#BEDM Sun stopped play.

This weekend is to good to be true!  It’s sunny and actually warm. Warm enough for a paddle, even. 🙂

kirkby lonsdale 030
Devil’s Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale.

I have a confession!  I’m absolutely rubbish at this scheduling posts /writing up posts malarky , and I’m not sure I am going to keep up with the pressure of Blogging Every Day In May.  And besides the weather is just too nice to be glued to my pc. So i’m stopping for now. I managed a week!  And I’ll be back soon. Or when it rains….

Thanks for dropping by.X

16 thoughts on “#BEDM Sun stopped play.”

  1. I have fallen a day behind, but am determined to finish. I never follow through on any thing it it is about time I did. Weather has been blissful here both days, one benefit of living in the arse of England 😉

    1. Yes that can be so true.I love blogging but sometimes it can get in the way of just living your life.I’ve always been compelled to record my life though.from an early age i kept diaries and i still keep photo albums.And then theres Facebook.And now blogging.But yes every day posting is to much for me.x

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