February Flora and Fauna.

A wonderful few days weather wise. Enough sunshine to put a spring in everyone’s step.๐Ÿ˜ Here are some camera shots.. and a few phone photos of birds and blossom taken over the weekend ,and when out and about late this afternoon. The sun shone, bees buzzed and I even saw my first butterfly of the year flutter by. All this as temperatures hit 20ยฐc in February!

Wild Plum Blossom.
Mute Swan Mum & Offspring.
Gorse in bloom.
Sika Deer in Brungerly Park.:)
White Butterbur.
Pussy Willow.
Hazel Catkins.
Fell Pony.
Blackthorn Blossom.
Meadow Pippit.
Canada Geese.
Pack horse bridge. Spot Hugo taking a dip in the brook.

What early signs of Spring have you seen recently?


22 thoughts on “February Flora and Fauna.”

    1. Think today was the hottest. I felt to warm in my t shirt when Hugo dragged me out this afternoon at 3-30pm. I almost joined him in the brook! Think things are getting back to normal tomorrow though. X

  1. I was walking to work yesterday and heard a loud buzz. I turned around and saw a red tailed bumblebee flitting about. Today I’ve seen a small white butterfly. The sunshine has been welcoming but a bit worrisome for the wildlife. Hope we don’t get a too harsh return of winter…

  2. Beautiful photos. I saw my first butterfly of the year this morning but it was too quick for me to identify. I keep looking in the pond but no frogspawn yet, plenty of birds with nesting bits in their beaks:)

  3. Lovely pictures and so much Spring in the air. I have seen bumblebees, brimstone butterflies, daffodils, daisies, honeysuckle in leaf, and sparrows collecting nesting materials, oh and the frogs are back.

  4. I’m being stunned by all the beautiful flora/fauna photos on all the blogs at the moment & being on catchup means I’m having a photofest (giggle). Thanks for sharing & take care.

  5. Wild plum blossom is so lovely, isn’t it? Such perfect little flowers. I saw my first brimstone butterfly of spring the other day, which was lovely.

  6. The weather has been crazy! I’ve seen a few large bumblebees and also saw my first butterfly a couple of days ago. Lovely collection of photos.

  7. The last few weeks have been wonderful, quite happy for it to stay like this for the whole summer and not get to hot , as long as the sun is shining ๐Ÿ™‚
    Loved looking through your photos, not sure if I have seen White Butterbur .
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda, I hope I have identified the white butterbur correctly. I have seen the ordinary butterbur before though not been on a walk in the area that usually flowers. These white ones were in woodland and are an invasive species I think. X

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