Thursday Favourites ~ 4

A list of five things i have enjoyed and /or appreciated in the last seven days. My Thursday Favourites.

Watched this entertaining biopic about the intense rivalry between two of Formula One’s greats ~ Niki Lauda and James Hunt ,over the wknd. In the days when racing was only frequented by ‘rebels, lunatics and dreamers’ ( Lauda’s words at the start of the movie) , the 1976 championships were cursed with horrific accidents and contraversy. Lauda’s methodical approach and Hunts colourful lifestyle make for a fantastic film. Starring Chris Hemsworth ( Thor) and Daniel Bruhl ( Inglorious basterds).

icelandic geyser

Land of Ice and Fire.
Finally booked a trip to Iceland ! For years and years I have wanted to visit this land of geysers and hotsprings and volcano’s. To say i’m excited about it is an understatement :)).  How will I manage to wait until October!  Got a really good deal through keeping an eye on Travel Zoo  .


A cup of Chai.
A work collegue told me how much she had enjoyed a tasty chai latte ~ so as i’ve never even tried a chai anything ( Whaaat!) I thought I should give it a go.  Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely cup of Tweedle Dum’s and Tweedle Tea at  Callooh Callay , my favourite tea rooms in my home town of Clitheroe.  Chai is traditionally an Indian tea infused with spices such as cinnamon and cardamom. I enjoyed it very much ~ even more so with a generous helping of Plum and almond cake. 🙂

Teacup Candles.

I finally started making a few candles in teacups this week. I’ve been a bit lazy since Christmas with the whole candle making thing. But I think these brightly  coloured ones look vibrant and pretty ~ so i’m on a mission to make more!

Sunshine On Leith.
And finally on Tues eve I went to a Ladies Film night at  The Grand venue in Clitheroe with the girls. We got to eat a delicious scottish themed meal of Scotch Broth for starters and Raspberry Cranachan for dessert and then we tapped our feet along to the Proclaimers songs in this feel good film set in Edinburgh. Strange that an entertaining and heartwarming  movie can be made around a back catalogue of Proclaimers hits
… but it really can. 🙂


Have you seen any good films recently?

4 thoughts on “Thursday Favourites ~ 4”

  1. Iceland is fab! I always wanted to go when I was a kid as well and I’ve been twice so far; once when I was 19 (because it was cheap) and again when I got married. We went there for our honeymoon – mainly because I was so enamoured with the country that all I wanted to do was show it off to the other half. We did a flydrive and ended up spending more time touring round all the sights and lounging in outdoor swimming pools than doing any of the usual honeymoon-type stuff! 🙂 x

  2. oooh really ! Were just going for three nights in oct and have a blue lagoon trip and a northern lights trip booked ~ though not guaranteed to see the lights of course. cant wait !

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