Skipton in-between showers.

On Monday Wil and I had a day off together and as I was in dire need of some new walking pants, we headed up to Skipton, a North Yorkshire market town with a good selection of outdoorsy type shops. Skipton also has an impressive medieval castle and the ancient Skipton Castle Woods are perfect for a walk with the dog.

We entered the woodland via the Bailey entrance where a carpet of snowdrops welcomed us. Apparently the woods really come into their own later in the spring, when bluebells, wild garlic and primroses adorn the forest floor.

Skipton Castle Woods are looked after by The Woodland Trust and there are three short trails that meander their way through the canopy of trees. You can’t tell from the pictures but the weather alternated between rain, sleet and snow! We returned to the town through the woods entrance on Mill Bridge.

The town is the perfect mix of high street and independent shops, quirky cafes, old fashioned pubs with names like ‘The Woolly Sheep’ and colourful canal boats. Great for a wander round and a spot of retail therapy. ๐Ÿ™‚

We had lunch in Coopers Cafe Bar on Belmont Street. This is a fave cafe of ours in Skipton. A really friendly and relaxing place with good tasty food. Afterwards we did the tourist thing and bought tickets to look round Skipton Castle. Tickets are ยฃ8.30 for Adults, ยฃ5.20 for children and dogs are accepted, though not in the shop or tearoom.

A sturdy castle over 900 years old, Skipton is steeped in history. It was the last stronghold in the North of Engand during the English Civil War between Oliver Cromwell and the Royalists. Legend has it that sheep fleeces were hung over the walls to lessen the impact of cannon fire. My favourite part of the castle is the shady inner courtyard, where Lady Anne Clifford planted a Yew Tree and set about restorations after the battle. There are lots of rooms to explore….and its a great place to escape from the rain!

37 thoughts on “Skipton in-between showers.”

  1. S’funny. despite living near Skipton for quite some time and all the other members having visited the castle (with school or visiting family) I have never been in – not even into the grounds. Think I should make the effort, particularly when the bluebells are out ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Iโ€™m the same โ€“ born and lived in Whalley but never once went in the grounds of Whalley Abbey until I had children and it suddenly crossed my mind to take them in and have a picnic one day ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I live near you in Clitheroe. I have actually only been to the Abbey to the cafe there…but never in the grounds. Daft or what. Bet its nice for a picnic. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I find that Yew tree fascinating. Last time I was in Skipton (about three or four years ago) I developed a terrible headache and spent about two hours sitting under the shade of that very tree with my eyes closed, waiting for the pain to subside. I must have looked like a bag lady or a mystic, deep in meditation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I can’t believe that I haave not been to Skipton yet, it would make a lovely full day out for me. Maybe in the May with the bluebells you mentioned. I do like playing the tourist at home and am now enjoying visiting the less well know parts of York.

  4. Its the first time I have visited the castle as an adult. I am happy to report Skipton is a dog friendly town too. We will return for the bluebells. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I hope you are either adept at sewing hems or have a good alterations shop handy! We have the latter – I can usually get trousers the right length (though sometimes I fall between regular and long) but John is short for a man and often needs things taking up.

  5. I adore Skipton, but have never been to the castle, which we say each time we are in the UK, we must do. We did a canal boat ride last time & it was supposed to go past the castle, but couldn’t because of a landslip near the castle walls. I’ve been on market days, which I really love too. Now I’ve got that longing feeling to visit. Oh BTW, is that the Coopers Cafe that Lucy from Attic 24 frequents? Thanks for the great photos & with those snowdrops up & flowering, Spring must be on its way. Take care. My radio is now playing England Swings (boohoo), talk about appropriate!

    1. Hi I once went to the waterways festival at Skipton and I had never seen so many canal boats. Was fab. And I had a short trip on a barge too. You have some great memories of Skipton as well. I think Coopers is something to do with Attic 24. Its a lovely place. X

  6. I always enjoy a visit to Skipton, though it’s nearly two years since we were last there and it wasn’t the best visit then – I really enjoyed the castle woods but that’s the walk we did last time I was there and your photos reminded me of it, hobbling around in a lot of pain as I was (unknowingly then) suffering a condition called Erythema nodosum … seems so long ago now and I’m glad that it did clear up eventually (hoping I never suffer it again) but that was a tough six months where I could hardly walk!

    We’ve not tried Coopers though we almost did a while back! There are a lot of cafes to choose from but we tend to go to one I can’t recall the name of now but it’s a kind of deli on a corner (they do a really nice toasted teacake) where they also sell lots of herbs and spices and sauces, as well as nice crockery.

  7. I think I remember when you were hobbleing around. I am so glad you got better. Hopefully you can walk there again and get rid of those sad memories. I think I know the cafe/deli you mean on the corner. Though your right, there are so many to choose from!

    1. Its on a busy road a little up from Morrison’s and a diy store, so a little out of the main shopping area but not much. Think we only stumbled on it because it was near where we parked one time. X

  8. I love going to Skipton, not far from me too, the walk round the castle is lovely in spring, summer. It has been some years now since I went round the castle.
    Amanda xx

  9. A lovely day out. We’re so lucky in the UK that we don’t have to go far to find beautiful and interesting places to visit. They’re missing a trick not letting dogs in the castle shop. Lydford Gorge shop is dog friendly and for all the dogs walking through there isn’t a sign of mud or damaged stock. Great, as always, to see Hugo having fun. Give him a hug from me.

    1. Yes some places are a bit funny about dogs. Saying that I took Hugo in a pottery shop yesterday. I did feel a bit nervous! Hugo having a grear week as Wil been off with him all week.
      They are both tired out!

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