Photo An Hour ~ Saturday 28th October. 

On Saturday I joined in with Janey and Louisa’s Photo An Hour on Instagram, posting a photo every hour, on the hour , all through the day.  It happened that I was staying with family in the little village of Askham near Penrith, so my piccies are all taken in Cumbria, instead of where I live in Lancashire.

8am. Woke up to  a view of a rather murky day .

9am.  Coffee and Toast for breakfast.

10am. Heading down the village  of Askham past one of the  Greens to the Village shop. The shop has a great community feeling and serves coffee too, so we sat in and enjoyed another brew. 🙂

11am. We had been told about a local photography art exhibition in the Village Hall so walked there for a nosy. I bought a few cards and will no doubt frame them, when I get round to it. 



12pm.  Pie & peas for an early lunch.

1pm. Off to Keswick in the car so a pretty boring shot of the road. Still murky out there, which I guess is appropriate for the time of year. 🎃

2pm.  In Keswick Wil finds a new jacket…..and some walking pants. I prefer to admire pumpkin ornaments! 

3pm.  Enjoying a blood orange tea and a slice of Cherry Chocolate cake in Merienda , a fave tea room in Keswick. 🙂

4pm.  Back in Askham and find Biscuit the family cat relaxing on the bed. He is  a gorgeous boy but is petrified of dogs. So we couldn’t bring Hugo !  I spend most of the weekend seeking out random dogs to stroke. 

5pm.  Admiring the flowers in Mum’s garden. 🙂

6pm.  I bought a Lake District & Cumbria magazine in Keswick so I’m having a glance through. Lots of walks and useful info in here! 

7pm. Tea over, Wil and I head to one of the two pubs in Askham , The Queen’s Head. There is a tempting cocktail menu. Later I do have  an Expresso Martini ! 

8pm.  I wish I had taken a better photo of Floyd the Cocker Spaniel. Here he is at the bar with his owner,  after hoovering up the entire pub. His owner said he was at the village Halloween party, the night before too. Floyd is a party animal! 

9pm. Just  a short of Wils glass. Spooky! 

So there you have it, some random shots of a day in my life. Hope you are having a spooktacular Halloween, and I’ll be back in a few days with more  Autumnal pics of a couple of places we visited on Sunday. 🎃


18 thoughts on “Photo An Hour ~ Saturday 28th October. ”

  1. Gosh what a lovely day you had,I would be like you too and find random dogs to stroke. You really entertained me with your photos and story of your day. I like the idea of an hour photoshot too. Well done you I say,x

    1. You should join in next time ! Petted quite a few dogs that day including a lab called Spencer, 2 Patterdales ( Merry and Freudo) and of course Floyd. 🙂

      1. Yes got lucky with the weather, had one gloomy day but it brightened up in the evening. Tried to go for a birthday swim yesterday but the lake was busy and there wasn’t a good spot to enter the water from. xx

      2. Ohhh eck. I bet you prefer it when there’s no one around. Hope you had a good birthday . I read recently that the wildlife park near Bassenthwaite ( I have never been) has Red pandas. Have you visited? X

      3. No never been. Would like to. Wil doesn’t like zoos though. We went to Berlin Zoo years ago and it was pretty miserable with stressed animals. It put him off zoos for life , even though they are not all that bad. X

  2. Love to ‘see’ your day and it made me think about what I’d have photographed the same day. I was visiting my Mother in Law so I don’t think there’d have been much to show off. Perhaps I will have a little try for my own amusement one day soon. Food for thought (again) always inspired by others blogs!

  3. You should try it sometime. Its a challenge . All the pics give a little insight into your life. If your a bit nosy like me 😉 , I find reading photo an hour posts quite interesting. X

    1. I know, but he had a nice time with friends and their dog and rabbit. 🙂 He is actually staying with them in a couple of weeks as we are going to harrogate and we have a spa morning booked. Can’t really imagine him in a steam room. Lol. 😉 x

      1. Ha Ha! No, I don’t think dogs and steam rooms really mix. I love Harrogate! Which has me thinking, maybe I should be encouraging LH to have a little trip there with me.

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