Sunday Sevens ~ 20th March.



It’s been a Happy and a Sad week for me this week….but my blog is totally my Happy place,so I have some nice memories to share on here mostly. 🙂


  1. It was my nephew’s 8th Birthday so it was great to go out with the family for a Birthday Tea. Here’s Roman blowing out his candles with a little help from his little sis. 🙂 I also got to see them in their school production of The jungle Book which in my somewhat biased opinion was absolutely brilliant. Well done guys!!!
  2. img_20160320_092305.jpg


I got my little twiggy Christmas Tree down from the loft and resurrected it as an Easter Tree. There are so many cute decorations in the shops at the moment. I got some glitter eggs for £1.85 for a pack of twelve from my local card shop Party people and found the bunnies in a Clitheroe gift shop, Urban Sheep. Hattie the Hare was made by a friend a couple of years ago. 🙂


3. I spent my last week of four without Facebook and Instagram. I’m now back on!!  I really missed Facebook. I have definitely felt out of touch without it. It’s such a communication tool between friends and family these days, that if you rely on it , you really miss it when you don’t have it.And i did miss out on a friend’s wedding do. 😦 His written wedding invite didn’t arrive and when he facebooked me to ask if i was coming,i didn’t get to read the message until it was to late. Sad times. 😦 But there have been advantages too. I have read more books and spent more time getting on with things instead of checking Facebook constantly. So there have been negatives and positives. Slinky the cat is most pleased that she is again being snapped in various sleepy poses and uploaded onto Instagram though. Purrrfect!


4. I completed my LadyBird What to look for collection with What to look for in Spring. You can’t beat a Ladybird Nature book for beautiful illustrations and detailed descriptions of wildlife going about their days.

manchestr 048

5. Hugo is back wearing The Cone of Shame after his wound reopened. 😦 Poor boy now has fresh stitches and has to wait for yet another two weeks before he has them out. Don’t worry I am not tempting him with a real donut here. This is a doggy donut from a doggy bakery stall on the Makers Market in Manchester. It didn’t last very long!

6 & 7. A couple of piccies of my friends Birthday Celebrations in Manchester. No doubt I will blog about it soon. Lots of cocktails were consumed! 🙂

#sundaysevens was devised by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens ~ 20th March.”

  1. Love that you turned the Christmas tree into an Easter tree. I must say I’ve lost the plot with facebook and it deciding what it shows me and what it doesn’t 😦

  2. Oh -ladybird books. Are you a fellow collector? I collect vintage ladybird books. I am planning to blog about it at some point.

    1. Hi I do not have any others but i may look for a few more wildlife ones.Ladybird Books are a lovely thing to collect.I quite like the new ones too such as The Ladybird Book of Mindfulness.very amusing.:)

      1. I have the Mindfulness one – it’s great. I have a lot of the vintage ones now. It reminds me of my childhood and it’s a collecting hobby that doesn’t cost too much or take up too much space. I started collecting them a couple of years ago.

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