Everyman Cinema ~Holmes Mill, Clitheroe.

Although my heart belongs to small independent cinemas ( see my post about The Palace in Longridge) ,it has been hard for me to resist the twinkly lights of a shiny new Picture House , recently opened in my home town. The Everyman Cinema chain prides itself on its lifestyle choice ethos ~ watch a film from a comfy sofa with food & drink orders delivered straight to your seat. All this comes at a price of course. Including an online booking fee , a movie ticket will knock you back £12-85. A friend and I decided to take in a midweek Downton Abbey matinée, a guilty pleasure in itself. 😁

The new Everyman Cinema is situated at Holmes Mill , just a stone’s throw from my house. Already home to a beer hall, food hall, bistro & boutique hotel ,the sympathetically converted mill is quite the perfect location for a quirky three screen cinema.

My friend and I were a little early for the showing, so we sat and relaxed with a drink in the spacious lounge area. The decor here is retro chic. Having just watched The Shining on TV the night before, I giggled as I gazed at the funky floors and furniture, they really did remind me of the interior of the Overlook Hotel. 😁

We didn’t opt for food brought over to our seats, but if you do fancy eating, the menu includes pizzas, sharing plates and Spielburgers as well as sweet treats such as popcorn & ice-cream. You can even come to the restaurant just to eat, or enjoy a cocktail maybe, without seeing a movie.

And what of the comfy sofa seating? It is indeed very roomy and relaxing with cosy cushions, plenty of leg room and there are wide arms & small tables to place your food and drink on.

Unlike your typical Vue Cinema no adds were shown before the feature, just trailers. I do love trailers, almost as much as the film. 😁. Downton Abbey by the way was great, just like a double Sunday night episode with lots of Maggie Smith’s wit.

I was quite prepared not to love Clitheroe’s new cinema, but actually it is good that the town has one again. Save me a seat for an occasional treat, I might just turn up on the day though, and hopefully waver that expensive booking fee!

25 thoughts on “Everyman Cinema ~Holmes Mill, Clitheroe.”

  1. I’ve never heard of Everyman cinemas before, this looks like a great place and far removed from ‘normal’ cinemas. I’m not keen on today’s cinemas as the surround sound is far too loud for me so I’ve not been to one for many years – I think I could be tempted to go to one like this though just for the experience of somewhere a bit different 🙂

  2. One to check out on next visit to Clitheroe. Not sure I like the idea of people munching pizza at the pictures? Sweet paper rustlers get on my nerves as well as … chatterboxes, fidgets, beeping phones …!! P’raps best stay at home and watch a dvd?!

    1. Haha, well I never thought of that. I visited on a quiet afternoon and don’t think any pizza was consumed and everyone behaved impeccably. 🙂

  3. Now that is my kind of cinema! I would be happy to pay a bit more money for leg room and for not feeling like you were sitting in the lap of the person next you. Some cinemas make you feel very squished! Off to see where my nearest one is……….

  4. Looks very up market or “posh”!!!! Sounds good & my DH would love the extra legroom & squishy comfort. We watched a movie last night, but at home on DVD(giggle). Oh, it was Calendar Girls which I love & have seen many times. Take care & huggles.

  5. I really like this update to a traditional movie theater. Looks like a much more comfortable and pleasurable experience. I want to see Downton Abbey so much but the way it’s going, I think I’ll just have to wait until it’s out on video.

  6. Wow, that is one stunning cinema! I too am a fan of the independent picturehouse, but this seems much nicer/less souless than most chain cinemas. I believe Manchester has also opened an Everyman as well – maybe I’ll check it out?

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