Skipton WaterWay Festival.

Today I decided to do the touristy thing and caught the bus to Skipton. This friendly Yorkshire market town is known as the ‘Gateway to the Dales’ and was holding its annual  Waterway Festival over the Bank holiday weekend. The Leeds and Liverpool canal meanders through the town. The festival celebrates all things argie bargie. 🙂

skipton waterways festival 031

I must admit though that the first thing I did when I got to Skipton was hotfoot it to my fave place to eat. The kooky Cake Ole in the Craven Court Shopping arcade served just what i needed for breakfast. Please look away now if you have an aversion to Peanut butter or Jammy dodgers!

Getting back to the festival,  I decided to experience the wonder of the waterway for myself. 🙂  I hopped onto one of the Pennine Cruisers for a quick thirty minute canal cruise. It was a pleasant enough experience and only cost £4. We kept getting quacked at  by annoyed ducks who do not like to share their domain.

skipton waterways festival 029skipton waterways festival 030skipton waterways festival 050skipton waterways festival 024skipton waterways festival 045

I also had a quick wander round the Kennet which is a Short Boat apparently. Built in 1947 it  is one of the last unconverted boats that worked on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. She is now a travelling museum and turns up at various waterway festivals round the country.

Cabin area in the Kennet.
Cabin area in the Kennet.

What was most fun about the festival was that there was a Nursery Rhyme theme and most of the boats took part. See if you can recognise any of your old favourites….

skipton waterways festival 048

skipton waterways festival 033

skipton waterways festival 032

skipton waterways festival 060

skipton waterways festival 047

skipton waterways festival 062

skipton waterways festival 072

skipton waterways festival 056

There was live music and other stuff going on too. And the sun was shining !  Messing about on boats seems a pretty fun thing to do. 🙂

skipton waterways festival 066

skipton waterways festival 064

skipton waterways festival 041

skipton waterways festival 039

skipton waterways festival 068

skipton waterways festival 070

What did you get up to over the Bank Holiday?


13 thoughts on “Skipton WaterWay Festival.”

  1. What a great looking event looked like lots of fun, photos really make me feel like I was there however I can’t get over the drink you had! What was in it? Was it a full lunch? So many questions I have never seen anything like it!

    1. Ha it was a jammy dodger milkshake with cream and icecream and jammy dodgers and strawberrys.It was sooo good…but totally what you should not have for breakfast!

  2. I saw some steam punk morris dancers in the Cotswolds last year!

    It looks as if you had a lot of fun!

    We did our Art trail (only a small part) ours has over 100 artist studios to visit over two weekends.

  3. I LOVE the shot with the tulip, this is such a great angle ! I’ve tried many time to do that kind of shots, but it’s not as pretty as your picture. And the food look amazing. What a nice day !

  4. The Waterway festival looks like great fun. I would love to do a tour on the waterways! Lots of people and great weather, can’t be better than that! I have to admit I have no idea what ‘argie bargie’ is:)

  5. I would have been in 7th heaven 🙂 I always mean to make up an events calendar at the beginning of each year but it never happens and before you know it the year’s half gone. Lovely share 🙂

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