Lockdown Birthday.

A lockdown birthday was never going to be the same. Celebration ideas were changed as Lancashire tiers upped levels and then a national lockdown was announced. Finally what I was left with ,still a happy time I think….a few doorstep visits from family & friends, an online party, a walk, yummy food cooked by my other half and a delicious take-away hot chocolate. The new normal isn’t so bad.

Zoom party itinerary and friends portraits of me. More flattering than photos!
A viaduct Sunday morning walk.
Hot chocolate from The Chocolate Works.
Such a lovely book.

A book to dip into everyday of Autumn. Today’s poem probably more appropriate for a frosty November day.

Heres a few verses from The Duke Of Fire and The Duchess Of Ice by Carol Ann Duffy.

Passionate love for the Duke of fire

the Duchess of Ice felt.

One kiss was her heart’s desire,

but with one kiss she would melt.

She dreamed of him in his red pantaloons,

In his orange satin blouse,

In his crimson cravat,

In his tangerine hat,

In his vermilion dancing shoes.

One kiss, one kiss,

Lips of flame on frost,

One kiss, pure bliss,

and never count the cost.

As you can probably imagine, there’s a puddle at the end of this poem….

Thanks for dropping by. ❀️


40 thoughts on “Lockdown Birthday.”

  1. Sounded like you made the best of a difficult situation. Mine was the same, I should have been by that Scotish loch-side cabin!, instead I had a walk at Formby with Riley (but we were only in tier 3 then) and then a lovely quiz night on the computer with family and a take away πŸ™‚ xx Here’s hoping next years birthdays will be better πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Happy Birthday To You! That viaduct photo looks like it’s by Aldington’s Equine Vets / behind Checco’s is it? I swear one of these days I’m gonna bump into you guys out and about and you’ll think I’m some weirdo accosting you with “Scuse me? Is this “Hugo” by any chance?”

      1. I’ve never walked down there – keep saying I will but only ever go down there in the car or horsebox to the vets! If we do cross paths at some point you’ll probably clock me first. Beanie hat, wellies, wrapped up like a sausage roll and two black and white collies in tow πŸ™‚

      2. I will look out for those collies! I wish Hugo our dog was better with other dogs, he has an unfathomable dislike of boy dogs Springer size up , which is really sad, as he is a nice dog in all other ways. It means we have to keep him on lead, unless there are no other dogs around. 😦

      3. There’s a few collies knocking around so if you’re not sure I’m Charlotte. Dogs are both striking black and white with almost identical markings apart from one of their eye patches which is on opposite sides / mirrored.

        They don’t pester or annoy though so if Hugo doesn’t like or want to be bothered they’ll just “K Bruh let’s just pee on each other’s pee and call it even” πŸ˜‚

  3. A belated Happy Birthday Sharon. I must have missed this post & although I usually check blogs I’ve a had few interruptions lately with my old laptop playing silly & trying to catch up on garden stuff now the weather has turned. Hope your new lockdown doesn’t last too long & you can get out & about again. Just read that last comment which reminded me of bumping into a friend & not recognising him with mask & hat pulled down low, but did recognise Ruby, their dog. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

      1. I always notice and gravitate towards dogs more than their humans. It’s something I have to be careful about cos I’m always right on the verge of full blown weirdo “Oooooooooooooohhh hello doggo!”

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to you x
    Mine is on the 9th of December, and though we β€˜may’ be out of national lockdown the week before I’m not making any plans.

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