Hawthorn’s June Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Hurrah I found a Photo Scavenger Hunt recently, courtesy of Hawthorn at I Live, I love, I Craft, I am Me.  So I thought I would join in for June!  I must admit, I have borrowed a couple from the archives, on this , my first attempt. But mostly my photos were taken in the past four weeks. πŸ™‚


The Setting Sun. Crystal Cove near Tofino on Vancouver Island. Wow 11 years ago!  Oh to go again and look for bears, whales and giant woodpeckers. πŸ™‚  You can see some of my memories of Canada  here.

Local Wild Place. I guess if I am not walking the dog down the fields, my nearest local wild place is Clitheroe Castle and it’s park. I’m lucky enough to live a stones throw away, and its a great place for watching birds , squirrels and butterflies.

Mug of your favourite drink in the garden.  There is actually a drink in my mug. Honest! I wouldn’t say coffee is my favourite drink, but I certainly consume more of it than I ever used to. In fact before I met my other half ( many moons ago) , I didn’t drink coffee at all. Now I am on the hard stuff. Strong and Black! πŸ˜‰

My kind of beautiful. My beautiful nephew and niece.

norfolk 111

Look to the skies. A holiday snap from our stay in Norfolk. Taken from the pier at Cromer. I love the slightly moody sky in this picture.

norfolk 172

Rain. A Yellow Flag Iris covered in raindrops. This was in Norfolk too, on the Sandringham estate. A very rainy walk !



Mini Beasts. Spot the shiny green beetle. Out with Hugo on a miserable rainy afternoon, a glistening green jewel caught my eye.

norfolk 043

Something Summery. Beautiful Beach huts at Old Hunstanton in Norfolk. I love Beach Huts!  There are not many in lovely Lancashire , though St Annes has some. The Norfolk coast has it’s fair share though. πŸ™‚

Urban Wildness.  Swans and cygnets on the canal in Skipton. πŸ™‚

My Own Choice. My family! Minus the crazy cat. Its me, Wil and Hugo outside The Golden Lion in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

If you wish to join in too in July , check out the blog link above . Catch you soon!

25 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s June Photo Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. Great photos. That sunset is to die for. Clitheroe Castle is not too far away from where I live so I might have to persuade Beloved to drive there. As for Hunstanton, it is a joke for us as he often wants to drive there! I believe we have been there once, at least 25 years ago. Photo hunts are great; the best bit seeing how everyone interprets the words.

    1. Only been Hunstanton once too and that was a few weeks ago. Hopefully will return! You’d like Clitheroe. Has views of Pendle Hill. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve enjoyed your photo’s. All of them are great and I particularly like your kind of beautiful πŸ™‚
    Like you I’ve only just found this hunt and have enjoyed finding pics to go with the words.

  3. What a sunset! Your niece and nephew are adorable…I love their ‘toothy’ grins. I’m glad we’ve found another scavenger hunt, I do enjoy them.

  4. Hi Sharon Iam a newbie too joined last month., the sunset is spectacular and I just love your mug I am a love sheep. Look forward to next months pics.

  5. ooh a great collection of photos… a new scavenger hunt… tempting! Thanks for sharing and introducing me to a new blog I think I will like!

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