Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve ~ August. 🦋🌼


Somehow I didn’t get up to my local reserve in July, but I have had two wanders round Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve recently. Lots of wildflowers still blooming, including a couple of ‘ new to me’ ones. I also took part in the Big Butterfly Count 🦋 , there is still time to submit your sightings. 2020 has been a bumper year for people taking part apparently.

Rosebay Willowherb.
Ox- Eye Daisy.
Yarrow. Pretty in pink.
Small Tortoishell on Marjoram. For me Small Tortoishells have been the butterfly of 2020. Never seen so many.
The Wintergreens are still thriving.

Field Scabious.
Carline Thistle.
Red Admiral.
On the verge.
Great Burnett.
A ruffled looking rook.
Autumn Gentian/ Felwort.

Have a lovely weekend. 🦋