Higham Circular Walk ~ The Sabden Valley.

I hope to bring you a few more photos from Lancashire walks whilst lockdown continues. ๐ŸŒน

Higham nestles at the foot of Pendle Hill and the Pendle Way is a walking route which can be accessed from the village. The area has many associations with the Pendle Witches. Higham was home to several reputed victims of ‘ the witch ‘ Chattox. She allegedly turned the ale sour in the village pub ‘ The Four All’s Inn ‘ and bewitched the landlords son to death. She along with eight other people were hung on a hill above Lancaster for witchcraft in 1612.

On a more cheery note Higham was also the birthplace of Jonas Moore, who became known as ‘ The Father Of Time’ owing to his key role in establishing Greenwich Mean Time and the Greenwich Meridian. Not bad going for a Lancashire lad…

This walk is a 5.5 mile hike through a gorse strewn valley with lots of views of Pendle , old cobbled tracks and skies full of tumbling swift’s and swallows on a Sunday morning in May.

A Pendle Way sign above Higham.
Golden gorse.
Pendle Hill from above Higham.
Old wall.
Friendly horses, one in a rather posh cerice jacket. ๐Ÿ™‚
A lovely Dapple Grey who wouldn’t pose for a photo.
A beautiful Grade ll listed cottage with mullioned windows..
Geese. ๐Ÿ™‚
One was obviously a Guard Goose.
Unusual carvings.
At another farm ~ a gorgeous guinea fowl..
And a friendly mog.
Onwards along a cobbled track.
Footpath sign.
Looking back towards Pendle.
Climbing a small hill and admiring Pendle, or stopping to catch my breath. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sheep & lamb.
Over the top of the hill..
Time for a snack.
Heading back to the village.
Wall Brown ๐Ÿฆ‹
The Four Alls Inn.
The Four Alls on the pub sign denote the following.

The King rules all.
The Priest prays for all.
The Soldier fights for all.
The Common Man pays for all.

I was really surprised by this walk. Lots of history and gorgeous scenery in what was once royal hunting ground ‘ The Forest Of Pendle’ . The area is actually now an AONB and deservedly so I think.


Walking Book – Guide To Lancashire Pub Walks by Nick Burton.

Map – OS Explorer OL21 South Pennines.

40 thoughts on “Higham Circular Walk ~ The Sabden Valley.”

  1. Iโ€™ve never explored that side of Pendle Hill. I used to go to Padiham years ago with work but simply drove there and back without looking around the area. Looks very pretty.
    I rather like the Four Alls โ€œsloganโ€

    1. Two Bulcocks were hung as witches, Jane and her son John. That’s amazing that they are your ansestors, you will definitely have to visit someday. X

    1. The cat was very friendly and the farm also had a puppy that seemed to be friends with her, but didn’t stay still enough for me to take a pic. X

  2. Again so many lovely pictures. Iโ€™m partial to the guinea hens. I have a bunch here, quite necessary to eat those nasty ticks that have become so prevalent. Do you have ticks over there? I was working in the garden yesterday and still managed to find a couple on me when I came back into the house. Yuck!!

    1. Hi yes we do have them here, haven’t seen any on Hugo yet, but it will soon be the season. Thank goodness none have got onto me…yet. Sounds like those guineas have a job to do there.

      1. Oh no, shame. I think we are keeping within half an hour of home anyway. Today it’s bucketing down. Not used to this! X

  3. Looks like another lovely walk. Would love to walk the Pendle Way sometime, seeing as one end of it is so close to home. I haven’t seen a Wall Brown yet this year.

  4. I’m so loving everyone’s walks & wishing I could do them too. I wouldn’t have a clue how far we walk when we go out, but I’m sure it’s never as far as you or Eunice go. Lots of farm & wildlife, but the butterfly is so similar to our most common one, that it surprised me somewhat as I thought most of yours way prettier usually. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  5. You must now know so much of the East Lancs countryside, you could write a walking manual. One good thing that’s come out of lock down is that many people have discovered or reviisited places within their own localities which will become firm favourites in the future. Lovely photos as ever.

  6. Sounds like a fascinating walk and it looks very peaceful there. I imagine it would have been a lot busy if the pub had been open! Things haven’t changed much from when the sign was written have they?!

  7. A lovely post, so good to read and to see your beautiful photographs. We love it round there, Bob’s very first holiday with us was around there many years ago – happy memories xx

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