A Wander To Wiswell. 🌼

After studying our O S maps, ( Wil is better at this than me πŸ€—) we found another walk from home, using footpaths we were not previously aware of. For this dear lockdown 3, I am grateful…

We plotted a route to the village of Wiswell and back via Barrow village and Standen Hey community woodland. The weather on Sunday was clear and bright, spring was definitely detected. On our walk we heard woodpeckers drumming, curlews calling and saw buzzards soaring. I noticed a solitary tortoishell butterfly and spied sunny clumps of primroses and celandines.

Heading out of Clitheroe to cross the busy A59.
And on into fields in the shadow of Pendle.
Hugo was happy to find a brook.
Plank bridge.
A huge house, actually newly built.
And into Wiswell village.
Hugo at the watering hole.:)

Wiswell is a small village that lies at the foot of Wiswell Moor. Pronounced Wizzel, the settlement is possibly named after Old Molly’s Well , which became known as Wise Woman’s Well or Wise Well. We didn’t see the well though. Anyhow we sat and enjoyed a flask of coffee in the village centre a while. A greenfinch merrily chirruped in a nearby Conifer.

Greenfinch. πŸ™‚
The Freemasons public house ~ definitely on our list for future pub walks.
Heading away from Wiswell to Barrow.
Early plum blossom?
Berkins Deli in Barrow.

We got a bit lost in Barrow trying to find footpaths that had been either blocked off or diverted because of new housing development. Eventually we found ourselves on the right track, crossing a train track..

Safely across.
An unsuccessful selfie with Hugo.
Onto a familiar path, the old Roman road and stone cross base.
Community woodland.
Alpaca πŸ¦™ on the outskirts of Clitheroe.

This walk was a little over 8 miles , started off chilly and ended up quite warm.

Os Explorer Map West Pennine Moors 287.


29 thoughts on “A Wander To Wiswell. 🌼”

  1. Oh my what a wonderful walk, and all on your doorstep- no car parking issues for you. That new build house really blends in well, would never have guessed it wasn’t at least 150 years old!

    1. I think it is built in the Jacobean style. I haven’t a clue who lives there now, though my sister used to live in a house that the land is built on. Funny to see a gigantic mansion there now instead!

  2. It looks like a lovely walk and you got some great photos – I like the one with the brook and also the bench on the little green. At least your walk was a successful one, my (non-existent) one yesterday was a nightmare and impossible to believe we are actually still in lockdown 😦

    1. Oh no, that doesn’t sound good. Luckily for us we were in quiet fields much of the time, but I have heard the sun is bringing everyone out to the villages and towns. Busy uptown in Clitheroe yesterday, safer to get away. X

  3. Lovely area for a wander. Familiar tracks out of bounds for me at present. Thanks.
    That is a good explanation on the origin of Wiswell’s name, never heard it before.
    The Freemasons is well known for its high standard food though when we walked by a couple of years ago they served us coffee in the bar area in the midst of their busy lunchtime.
    We ended up climbing through builders fences to get through Barrow.

    1. Haha yes it was a bit like that for us in Barrow. Took us a while to find a way out! Won’t diss them to much though as a good friend is buying a new build there. 😊 The Freemasons is known to be posh, but hopefully they will let us buy a drink when we are able. I like their little outside area at the front. πŸ™‚

  4. You are well and truly into spring. That new house!! It’s huge!! A single family dwelling? They must have won the lottery 🀣🀣. We’ve just finished a short wintery blast but I think spring might just be round the corner. 😊

    1. Oh good. It does feel Springy here now. Fingers crossed for us both. I am not sure who lives at the huge house. Definitely somebody very rich!

  5. It’s such a joy to see your photographs with the bright sunshine and blue sky. And I’d almost forgotten that it is possible for walks to finish at a pub. Hopefully, those days will be with us again very soon. X

  6. Hi. I linked up to your site to comment on your entry into Kate’s weekly photo hunt but got carried away and scrolled down and found I was joining you on this wonderful walk you have done round Clithero and Wisewell (who knew it was pronounced Wizzel!! Thank you for sharing this lovely walk, I did enjoy it. Now to scroll back up again to comment on your Photo Hunt!!!

  7. Hi – Kate no longer has her blog as she is too busy but Astrid of Astrid’s dragons has taken over for her. Only a few of us have stayed with the weekly photo scavenger hunt but it is still fun to do. Perhaps you would like to join us? If you are interested the link is …………….http://astridxstitching.blogspot.com/ xx

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