Oh Christmas Tree

The Tree Is UP !
The Tree Is UP !

Home Alone is on the telly. The Tree is up and decorated. Suddenly feeling very Christmasy round here. 🙂

Decorating the tree is one of my favourite Christmas traditions.I’m not one of those people with a colour co-ordinated tree, no siree. Its all a bit of a mish mash but that’s what I like about it. I love to open my boxes of tree decorations each Christmas and rediscover each and every one of them all over again. Through the years I’ve tried to pick up bits and bobs for the tree from wherever i’ve been on holiday. Its surprising how easy it is to find them,even in the summer. Among’st my favourite baubles are a merry red bell discovered in Sorrento, a beaver peering from behind a tree given to me by a friend when we were visiting her in Canada, a white dove I bought last Christmas in the Yorkshire Dales, a stripey bauble a friend gifted me from Harrods in London and a trumpeting Angel found on a trip to st honorat island in the south of France.

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I do seem to have lost my star from the top of the tree though so I had better get looking. Have you decorated your tree yet?

4 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree”

  1. Our tree is also a mix of treasures old and new, which I love. I love your collection, very varied with sentimental value, that makes up a great tree 🙂

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