Sunday Sevens 15th October.

Heres a quick burst of photos  for Sunday Sevens. 7 pictures from the last 7 days.

We collected the wallpaper we ordered for our front room from Live Like The Boy in Colne. Brimmed full of retro, vintage and contemporary interiors, this eclectic store might just be our new go to for any finishing touches. Plus a very cute dachshund called Stanley lords over the stock. 🐕

Whilst in Colne it was recommended we go for coffee at About Coffee , which is just a few doors down from Stanley’s shop. I overloaded on sugar when I ordered an Austrian White Hot Chocolate and Raspberry & Pistachio cake!

A night out with friend in Clitheroe took us for gin cocktails in The Parlour. I always get drawn to the teacup cocktails! Wil looks like he is wearing mascara in this photo, but actually he woke up with a mysterious black eye. Not sure which is worse!

On the last day of our holiday 2 weeks ago , Hugo hurt his paw. 😦 So its been rest and on lead walks for our labrador lad. Luckily he is now on the mend and no longer limping. This was my atempt at getting him to pose amongst the Autumn leaves. I suspect he wanted to pounce on them instead!

Meanwhile Slinky Malinki is spending most of her time in her cosy new bed. ……. and looking put out when I disturb the madam for a photo. 🐺🐾

On Friday afternoon I dropped into a friends Tile and Kitchen Showroom…..and drank far to much wine on their Open day.  😉 We did choose some new flooring for our living room though, so its obviously a good idea to keep the wine flowing. 🙂 Here’s their website. 

I am so glad I joinedPostcrossing  !  Its a fun way of sending and recieving postcards from all over the world. I always get so excited when I get some happy post……and what is happier than a pretty postcard. 🙂 Here are some I have been sent recently. 🌏

Thanks for dropping by and thanks to Natalie  for orgaizing Sunday Sevens. 


16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 15th October.”

  1. It sounds like you had a very interesting week. I love the photo of Hugo, and the one of your cat made me smile – I have a similar one of Mouse looking grumpy when I took her photo a while ago.

    Unless I’m missing something your ‘postcrossings’ link make no sense, it just contains other links to businesses?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out about postcrossing. Should be sorted now. 🙂
      My cat is a little diva … and the boss of us all. But cats are always our superior I find. X

      1. I actually Googled it after I’d posted my previous comment and found the right website – it sounded so intriguing that I’ve joined. I’ve been to Southport today and picked up a few postcards while I was there so I’ll do my first one when I’ve sorted out the photos I took. The trouble is, I’m not sure what to write 🙂

      2. Oh thats great! Anything really. The people you send to may have some ideas what they would like to hear about on their profiles eg your favourite film, a typical day, a recipe. Or you can write about the place on the postcard and a trip or day out you had there. Or just a bit about yourself, your pets, your hobbies, family etc Xx

  2. Great post & pics. I’m a huge cat fan, so obviously Slinky Malinky’s new cat-bed was #1 for me. Closely followed by the cake pic – looks too pretty to eat. BTW: i’ve been a Postcrossing member for nearly 4 years – love it. Recently I was approached by a Dutch member who was inspired by the PC blog post on Postcard stories – about 5 weeks back – and now she & I are exchanging stories written (in my case typed) on the back of postcards. It’s a wonderful project, especially for me, I enjoy writing Flash Fiction.

    1. Oh thats a nice idea for aspiring writers . 🙂
      I am loving Postcrossing. At first it seemed to take forever to get any cards…..but now I’ve had quiet a few. 🙂

    1. Ha Ha ~ sometimes he is Hugo Agogo ~ a villain from Batfink cartoon apparently. Slinky Malinki was called that when we got her. To cool a name to change. 🙂

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