Keswick Railway Walk. 🥾

On Saturday after some shopping and lunch in Keswick we decided to walk the Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Path. It’s been a few years since we’ve done this. In fact the trail was almost all destroyed by Storm Desmond in 2015. Happily this mostly flat hike that follows the route of the old Keswick to Penrith Railway Line has been completely restored. It’s a popular link-up between Keswick and the nearby village of Threlkeld and is suitable for cycling, walking, prams and wheel chairs. A great route for all. ☺️

The Market Town of Keswick.
Lunch at Jaspers ~ a lovely pooch friendly cafe.
River Greta, Fitz Park, Keswick.

The Railway Walk starts from the old Railway Station which is now part of the Keswick Country House Hotel. There is parking close by behind the Swimming Pool ,which sadly looks to have closed.

Beginning of walk from Keswick.
Keswick Old Railway Station.
Decorative Waymarker.

There have been plenty of changes to the trail in the restoration including the reopening of the Bobbin Mill Railway Tunnel which had been buried for fourty years!

Bobbin Mill Tunnel.
Bobbin Mill Tunnel.

Pews with Views have been placed along the route , looking out over the fast flowing River Greta and surrounding fells.

A Pew With A View.
Pods at Low Briery Holiday Park.
Crossing the River Greta.
Trees almost forming their own tunnel.

Storm Desmond had whipped away two bridges and most of the pathway back in 2015. The tarmacked road and new storm strengthened bridges are brilliant improvements though.

Bowstring Bridge.
Several Interpretation Boards can be found along the trail.
I Spy an Ice cream Van.
The River Greta’s name comes from the Norse word for stony stream.
Frog Spawn.
Victorian Fence Post.
Another tunnel.
Hugo on the trail.

The path is 5km from Keswick to Threlkeld and 5km back. Threlkeld is a pretty mountainside village with two pubs and a coffee shop.

Threlkeld Coffee Shop.

After a coffee we decided to cheat a bit and hopped on the bus back into town. Fortuitously we only had a two minute wait.

We then had enough time to take Hugo down to Derwent Water for a paddle. ☺️

Have you ever walked the Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Path?


36 thoughts on “Keswick Railway Walk. 🥾”

  1. What a coincidence you should feature this walk – I’m just watching a programme about this trail from Penrith to Cockermouth, as I type this the presenter is in Keswick. You have made this section look really interesting, one to go on my ‘to do ‘ list I think 🙂

      1. It was “Walking Britain’s Lost Railways” on 5 Select, two 2-hour programmes from 10pm, it was the second one which featured the Penrith to Keswick section.

      2. Thanks Eunice. There’s been quite a few walking series on tv of late but I haven’t been watching that one. Hopefully its on the channel 5 catch up

  2. We have! But years ago, the boys were on their bikes (plus fairy wheels) so that tells you how long ago as they are now 21 and 23! loved it then, tried to do it more recently but was thwarted as it was too soon after storm Desmond and the route had not been repaired.Think it is time to try again 🙂

  3. This looks a lovely walk. I’m not normally a fan of a linear walk,unless there is another car at the far end 😂. I would be a fan of getting the bus back though 😃

  4. I haven’t walked it, but I have cycled it. It is a lovely route, although rather busy last time I was there.
    Keswick is great. One place you can feel left out for not having a dog with you. 🙂

  5. They’ve certainly done a good job renovating the route. And it’s good to have a trail accessible and usable by a wide range of people. Not everone is able to manage rough tracks up mountains!

  6. After the last walk you posted regarding Dalemain, I might have to add this one on as well, could even take a bus timetable and do as you did to get back 😎

  7. Another lovely walk. Thanks for sharing and although I’ve been to Keswick & stayed there, we don’t always get time to do too many interesting walks in our 6 week period of time. Take care & hugs. Oh and we’ll watch out for that show on the Rail walks. We’ve watched the older ones done by Julia Bradbury & lots of others by different people too.

  8. It looks a wonderful walk with something for everyone. It’s good that it was restored after the storm:)

  9. Re the tv programme I watched the other night (Penrith to Cockermouth) it first aired on October 12th 2018 so this was obviously a repeat – or even a repeat of a repeat! – so I don’t know if you would find it on the tv but it may be on the internet somewhere.

  10. When we were there 3 yrs back it was closed and looked a mess. Will add it to the list of where to go in 2022! Great phots – love the frogspawn – not seen any yet. x

  11. You are right that Keswick Swimming Pool has closed, it never re-opened after Covid lockdowns. It was a lovely pool but expensive to run as it needed so many lifeguards, it had a slide and a wave machine so it was great fun. I have done the Keswick Railway walk many a time on foot and by bike. We park at the Threkeld end as it is quieter and free, being locals parking gets very expensive in Cumbria as it soon adds up. I had my wedding reception at the Station Hotel it is lovely building inside, the bit in your picture is where we had our ceilidh!

  12. I walked it last summer, had a nice lunch at the cafe and jumped on a bus back to Keswick. They did a great job refurbishing the trail. I remeber feeling jealous of the lucky folk staying in these pods by the river…

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