Barbon Bluebells.

Got a bluebell fix on the way home from the van on Sunday. We stopped off at the pretty village of Barbon which happens to be located in both South Lakeland and within the Yorkshire Dales National Park. To my delight a nearby woodland was packed with vivid blue bluebells and other spring flowers.

We hadn’t visited Barbon before. It’s attractions include a cheeseshop/cafe and a thrice yearly car race called the Barbon Hill Climb.

Have you walked amongst the bluebells this year? Head to Barbon whilst the colours are at their best. πŸ’™


33 thoughts on “Barbon Bluebells.”

  1. Not many bluebells down here yet, still too chilly although the rain last week has started them off, they reckon the ones on Dartmoor won’t come out until late May/early June!!

  2. A couple of lovely posts I’ve just read, as I’m catching up with your blog as for some reason I have trouble with wordpress on my old laptop. Melmerby walk was definitely worth it and I enjoyed tagging along. I can buy Spanish bluebells here, but we just cant get the English ones. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos. Take care, stay safe & hugs.

    1. Thanks for reading Susan. I like the Spanish bluebells , though they are more like hyacinths than our more delicate native bluebells. You take care too. X

  3. We visited a new place for us this week and did a woodland walk and were lucky enough to find a few bluebell carpets and lots of wild garlic. It was beautiful … I have a post ready to publish that will look very similar to yours πŸ˜‚

  4. That was a lovely photo of speedwell. It’s my favourite flower but I hadn’t heard of the thyme leaved one – will have to look out for it.

  5. I was worried that the long dry spell (near-drought here) in April would do them some harm, but our favourite bluebell wood was as luxuriant as ever last week. My next post (in a couple of weeks) will explore the folklore of bluebell woods, which are said to be inhabited by fairies!

  6. Absolutely stunning. Think its a Good bluebell year. We did a tiptoe through the bluebells yesterday , it was lovely.Isn’t it good to be out again ?

  7. Gorgeous bluebells! Yes, I’ve been out and about and seen bluebells in the woods this year – think more this year than ever!

  8. It’s a great spot for bluebells that. Did you try any cheese? I probably avoid a shop which only sells cheese – I could easily spend a fortune!

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