June Photo Scavenger Hunt.

I do love a good scavenger hunt so  I’m joining in with this one by Made With Love again. If you fancy having a go in July check out the link here. . Its pretty straight forward, just pick up your camera and go on a quest to find the items on her list. This month many of my pics are taken on our camping trip in the Yorkshire Dales. And some are closer to home!

yorks2 091

J Is For? ~  a clattering of Jackdaws. The name of a group of Jackdaws apparently. These were enjoying a natter on a gate in the Yorkshire countryside.

yorks2 076

Rust ~  Also in the Dales, this rusty farm shed roof. Quite like the change of colour actually.


Smooth ~  In the interests of blogging 😉 , I tried this deliciously smoooooth White Russian cocktail when out celebrating a friends birthday.:)

summer ladybird 016

Imagination ~  With a little imagination this cow I came across on a walk near Pendle Hill could almost be mistaken for ‘Gene Simmons’ from Kiss. What do you think?

yorks 1 007

Classic ~ classic airstream van at ‘Masons Campsite’ in the Yorkshire Dales next to a cute shed painted in the style of a classic vw camper.

ducks 003

Similar ~  Two cute ducklings with very similar reflections. 🙂

yorks2 041

Parallel ~ Bridge with Parallel lines over a brook in the Yorkshire Dales.


Socks ~  ~ Just chillin in stripey socks with my cat Slinky. ~^^~


Bread ~  or toast with one of my fave toast toppings peeking out there.;-)

yorks 1 005

Mugs ~  Our camping mugs with very welcome brews.It can get a bit nippy as you can imagine!


Post ~ A bright red Pillar box.

yorks2 137

Whatever you want ~ Just Hugo because he is soooo cute. 🙂

Since writing the post I have realised my bread shot should be a pic of Bead or Beads. Whoops!