Photo an Hour Sat 29 October. ☆

On Saturday I joined in with louisa’s and Janey’s Photo An Hour challenge. Here’s how my day went…

8am.  Enjoying a brew in bed.

9am.  Changing the bed. Love my Orla Kiely duvet set but the colours ran a bit the first time I washed it. 😦

10am.  One snoozy dog ( after his walk) and one awake cat. 🙂

11am.  Looking Up.

12pm. In a local cafe waiting for lunch.. I had a savoury cheese scone with chutney and salad. This is the view from the window.

1 pm.  Back home and Wil has assembled ingredients for a stew. Halloween themed of course. Hobgoblin ale going in. 🙂

2 pm.  Put this table in the bedroom and wondering if it looks out of place? However fellow blogger Janet thinks a pile of vintage books or a jug of dried lavendar will look great on it. I agree. 🙂

3pm.  Updating Hugos Lake District Map. Whenever we go to the Lakes we try and take Hugo and photograph him paddling and swimming in various lakes and tarns. The map is slowly filling up now. 🙂

4pm.  In the local pub having a quick one before we go to our friends kids Halloween party. 

5pm.  Loving my friends pumpkins. 🙂

6pm. Halloween Selfie. Vast improvement I think!!

7pm. All wrapped up. Monsterous Mummies!

8pm.  A pumpkin and a Witch aka my 2 Goddaughters. 🙂

9pm. Last pic. Supper is the stew and the first two episodes of Orphan Black. 

Hope you have had a good weekend. Happy Halloween! 


17 thoughts on “Photo an Hour Sat 29 October. ☆”

  1. Not a bad day! I joined in with this for the first time yesterday. I posted on twitter this time but may make a blog out of it if I can (though I have a few posts to do already so might not!)

  2. I always look at photo an hour and think I might have go, but never do. Your god daughters are so cute 🙂 Are you on the first series of Orphan Black? we really enjoyed it, but gave up early into the second series.

  3. They are incredibly cute. 🙂

    Yes I am.. Not sure whether I will get into Orphan Black though. Shall give it a go.:)

    Photo an hour is a fun idea. Hope you join in oneday.

  4. Great post! Love the lake district map, think I’ll get one myself! I’d be interested to know what lakes and tarns Hugo has been in :p Love Halloween, always used to have Halloween birthday parties when I was younger. The table looks perfect! Have a good week xx

  5. You could get a map for your swims! Hugo has doggy paddled in alot of the main ones Ullswater, Haweswater,Coniston,windermere,Bassenthwaite,Rydal,Grasmere and also Tarn Hows, Elterwater and Small Water.So still loads to go at…especially tarns.Halloween is a great time to have a Birthday! Hope you are having a good one.xx

    1. Ha no that old clock doesnt actually work.It belonged to Wils grandparents.We need to get it fixed.Its one of them that chimes loudly every hour….so quite happy its not working at mo!!

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