) I could not help but look to Pinterest for some Picnic ware Pinspiration.




I have a hankering to purchase a retro picnic set like one of these.I love the brightly coloured & kitsch patterned melamine ware.There are lots and lots for sale on ebay but I might have a look in my local charity and vintage shops first…



Did you know that the UK has a ‘National Picnic Week’ ( just one day would be tempting fate with our weather!) from Saturday 13th June until Sunday 21st of June. Find out more on Twitter at #picnicweek.



I love these jars with straws ~ ideal for smoothies and milkshakes.In fact I recently bought two quite simular ones from Winfields Outdoors Store in Haslingdon. And the nautical inspired Picnic plates are by Modcloth though i’m not sure they are still for sale on their website. How perfect for picnics at the beach though.



You can’t really go wrong with Cath Kidston. Loving their new cloud covered picnic wares.


This picture is from the ‘Happy Holiday’ Ladybird book from 1964.The first Ladybird book featuring a picnic was ‘Bunnikins Picnic Party’ published in 1940. Popular Picnic reads.:)


So for my perfect picnic I need yummy food, cushions and blankets, a vintage picnic set, reading material, a countryside or beach setting and maybe even an old fashioned record player to play some tunes.Oh and sunshine. Wish me luck!

Skipton WaterWay Festival.

Today I decided to do the touristy thing and caught the bus to Skipton. This friendly Yorkshire market town is known as the ‘Gateway to the Dales’ and was holding its annual  Waterway Festival over the Bank holiday weekend. The Leeds and Liverpool canal meanders through the town. The festival celebrates all things argie bargie. :)

skipton waterways festival 031

I must admit though that the first thing I did when I got to Skipton was hotfoot it to my fave place to eat. The kooky Cake Ole in the Craven Court Shopping arcade served just what i needed for breakfast. Please look away now if you have an aversion to Peanut butter or Jammy dodgers!

Getting back to the festival,  I decided to experience the wonder of the waterway for myself. :)  I hopped onto one of the Pennine Cruisers for a quick thirty minute canal cruise. It was a pleasant enough experience and only cost £4. We kept getting quacked at  by annoyed ducks who do not like to share their domain.

skipton waterways festival 029skipton waterways festival 030skipton waterways festival 050skipton waterways festival 024skipton waterways festival 045

I also had a quick wander round the Kennet which is a Short Boat apparently. Built in 1947 it  is one of the last unconverted boats that worked on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. She is now a travelling museum and turns up at various waterway festivals round the country.

Cabin area in the Kennet.
Cabin area in the Kennet.

What was most fun about the festival was that there was a Nursery Rhyme theme and most of the boats took part. See if you can recognise any of your old favourites….

skipton waterways festival 048

skipton waterways festival 033

skipton waterways festival 032

skipton waterways festival 060

skipton waterways festival 047

skipton waterways festival 062

skipton waterways festival 072

skipton waterways festival 056

There was live music and other stuff going on too. And the sun was shining !  Messing about on boats seems a pretty fun thing to do. :)

skipton waterways festival 066

skipton waterways festival 064

skipton waterways festival 041

skipton waterways festival 039

skipton waterways festival 068

skipton waterways festival 070

What did you get up to over the Bank Holiday?

Scavenger Hunt April.

This month I thought I would join in with the photo Scavenger Hunt created by Greenthumb at Made With Love. The idea is to get out and about with your camera and snap away to correspond with the items on her list. There is no mention that you can’t cheat a little and use a few piccies you already have.Still, I have had to resort to my archives a lot more than I thought I would ! Hopefully I will do better next time….

Aprils List.

march castle pictures 003
Upside down ~ Heres a squirrel in my local park. There are lots of grey furry trapeze artists living in the trees there.

Driftwood2 065
Clouds ~ This one was taken in January when we holidayed on the Cumbrian coast with our labrador pup Hugo. Big skies and endless beaches.

2014-07-26 14.10.37
Chair ~ This is one from the archives too. A stuffed fox surveys the room from his arm chair in the ‘Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature’ which we visited in Paris last summer.


Something Sweet. ~ Its Hugo before his walk a few days ago. He is a sweetie and has even fashioned his lead into a halo here. ;)

bluetits 001

Growth ~ Spring blossom in the park.


Glass ~ Went out with some friends and their kids for a drink one saturday afternoon. Here are my god daughters playing with their dolls in the window. :)

easter 2015 006
Bedroom ~ Its my bedroom , looking tidy for a change.Ha Ha :).


Rain ~ Well there were a few April showers so heres the inside of my brolly.


Egg ~ Daffodils, an Easter Egg and an Easter…..hare. :)


Fresh ~ My boyfriend and I had lunch out one Saturday at Cheesy Tchaikovsky in Clitheroe. My salad was soo fresh and delicious.

mod weekend 031
Feet ~ I took this picture back in September at the Ribble Valley Mod Weekender. I love the lady passenger’s boots.

Its a kestrel !
Its a kestrel !

Whatever you want ~ I went on a walk down by the river last weekend and spied this kestrel hovering above me. A magic moment. :)

If you want to join in with the hunt in May check out the Scavenger Hunt list here.

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