April ~ Photo an Hour.

On Sunday I took part in Photo an Hour on Instagram. Its a challenge Janey and Louisa organize every month and its a great chance to nosy at the everyday lives of others. I usually end up posting my pics on here too. Sunday happened to be a fresh but sunny spring day….and I spent quite a lot of it doing a stall at a craft fair with my friend Jo Jangles. πŸ™‚


8am ~ Time for coffee and toast. Ignore the time on the coffee machine. It felt early…but it wasn’t that early!


9am ~ Here’s what I was wearing to the craft fair. I love my ‘Fun’ brooch which I bought from a very talented photographer who transforms her piccies into jewellery. The Fun is from a Fun Fair sign in Morecambe.


10am ~ All set up for the Craft Fair. Be prepared for more craft fair piccies.


11am ~ Here’s the view from our stall. Ballooon creatures!


12 Noon ~ A gorgeous vintage tea pot of Jo’s. I love the colour and the shape. I heart the mouse too. πŸ™‚


1pm ~ I’m hanging out at my friends Chilli stall where I bought a chipotle chilli mix and there’s a pressie for Hugo too from the pet accessories stall. πŸ™‚


2pm ~ Cake!!!!!!!


3pm ~ Already packed up and home. We were pleased with our sales and booked again for July. Plenty more time for making. Heres Hugo playing with his new toy.


4pm ~ Wil and I are out for a walk with Hugo. I love the fact that Spring is here and when the sun is shining, our English countryside is the best!


5pm ~ On the way home we spy a friend at his allotment and he gave us some rhubarb. I honestly did think about making a crumble……I will make it this week. πŸ˜‰


6pm ~ Hugo is pooped from his walk.


7pm ~ Watching a dvd ( for the next two hours ) so no pic for 8pm. Tracks is the true story of a woman who crossed Australia on foot with four camels and a dog called Diggoty in the seventies. Great film but there was a bit of blubbing going on….by me. 😦 SPOILER ALerT ~ Never watch movies where the hero/heroine travels with a cute doggy, if you’re prone to cry babydom like me.


9pm ~ Watching Poldark. I love this new series but this episode was particularly depressing. I am also now worrying about Demelza’s cute dog…..


10pm ~ My last pic is my other fur baby Slinky who as you can see is looking very chilled here.

So there you have it! How was your Sunday??


14 thoughts on “April ~ Photo an Hour.”

  1. What a great idea, it is lovely to peek inside your Sunday! (I am just nosy!) What a lovely day, that tea pot looks adorable!
    I agree with you about Poldark, it hasn’t really been that exciting has it? I have yet to catch up on the last episode, but I am not expecting much.
    When I was little they would show these nature programmes on a Saturday morning – it put me off nature programmes for the rest of my life as you would see a lovely little baby animal born only to be eaten a few moments later, it still makes me cry!

    1. Oh I know, I’m rubbish at watching nature programmes too. I basically can’t bear to watch anything with a sad ending. I am enjoying poldark. I just thought Ross was too harsh with Demelza in the last episode.He was a bit of a git ! And of course I’m now worrying about her dog.you should do the next Photo an hour…..x

      1. Oh no, I haven’t seen the last episode yet, but I think Ross is a bit harsh with her too. I imagine he married Demelza because she was so biddable!
        Photo hour sounds interesting.. challenge accepted! πŸ™‚

      2. Apparently It will be on sat 23rd May. You can join in on Instagram, Twitter or your blog or all three if u wish. If your on twitter or instagram the hashtag is #photoanhour and Louisa from the blog Duck in a dress chose the date.

  2. The craft fair sounds like a dangerous place for me, I would want to buy everything !! I love the concept of “photo an hour” even if I’ve never tried it myself.

    I spent my sunday at a birthday party, playing board games and chatting to friends. Eating cakes, drinking juices.. was lovely. Time is always flying during weekend 😦

  3. The weekends always go to quickly don’t they, but it sounds like you had a good one. πŸ™‚ Whenever I do a craft fair i end up spending more than i make! x

  4. Thanks for the comment, Shazza. I like the Rhubarb and Rosehip too – it makes a great pink gin fizz πŸ˜‰ The craft fair looked great – love the orange and blue scarf in the photo and, ohhh, that cake! The FUN brooch made me smile, especially with the link to Morecambe! x

  5. Oh no I didn’t manage to stay awake through Poldak and need to catch up but I love that dog…..I don’t normally fall asleep at nine o clock but my excuse was the half marathon. x

      1. I think it might the tourist Industry is talking about it quite a lot, and saying it will attract more visitors. I think the lovely weather we have been having will also make it busier this summer. We are quite near to some of the places it was filmed and I used to go to Poldark mine all the time when I was little as it was within walking distance and also had a snake slide and a ball pool! x

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