Silverdale Saunter.

Back to the beach again! But this time it’s a saunter round Silverdale, a Lancashire village ( but only just ! ) on Morecambe Bay near the Cumbria Border. We visited here last Summer whilst staying in nearby Arnside. In fact we have camped in Silverdale before too, but these photos are just from an afternoon saunter in August. For one reason or other I didn’t take as many pictures as usual. Darn!

The Arnside and Silverdale AONB is a breathtakingly beautiful place. I follow a blogger from the area ~  Beating The Bounds regularly walks & cycles the meandering lanes and rocky limestone outcrops that make this little coastal corner so special.

But back to our visit. It was a warm but quite grey August day,  showers too I think. There was a summertime vibe in the village, pops of colour from yarn bombing and bunting.

Silverdales Millennium Clock in its vibrant yarn bombed jacket.
Yarn bombed!
Busy day at the Blossom Bird cafe. 🐦

Hugo seemed to know where we should take him ( he is after all  ‘ The Most Important’ ) and pulled us toward the shore. We walked along the sands a while,  finally coming to a little inlet behind woodland at Gibraltar Farm Campsite. We probably weren’t meant to cut through the site, but thought we could get away with looking either lost/ confused / campers. 😉

Shoreside cottages.
Morecambe Bay.
Rocky cliffs.

We found ourselves at The Wolf House Gallery opposite Gibraltar Farm and stopped here for a takeaway lunch.

Honesty box eggs & jams ( and wellies 🙂 ) at Gibraltar Farm.
Wolf House. The last Wolf in England was said to be hunted near here.
Outside the gallery.

After lunch we continued up a quiet lane to two local landmarks. Jenny Browns Point is a beautiful viewing point with wide reaching vistas over the bay. There is a lovely looking house here that is said to have been home to Jenny Brown herself. But who was she? It is said she may have been a nanny who tried to save her charges from the waves. Or more romantically, was she a lovelorn maiden waiting for her mate to return , feared lost at sea. No one knows for sure.

Cottage at Jenny Browns Point.
Lime Kiln at Jenny Browns Point.

Nearby is Jack Scout Nature Reserve , managed by the National Trust. We weaved our way through the gorse and other windswept shrubs to find a rather grand stone seat. If your ever around Silverdale be sure to sit on The Giants Chair and enjoy the views.

The Giants Chair.
View from Jack Scout.

Phew! Caught up at last on posts from our week on The Cumbrian ( and Lancashire) Coast in August of 2021.

Bye for now. 🐚

21 thoughts on “Silverdale Saunter.”

  1. I feel so much better seeing that it has taken you a while to get to finish your summer posts too. We’ve never been to Silverdale, it looks an interesting Place for a wander 😃

    1. I thought I had lost my photos , but they seemed to reappear on my phone again. Silverdale is a lovely place that gets a little overlooked being slightly out of the way. Worth a visit. 🙂

  2. It was the August bank holiday weekend when I went there last year and the weather was glorious. I missed out on the Giant’s Chair as there were cows on that land so I may very well go back this summer to see what I missed.

  3. I love Silverdale. We used to an annual summer camp at Gibralter Farm it is a beautiful place to camp, I don’t suppose the owners would mind you wandering through they are lovely. The area is beautiful isn’t it, so many lovely places to walk and explore.

    1. It is a stunning area and Gibraltar Farm is a great place to camp. We’ve stopped there twice in the past and one time there was a Green Woodpecker flitting around, amazing to see.

  4. You are whetting my appetite to come over again which may never happen again & along with family who also want to see us, this whole Covid thing hurts.(nearly said something rude). I’m so glad you are sharing your jaunts again & funny thing is even though we did very little last year, we had a few moments when we were able to get out for free day. I love to hear the stories about the landmarks & that seat doesn’t exactly look comfy, but guess the views would be worth it. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

    1. I hope you can get back over Susan. My friend’s son went travelling to Australia before the pandemic and his return was delayed many times. They were glad to get him back!

  5. Your blog post reminded me the nice weekend we had visiting Arnside and Silverdale a couple of years ago. As you said it is a lovely area to spend some time visiting.

  6. Great little area, unfortunately becoming victim of its own success. We also used to camp at Gibraltar Farm and climb in Jack Scout’s Cove from the then sandy beach, the tides keep changing the coastline along there.
    Wolf House Gallery was always a good place to buy some original art or crafts.
    Meant to comment on your last post with that lovely poem about Hugo from your talented niece and nephew.

    1. It does seem busier now than when we first went there about 12 years ago. It’s certainly big enough to get away from folk anyway. 🙂
      The dog poem is so descriptive! Thank you.

  7. Looks lovely, and the yarn bombing is great – very inventive to have a sheep and sheep dog! I wonder how these honesty boxes fare these days. We often bought eggs at farm gates when away, but since covid I very rarely make cash transactions and wouldn’t be able to muster £1.50 in coins.

    1. I know what you mean, I never have any cash on me these days! However if I went camping I hope I would be organized enough to take some coinage with me for honesty box shopping. In fact I need to start doing that straight away , for all future outings and walks. Let’s make a pact!

  8. This post must typifies what I love about the UK. Lots of completely random gorgeousness, yarn bombing, honesty boxes for wellies, places named for forgotten heroines, wolf house. Just wonderful.

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