A Bird And A Poem ~ Starlings.

Starlings are noisy bossy birds, I know when they descend upon the bird feeder there will be little left, empty coconut shells knocked to the ground and fat balls depleted in the blink of an eye. I can’t help admiring their starry plumage and their cheeky chatter though and would love to witness a murmuration , where flocks of starlings sky dance the heavens . Instead I will make do with this poem by Mary Oliver who perfectly captures the spirit of these characterful birds.

Photos were taken in Melmerby over the wintery wknd , where several starlings gathered & chattered.

Have you seen a murmuration’?

23 thoughts on “A Bird And A Poem ~ Starlings.”

    1. Hi you know, I’m not sure. I thought it was just starlings, but buntings and waxwings are much rarer here so seldom seen as often. When hundreds of starlings gather in the sky they create moving shapes called murmurations. I would love to see a waxwing or a snow bunting though, single or plural. Fab. X

  1. We get them every year over our village, it is an amazing sight. We know the good spots to go and watch them now, we will be going to watch them next week if the weather is not too awful. There are a few places in Cumbria where you can see them, I believe. I am sure if you searched online you would find a place you could see them near you. They are amazing and well worth making the effort to go out and see them.

  2. I have never been lucky enough to see a murmuration , but like you I love the starlings – the iridescent colours and the cheek of them. There is always one who that bit more aggressive, making sure to get the lion’s share of food.

  3. The only murmeration I have seen was would you believe it in Swindon, and it was just wonderful. DIL was so blase about it, oh yes every night they come down to roost. It was gorgeous. I am quite fond of starlings.

  4. Just doing a quick catchup once again & although we do get starlings out here, they aren’t a noticeable as many of our other birds here where we live. Never seen a murmeration, but have seen flocks of other birds, especially our noisy corellas & our large ibis. The ibis quite often fly in formation which is lovely to see. Take care & thanks for sharing the poem & photos.

  5. I love starlings but have never seen a murmuration. We do get huge groups of swallows over our fields though. There are hundreds of them ready to fly south and it is a fantastic sight.

  6. Beautiful poem. I have seen a murmuration, it pulses with a life of it’s own. It’s during the end of August when the yarden is overrun with starlings. They are squabbly, voracious en-mass. I love them though!

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