Salthill Quarry Walks & A Blue Lagoon.

This morning we had a ramble up to Salthill Quarry which is one of two nature reserves in my hometown of Clitheroe. We also had a wander there last weekend and found a new route back, so here are a few pictures from both walks.

I always look at this sign and think ‘hmmm where are those bullfinches?’. I have in the past seen the Bee orchids though. ๐Ÿ˜
Wild Strawberry or maybe Barren Strawberry flower.
Birds Foot Trefoil, I think.
We always try our best to get a photo of Hugo on this fossil inspired seat, with little success.
More cowslips.

I have seen a few photos recently on Facebook of what can only be described as a ‘ Blue Lagoon’. I told Wil I really wanted to see this local landmark/ quarry pit for myself. Apparently as a teenager him and his mates would go scrambling round it. Boys will be boys!

Anyway the aquamarine water is a result of the limestone, which is quarried. Clitheroe’s limestone is made into cement and there has been a cement works in Clitheroe since the 1930s. I remember the town being known as ‘Cement City’ on CB radio. Haha.

The lagoon can be seen from a field off the A59 Link road.
There is no public access to the lagoon. I did see some mallards on it though.

After the blue lagoon excitement we walked back into town on a footpath we found last weekend, also off the A59 link road.

Beautiful Apple Blossom โค๏ธ.
Magic Mushroom Graffiti under a stone footbridge.
Stoney track. Spring flowers on both bankings here.
“I’m watching you “.
Old unlived in farm house.
Heading back through upbrooks, a part of Clitheroe that I didn’t really realise was here until recently.

One good thing about having to hang round home, is new walks found, and new parts of town explored.

Have you found any ‘new to you’ footpaths in your local area?


30 thoughts on “Salthill Quarry Walks & A Blue Lagoon.”

  1. I canโ€™t believe how many flowers you have already!! Beautiful!! Apparently our wild crocuses are out though I havenโ€™t seen them myself. Still lots of snow around but so much warmer ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I found a ‘new to me’ small quarry area on a walk yesterday, just off a path I never normally use ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t fancy swimming in your quarry but I like the apple blossom, it’s very pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There are a few quarries here , most are out of bounds. But our two nature reserves are former quarries. Great for wildflowers that like the limestone. Apple Blossom is the prettiest blossom. Enjoy any walk you do today. X

  3. What a wonderful walk and how good to find new footpaths. I think I know all my local routes now, but we did venture under a bridge yesterday which was quite interesting. Love the lagoon! Good for Wil going exploring there as a youngster.

  4. Gorgeous pics! And this will sound like blasphemy, but did you find yourself wishing for rain? I keep noticing the sand-like quality of the earth and the crispness of the grass when I’m out walking, and thinking to myself, ‘need a wee bittie of rain on our island’?!

  5. I’m pretty sure that your strawberry is just that and not barren strawberry which has quite obvious gaps between the petals.

  6. Lovely walk & like you we are exploring a lot more streets & areas of our town too. Ah. quarries…..growing up in Sydney we had an old quarry in our suburb, which was out of bounds, but right behind my primary school & we nearly all snuck down there occasionally. Now it is a “huge” indoor shopping centre. I’m enjoying the walks people are taking. Not sure we’ll get one in today as it is raining quite steadily this morning. Maybe a sewing day. Keep enjoying Spring, take care, stay safe & huggles.

      1. Oh yes, nearer the river.
        We used to climb in a Bellmanpark Quarry across the road from Salthill Quarry. Bit of a loose scruffy place which was partially filled in – is that where the blue lagoon is?
        Must go and investigate once this pandemic is all over, or when I’ve had the vaccination ?next year.
        Your limestone is certainly home to a variety of wild flowers.

      2. It could be, there are a few quarries apparently, I just have never bothered trying to find any before. Looking forward to looking for bee orchids in June, they flower in Salthill Quarry.

    1. Hi Christine, we are indeed. There is in fact another nature reserve under way which has water in it. Looking forward to that being completed, might take some time now though. X

  7. I’m very lucky, i have the sea within 2 miles from my front door. Woodland, fields, villages and some rolling countryside. The coastal path though is a godsend, it gives that distance, wide open space we all need.

  8. A lovely blog! What an amazing array of wild flowers you have. I’m on the south coast and I’ve managed to have a few walks down to the beach in the early hours, it does get busy with 250,000 people taking daily exercise from home. I have also walked my Mum’s black lab (Shady) on a path near the New Forest. I’m so very lucky right now.
    Keep blogging. We all need this inspiration right now xx

    1. I’m definitely jealous that you live on the coast. Would love to see the sea right now. Shady is the perfect name for a black lab. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the lovely comment. Xx

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