Sunday Sevens 17th September.

There has definitely been an Autumnal feel to the past few days. I have been taking quick snapshots on my phone of the many nuts, berries and fungi I have come accross, when out with Hugo.

Some kind of fungi in a tree stump.

It’s rained cats and dogs ,but inbetween showers there are always good photo opportunities! 


Hugo and Hips.

 I would not trust myself with identifying whether any fungi shown are edible or poisonous ! Have you ever collected any and cooked them? I remember my sister and I picking Horse Mushrooms from the fields as youngsters and Mum created all sorts of grey gloop with them for our teas. The picking was more fun than the eating! 

Below are elderberries ( edible) , Nightshade ( definitely poisonous) , Scabious flower, more fungi and new green acorns. 


Wild finds in all their September glory. 🙂

We have ordered a new fire and some wallpaper. Operation Living Room commences in October!  The fire is actually electric, but looks like the real thing, especially with the log storage. The wallpaper is for the alcoves and is by Minimoderns.  The Dungerness Print is actually inspired by a real place in Kent, that we would love to visit oneday. 


Yesterday ticked one off the Bucket List and entered Hugo in a dog show. There weren’t many categories left when we arrived at The Wuffit Mix Fun Day , so we had a go at Best Working Dog. Not that Hugo has ever worked a day in his life!  We didn’t win but…..

we bought Hugo a big bone biscuit anyhow……x

Yum Yum. 

These are my 7 photos for Sunday Sevens devised by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins. 

23 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 17th September.”

  1. What a fab week. There’s a massive fungus growing from a tree on our walk to school and every single day without fail the kids have to check it’s still there. Love the dog show too, I bet he loved his special bone. 😊

  2. I love autumn, such a good time to get outdoors and see nature changing. I’ve never risked foraging for mushrooms either, though I’ve picked wild sloe berries to make sloe gin and I’d like to try making elderberry gin but the only elderberries I’ve seen were growing in an Aldi car park. Hope the living room renovations go smoothly – the fake fire will be so cosy during the winter. 😊 Aw, hope Hugo enjoyed the dog show.

    1. Thank you. We are off to the lake district next wknd for a week and then we will have to crack on with the diy! Hugo enjoyed meeting some new doggy friends I think. 🙂 Hope you find some wild sloes soon. Haven’t seen any here yet.x

  3. Yes absolutely! I think Hugo would do well in Daftest Dog category. 🙂 Autumn is a wonderful season. Today is sunny here so hoping for some late summer warmth. X

  4. That fire is going to look very cosy – what a great idea to make an electric one with log storage! I hope you will share the transformation of your living room next month 🙂

      1. lol, I know the feeling. We have been doing small jobs in-between days out. i.e. rewiring a new hob and oven which took all day! I think you need to feel like doing the work on the house. We have to paint the hall/landing and it’s one big job, but all I want to do is days out. If you know it’s going to look nice at the end of the work, then it helps to focus your mind. Good luck! I look forward to seeing the results of your hard work xx

      2. Thanks. After our holiday we will be extra focused. When it’s not raining I always want to go out for the day. Today was lovely. We had my nephew and niece for the day so that was definitely a good excuse to take them out to the seaside.x

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